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9 By what means shall a young man learn

his way to purify?
If he according to thy word

thereto attentive be.
10 Unfeignedly thee have I sought

with all my soul and heart :
O let me not from the right path

of thy commands depart.
11 Thy word I in my heart have hid,

that I offend not thee. 12 O Lord, thou ever blessed art,

thy statutes teach thou me. 13 The judgments of thy mouth each one

my lips declared have :
14 More joy thy testimonies way
: than riches all me gave.
15 I will thy holy precepts make

my meditation;
And carefully I'll have respect

unto thy ways each one.
16 Upon thy statutes my delight

shall constantly be set ;
And, by thy grace, I never will

thy holy word forget.

GIMEL. Part 3d. [1] With eagerness and longings of heart, he supplicates divine favour, and instruction in God's truths; ver. 17-20. [2] Remarks the just vengeance of God upon such as wander from his ways; ver 21. [3] Supplicates preservation from reproach, as he observed, meditated on, delighted in, and consulted God's word in all his conduct; ver. 22-24.

17 With me thy servant, in thy grace,

deal bountifully, Lord ;
That by thy favour I may live,

and duly keep thy word.

18 Open mine eyes, that of thy law

the wonders I may see. 19 I am a stranger on this earth,

hide not thy laws from me.
20 My soul within me. breaks, and doth

much fainting still endure,
Through longing that it hath all times

unto thy judgments pure.
21 Thou hast rebuk’d the cursed proud,

who from thy precepts swerve. 22 Reproach and shame remove from me,

for I thy laws observe. 23 Against me princes spake with spite,

while they in counsel sat: But I, thy servant, did unon

thy statutes meditate.
24 My comfort, and my heart's delight,

thy testimonies be,
And they, in all my doubts and fears,
are counsellors to me.

DALETH. Part 4th. He, [1] Represents his distress, and his behaviour under it, ver. 15, 26, 28, 30, 31. [2] Supplicates spiritual quickening, instruction, strength, rectitude of sentiment, and honour in the Lord's way; ver. 25, 31. [3] Resolves, under the influence of heaven, to be more active in holiness; ver. 32. 25 My soul to dust cleaves: quicken me

according to thy word. 26 My ways I shew'd, and thou me heard'st :

teach me thy statutes, Lord.
27 The way of thy commandements

make me aright to know :
So all thy works that wondrous are

I shall to others show.
28 My soul doth melt, and drop away,

for heaviness and grief :

To me, according to the word,

give strength and send relief. 29 From me the wicked way of lies

let far removed be:
And graciously thy holy law

do thou grant unto me.
30 I chosen have the perfect way

of truth and verity:
Thy judgments that most righteous are

'before me laid have I.
31 I to thy testimonies cleave;

shame do not on me cast. 32 I'll run thy precepts way, when thou my heart enlarged hast.

HE. Pait 5th. Ile, [1] Prays for divine instructions, sanctifying infuences, qurboning grace; for the accomplishment of God's promises 10 11!n; and against covetousness, vanity, and reproach · ver. 33–46. [2] Enforces his requests, from his boly resolutions ; bis relation to God; his zeal for his honour; and his regard to his excellent declarations, promises, and precepts; ver. 33, 34 39, 40. 33 Teach me, O Lord, the perfect, way,

of thy precepts divine, And to observe it to the end

I shall my heart incline.
34 Give understanding unto me,

so keep thy law shall I;
Yea, ev’n with my whole heart I shall

observe it carefully.
35 In thy law's path make me to go,

for I delight therein. 36 My heart unto thy testimonies,

and not to greed, incline. 37 Turn thoų away my sight and eyes

from viewing vanity :

And in thy good and holy way

: be pleas’d to quicken me.
, 38 Confirm to me thy gracious word,

which I did gladly hear,
Ev'n to thy servant, Lord, who is

devoted to thy fear.
39 Turn thou 'away my fear’d reproach;

for good thy judgments be. 40 Lo, for thy precepts I have long'd; in thy truth quicken me.

VAU. Part 6th. Here are, [1] The prayers he presented to God; ver. 41, 43. (2) The graces he exercised upon God and his word ; faith, hope, love; ver. 42, 43, 47, 48. [3] The practice he resolved on, through grace; to keep God's law; to seek and cheerfully practise his precepts; boldly publish his truth to others; and to delight in, meditate on, and zealously reduce them to prac.. tice; ver. 44-48.. 41 Let thy sweet mercies also come

and visit me, O Lord : Ev’n thy benign salvation,

according to thy word. 42 So shall I have wherewith I may

give him an answer just,
who spitefully reproacheth me;
. for in thy word I trust.
43 The word of truth out of my mouth

take thou not utterly ;
For on thy judgments righteous

my hope doth still rely.
41 So shall I keep for evermore

thy law continually, 45 And sith that I thy precepts seek,

I'll walk at liberty. 46 I'll speak thy word to kings, and I with shame shall not be mov’d:

47 And will delight myself always

in thy laws, which I lov’d. 18 To thy commandments, which I lov’d,

my hands lift up I will: And I will also meditate upon thy statutes still.

ZAIN. Part 7th.
Represents, [1] The comfort he had found in God's word ;
ver. 49, 50, 52, 54. [2] His desire that God would fulfil his
promises ; ver. 49. and his care to remember, think on, and
practise God's truths, ver. 51, 52, 55, 56. [3] The injurious
reproach he suffered from the wicked ; and his abhorrence of
their sin, and dread of their punishment; ver. 51, 53.
49 Remember, Lord, thy gracious word,

thou to thy servant spake,
Which, for a ground of my sure hope,

thou caused'st me to take.
50 This word of thine my comfort is

in mine affliction :
For in my straits I am reviv'd

by this, thy word alone.
51 The men, whose hearts with pride are stuff'd,

did greatly me deride :
Yet from thy straight commandements

I have not turn'd aside.
$2 Thy judgments righteous; O Lord,

· which thou of old forth gave,
I did remember; and myself

by them comforted have.
- 53 Horror took hold on me, because

ill men thy law forsake. 54 I in my house of pilgrimage

thy laws my songs do make. J5 Thy name by night, Lord, I did mind,

and I have kept thy law,


by themember


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