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For I endeavoured to keep

all thy commandements. 101 My feet from each ill way I stay'd

that I may keep thy word, 102 I from thy judgments have not swerv’d:

for thou hast taught me, Lord. 103 How sweet, unto my taste, O Lord,

are all thy words of truth! Yea, I do find them sweeter far

than honey to my mouth.
104 I through thy precepts that are pure,

do understanding get:
I therefore ev'ry way that's false
with all my heart do hate.

NUN. Part 14th. Represents, (1) The remarkable usefulness of God's word; ver. 105. (2) David's solemn dedication of himself to God's service; ver. 106. (3) His recourse to God by prayer under his afflictions ; ver. 107, 108. (4) His faithful adherence to to God's way, amidst trouble and persecution ; ver. 109, 110. (5) His solemn and deliberate choice of God's word for his portion and rule ; ver. 111, 112. 105 Thy word is to my feet a lamp,

and to my path a light. 106 I sworn have, and I will perform,

to keep thy judgments right. 107 I am with sore affliction

eyen overwhelm’d O Lord ; In mercy raise and quicken me,

according to thy word.
108 The free will-off'rings of my mouth

accept, I thee beseech:
And unto me thy servant, Lord,

thy judgments clearly teach.
409 Though still my soul be in my hand,

tby laws I'll not forget :

410 I err'd not from them, though for me,

the wicked snares did set. 111 I of thy testimonies have

above all things made choice, To be my heritage for ay;

for they my heart rejoice. 112 I carefully inclined have

my heart still to attend;
That I thy statutes may perform
alway unto the end.

SAMECH. Part 15th. We have here, (1) David's hatred of sin, and love of God's law; ver. 113. (2) His profession of dependence upon God; ver. 114. (3) His debarring of wicked men from his company; ver. 115. (4) His prayer for support, comfort, and honour, in the Lord's way; ver. 116, 117. (5) His foresight of, and trembling at the ruin of the wicked; ver. 118-120. 113 I hate the thoughts of vanity,

but love thy law do I. 114 My shield and hiding-place thou art:

I on thy word rely.
115 All ye that evil-doers are,

from me depart away;
For the commandments of my God

I purpose to obey.
116 According to thy faithful word

uphold and 'stablish me,
That I may live, and of my hope

ashamed never be.
117 Hold thou me up, so shall I be

in peace and safety still:
And to thy statutes have respect

continually I will. 118 Thou tread'st down all that love to stray; false their deceit doth proye.

Ꭰ ;

119 Lewd men like dross away thou putt'st :

therefore thy law I love. 120 For fear of thee my very flesh

doth tremble, ali dismay'd ; And of thy righteous judgments, Lord, my soul is much afraid.

AIN. Part 16th. Here David, (1) Appeals to God for his integrity and equi. ty; ver. 121. (2) Supplicates that God would protect him against enemies; grant him merciful deliverance, and saving instruction ; and arise for the maintenance of his own honour; ver. 121–126. (3) Enforces his requests with these pleas,that he was God's servant; and that he could no longer bear op under trouble ; ver. 122–125. (4) Professeth his superlative regard to God's law, and hatred of all iniquity; ver. 127, 128. 121 To all men I have judgment done,

performing justice right; Then let me not be left unto

my fierce oppressors' might. 122 For good unto thy servant, Lord,

Thy servant's surety be;
From the oppression of the proud

do thou deliver me.
123 Mine eyes do fail with looking long's

for thy salvation,
The word of thy pure righteousness

while I do wait upon.
124 In mercy with thy servant deal,

thy laws me teach and show. 125 I am thy servant, wisdom give,

that I thy laws may know. 126 'Tis time thou work, Lord: for they have

made void thy law divine. 127 Therefore thy precepts more I love

than gold, yea, gold most fine. 128 Concerning all things thy commands

· all right I judge therefore :

And ev'ry false and wicked way
I perfectly abhor.

PE. Part 17th. Here David, (1) Declares his esteem of, and regard to God's word; ver. 129-131. and his deep concern for men's violation thereof; ver. 136. (2) Supplicates for mercy, direction, pre. servation, deliverance, spiritual comfort, and instruction ; ver. 132.-135. 129 Thy statutes, Lord, are wonderful,

my-soul them keeps with care. 130 The entrance of thy word gives lights

makes wise who simple are. 136 My mouth I have wide opened,

and panted earnestly,
While after thy commandements

I long'd exceedingly.
182 Look on me, Lord, and merciful

do thou unto me prove,
As thou art wont to do to those

thy name who truly love.
133 0 let my footsteps in thy word :

aright still order'd be; Let no iniquity obtain

dominion over me. 434 From man's oppression save thou me:

so keep thy laws I will. 135 Thy face make on thy servant shine

teach me thy statutes still, 136 Rivers of waters from mine eyes

did run down, when I saw How wicked men run on in sin, and do not keep thy law.

TSADDI. Part 18th. Contains, (1) David's celebration of the righteousness of God's nature and work, and of the righteousness, faithfulness, and purity of his word ; ver. 137, 138. 140. 142. 144. (2) His avowed remembrance of, zeal for, and delight in God's wors

notwithstanding much contempt and trouble, suffered on ac. count of his adherrence to it; ver. 139–143. (3) His fervent prayer for spiritual instruction ; ver. 144. 137 O Lord thou art most righteous,

thy judgments are upright, 138 Tby testimonies thou command'st

most faithful are and right.
139 My zeal hath even consumed me,

because mine enemies
Thy holy words forgotten have,

and do thy laws despise.
140 Thy word's most pure; therefore on it

thy servant's love is set. 141 Small and despis'd I am ; yet I

• thy precepts not forgot. 142 Thy righteousness is righteousness

which ever doth endure; Thy holy law, Lord, also is

the very truth most pure. 143 Trouble and anguish have me found, . and taken hold on me :

Yet in my trouble my delights

thy just commandments be. 144 Eternal righteousness is in

thy testimonies all;
Lord, to me understanding give,
and ever live I shall.

KOPH. Part 19th. Contrinn, (1) Dayid's importunate supplications for graci. ous audierice, necessary salvation, and quickening influence; ver. 145–147. 149. (2) His hopes in, and meditations on God's word, as perfectly true, and perpetually stable ; ver. 147, 148. 151, 152. (3) In danger from wicked men, he flees to God for relief; ver. 149–151. 115 With my whole heart I cry'd, Lord, hear;

I will thy word obey,

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