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it, [1] Expressions of great joy in going up to Jerusalem ; vës. 1, 2, [2] High commendations of the beauty, order, sanctity, and honour of Jerusalem ; ver. 3—5. [3] The duty and happiness of such as are really concerned for the welfare of Jerusaa lem, the church of God; ver. 6–9.

While I sing, let me remember the gospel church, bewail her disorders, supplicate for her welfare, and set my heart on the Jerusalem which is above, and into which nothing can en. ter that defileth or disturbs. O when shall my feet stand there! When shall I see my JESUS, on his great white throne, and sit with him in his glory. I Joy'd when to the house of God,

Go up, they said to me;
2 Jerusalem, within thy gates

our feet shall standing be.
3 Jerus’lem as a city is

compactly built together : 4 Unto that place the tribes go up,'

the tribes of God go thither. To Isr'els testimony, there

to God's name thanks to pay. 5 For thrones of judgment, ev’n the thrones

of David's house, there stay.
6 Pray that Jerusalem may have

peace and felicity:
Let them that love thee, and thy peace,

have still prosperity,
by Therefore I wish that peace may still

within thy walls remain; . And ever may thy palaces

prosperity retain. . 8 Now, for my friends and brethren's sakes,

Peace be in thee, I'll say ;
9 And for the house of God, our Lord,
I'll seek thy good alway.


A Song of Degrees.
This Psalm relates to the distressed situation of the church;

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and contains, [1] Earnest longings for, and believing expectations of merciful deliverances from God; ver. 1, 2. [2] An improvement of great distress, as a plea for speedy and re. markable relief; ver, 3. 4.

While I sing this, let me, in the full assurance of faith, cry to God, for the mercies which my own soul, my family, and the church and nation wherewith I am connected, so much need. Nor let me accept of a denial of my believing requests.

THOU, that dwellest in the heav'ns,

I lift mine eyes to thee..
2 Behold, as servants' eyes do look '

their masters' hand to see;
As hand-maid's eyes her mistress' hand,

so do our ears attend
Upon the Lord our God, until

to us he mercy send.
3 O Lord to us be gracious,

unto us gracious be :
Because replenish'd with contempt

exceedingly are we.
4 Our soul is fill’d with scorn of those

that at their ease abide, . And with their insolent contempt

of those that swell in pride.


A Song of Degrees of David. This Psalm is highly applicable to every remarkable delia verance which God works for his church, especially to the great redemption wrought for his people by Christ. In it, [1] David magnifies the danger they were in; ver. 1-5. [2] As. cribes, the glory of their deliverance to God; 1, 2, 6, 7. [3] Improves the deliverance as an encouragement to trust in. God; ver. 8.

Let me behold JEHOVAH as a present help in trouble. Let my waiting eyes be towards him, who, notwithstanding all the combined power and policy of hell and earth, is able and ready to pull my feet out of the net. · TTAD not the Lord been on our side,

may Israel now say;

2 Had not the Lord been on our side,

when men rose us to slay: 3 They had us swallow'd quick, when as

their wrath 'gainst us did flame: 4 Waters had cover'd us, our soul

had sunk beneath the stream. 5 Then had the waters, swelling high,

over our soul made way. 6 Bless'd be the Lord, who to their teeth

us gave not for a prey. 7 Our souls escaped as a bird

out of the fowler's snare : The snare asunder broken is,

and we escaped are.
8 Our sure and all sufficient help

is in JEHOVAH's name; ,
His name who did the heav'n create

and who the earth did frame.

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SECOND Version.
TOW Israel

may say, and that truly
If that the Lord

had not our cause maintain’d: 2 If that the Lord . had not our right sustain'd, When cruel men

against us furiously Rose up in wrath,

to make of us their preys 3 Then certainly

they had devour'd us all, And swallow'd quick,

for aught that we could deem;

Such was their rage,

as we might well esteem: 4 And as fierce floods

before them all things drown, So had they brought

our soul to death quite down. $ The raging streams

with their proud swelling waves, Hąd then our soul

o’erwhelmed in the deep; 6 But bless'd be God,

who doth us safely keep, And hath not giv'n

us for a living prey Unto their teeth

and bloody cruelty. 7 Ev'n as a bird

out of the fowler's snare Escapes away,

so is our soul set free; Broke are their nets,

and thus escaped we, 8 Therefore our help

· is in the Lord's great name,
Who heav'n and earth
by his great pow'r did frame.


A Song of Degrees. Let me, in this Psalm behold, [1] The happiness of the saints; in the fixedness of their new covenant state ; the safety of their condition; the seasonableness of their deliverances; and the advantage of effectual fervent prayers in their behalf; ver. 14. [2] The misery of the wicked, particularly of apostates from the ways of God; ver. 5.

Let me then never be of them that draw back, but of them who believe, to the fixing of their heart, and the saving of their soul.


THEY in the Lord that firmly trust
T shall be like Zion hill,
Which at no time can be remov'd

but standeth ever still.
2 As round about Jerusalem

the mountains stand alway,
The Lord his folk doth the compass se,

from henceforth, and for ay. 3 For ill men's rod upon the lot

of just men shall not lie: Lest righteous men stretch forth their hands

unto iniquity.
4 Do thou to all those that be good

thy goodness Lord impart;
And do thou good to those that are

upright within their heart. 5 But as for such as turn aside

after their crooked way, God shall lead forth with wicked men : on Isra’l peace shall stay,


A Song of Drgrees. This Psalm relates to some remarkable deliverance of the Jewish church, perhaps from Babrion, as typical of those of the gospel church; and [1] Represents great admiration of, and thankfulness for the deliverance; ver. 1-3. [2] Contains prayers for, and encouragement of saints exercised with tribulations; ver. 4-6.

While I sing, let me admire the Lord's kindness to my country ;-to his gospel church ;-to mankind;-to my soul. And, in my remaining distress, personal or relative, let me sow in mourning and supplication, that I may reap joyful deliveran. ces, and everlasting consolations, through grace. T HEN Zion's bondage God turn'd back,

Vas men that dream'd were we.
Then fill’d with laughter was our mouth,

our tongue with melody:

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