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5 Till for the Lord a place I find,

where he may make abode : A place of habitation

for Jacob's mighty God.
6 Lo, at the place of Ephratah

of it we understood :
And we did find it in the fields, a

and city of the wood.
my We'll go into his tabernacles,

and at his footstool bow. 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy rest,

th' ark of thy strength and thou. 9 O let thy priests be clothed, Lord,

with truth and righteousness : And let all those that are thy saints

shout loud for joyfulness. 10 For thine own servant David's sake,

do not deny thy grace :
Nor of thine own anointed One

turn thou away the face. A1 The Lord, in truth, to David sware,

he will not turn from it,
I, of thy body's fruit will make

Upon thy throne to sit.
12 My cov’nant if thy sons will keep,

and laws to them made known; Their children then shall also sit

for ever on thy throne. 13 For God of Zion hath made choice :

there he desires to dwell. 14 This is my rest : here still I'll stay,

for I do like it well. 15 Her food I'll greatly bless : her poor

with bread will satisfy.




16 Her priests I'll clothe with health, her saints

shall shout forth joyfully. 17 And there will I make David's horn

to bud forth pleasantly: For him that mine anointed is

a lamp ordain'd have I.
18 As with a garment I will clothe

· with shame his en’mies all:
But yet the crown that he doth wear
upon him flourish shall.


A Song of Degrees of David. This Psalm was perhaps penned when the Hebrew tribes concurred to fix David on his throne, or to restore him to it; 2 Sam. v. or xix. Here is (1) A declaration of the excellency and pleasantness of brotherly affection ; ver. 1. (2) The illustration of this in two similitudes; ver. 2, 3. (3) The great advantage of it; ver. 3. '

While I sing, let Jesus' love, shed abroad in my heart, make me exemplify my notes. How happy the churches and fami. lies, where this prevails! And how blessed above all, the church above, where LOVE, LOVE for ever reigns. D EHOLD, how good a thing it is, B and how becoming well, Together such as brethren are

in unity to dwell.
2 Like precious ointment on the head,

that down the beard did flow,
Ev'n Aaron's beard, and to the skirts *

did of his garments go. * To imagine that the sacred oil ran down upon and stained the high priest's robe to the skirt, or lower parts thereof, to me seems very inconsistent with the remarkable cleanlines prescribed by the ceremonial institutes; very inconsistent with the prescribed finery and beauty of this sacred apparel. The Hebrew word PHI ought therefore to have been translated hot SKIRT but COLLAR or NECK-BAND; compare Job. xxx. 18. Exodus xxviii. 32.- Perhaps too, the hills of Zion, in ver. 3.denote not those about Jerusalem, Psalm cxxv. 2, which stood an hundred miles distant from Hermon, but that which is called SION, Deut. iv. 48, on which, without controver

3 As Hermon's dew, the dew that doth

on Sion hills descend :
For there the blessing God commands,
life that shall never end.


A Song of Degress. This Psalm was perhaps penned when David appointed the orders of the Priests and Levites; 1 Chron. xxiii. xxvi. In it we have, (1) The sacred watchers of the temple stirred up, to employ their time in praising God; ver. 1, 2. (2) A fervent prayer for the blessing of God on them, or on others; ver. 3.

While I am in Christ's church, let me provoke myself and others to love, and to good works.

EHOLD, bless ye the Lord, all ye

that his attendants are ;
Ev’n you that in God's temple be,

and praise him nightly there.
2 Your hands within God's holy place

lift up, and praise his name, 3 From Sion hilī the Lord thee bless, that heav'n and earth did frame.

PSALM CXXXV. This Psalm contains, (1) Earnest exhortations to all con. cerned, to praise the Lord; ver. 1-3. 19-21. (2) Rich matter for praise ;-God considered as the God of Israel; ver. 4. As the God of Gods; ver. 5. As the God of the whole world ; ver. 6, 7. As a God terrible to the enemies of Israel; ver. 8 11. but kind to Israel; ver. 12–14. And as the only true and living God, before whom all others are but vanity and falshood; ver. 15.-18.

Come near, my soul, and sing what JEHOVAH is, and hath done for his church, and what he is to, and hath done for me. D RAISE ye the Lord, the Lord's name

ľ his servants, praise ye God. [praise, 2 Who stand in God's house, in the courts

of our God make abode. 3 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good,

Unto to him praises sing : the famed, the plentiful, the invigorating, the fructifying

W9 of Hermon descended.

verome near, myrsh, and wha Lord, the


335 Sing praises to his name, because

it is a pleasant thing.
4 For Jacob to himself, the Lord

did choose of his good pleasure,
And he hath chosen Israel

for his peculiar treasure.
3 Because I know assuredly

the Lord is very great,
And that our Lord, above all gods

in glory hath his seat.
8 What things soever pleas'd the Lord,

that in the heav'n did he,
And in the earth, the seas, and all

the places deep that be.
hy He from the ends of earth doth make

the vapors to ascend; . With rain, he lightenings makes, and wind

doth from his treasures send. 8 Egypt's first-born. from man to beast, 9 who smote. Strange tokens he On Pharoah and his servants sent,

Egypt, in midst of thee. · 10 He smote great nations, slew great kings: 11 Sihon of Hesbon king, And Og of Bashan, and to nought

did Čanaan's kingdoms bring. • 12 And for a wealthy heritage

their pleasant land he gave, An heritage which Israel,

bis chosen folk, should have.
13 Tly name, O Lord, shall still endure,

and thy memorial
W: konour shall continu'd be

to generations all...

14 For why? the righteous God will judge

his people righteously; Concerning those that do him serve,

himself repent will he. 15 The idols of the nations

of silver are and gold,
And by the hands of men is made

their fashion and mould, 16 Mouths have they, but they do not speak;

eyes, but they do not see : 17 Ears have they, but hear not, and in

their mouths no breathing be. 18 Their makers are like them, so are

all that on them rely. 19 O Isr'el's house bless God, bless God,

O Aaron's family.
20 O bless the Lord, of Levi's house

ye who his servants are ;
And bless the holy name of God,

all ye the Lord that fear.
21 And blessed be the Lord our God,

from Sion's holy hill,
Who dwelleth at Jerusalem.
The Lord, O praise ye still,

PSALM CXXXVI. This Psalm is a continued exhortation to praise the Lore! for the perpetual displays of his mercy. The hearty singing of it has been honoured with the most signal appearances of God's kindness; 2 Chron. v. 13 and xx. 21, 22. We are in it di. rected to praise God. (1) As great and good in himself; ver.1-3. (2) As the Creator of all things ; ver. 5«9. (3) As the God and Saviour of Israel, who brought them out of Egypt, through thi Red sea and wilderness; and cast out the nations, and gåve them the possession of Canaan ; ver. 10—22. (4) As our gracious and condescending Redeemer; ver. 23-24. (5) As the great and sovereign Benefactor of all creatures ; ver. 25. 26.

While I sing it, lei my heart be melted, and all inflamed, with the loving-kindness and mercy of God in Cbrist. Let me

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