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Of all my supplications,

Lord, do thine ear apply.
O God the Lord, who art the strength

of my salvation ;
A cov'ring in the day of war

my head thou hast put on.
8 Unto the wicked man, O Lord,

his wishes do not grant; Nor further thou his ill device,

least they themselves should vaunt. 9 As for the head and chief of those

about that compass me, Ev’n by the mischief of their lips

let thou them cover'd be.
10 Let burning coals upon them fall,

them throw in fiery flame,
And in deep pits, that they no more

may rise out of the same. 11 Let not an evil-speaker be

on earth established:
Mischief shall hunt the violent man

till he be ruined.
12 I know God will th' afflicted's caust

maintain, and poor men's right. 13 Surely the just shall praise thy name

th’ upright dwell in thy sight.


A.Psalm of David. This Psalm was likewise composed under distress and per; secution. In it David prays, (1) For God's kind acceptance of his prayers ; ver. 1. 2. (2) For his powerful assistance in keeping his tongue, his heart, and hand, in the way of duty; ver. 3, 4. (3) That others might be helpful to him with their seasonable reproofs; and he to them with his prayers; ver. 5; 6. (4) That when he and his friends were brought to the last

extremity, God would graciously appear for their relief; tes. 7-10,

Whenever I am afflicted, let me pray. Let me highly prize and kindly receive Christian reproof, and earnestly improve it to my spiritual advantage. Nor let me ever despair, on ac. count of the great distress of my soul, or of the church. Is any thing two hard for the Lord ?

LORD, I unto thee do cry,

do thou make haste to me; . And give an ear unto my voice,

when I cry unto thee.
2 As incense let my prayer be

directed in thine eyes :
And the uplifting of my hands

as th’ ev’ning sacrifice.
3 Set, Lord, a watch before my mouth,

keep of my lips the door.
+ My heart incline thou not unto

the ills I should abhor,
To practise wicked works with men

that work iniquity :
And with their delicates my taste

let me not satisfy. 5 Let him that righteous is, me smite,

it shall a kindness be ; Let him reprove, I shall it count

a precious oil to me: Such smiting shall not break my head;

for yet the time shall fall, When I in their calamities

to God pray for them shall. 6 When as their judges down shall be : in stony places cast, Then shall they hear my words; for they

shall sweet be to their taste. About the grave's devouring mouth

our bones are scatter'd round,

As wood which inen do cut and cleave

lies scatter'd on the ground. 8 But unto thee, O God the Lord,

mine eyes uplifted be: My soul do not leave destitute,

my trust is set on thee. 9 Lord, keep me safely from the snares

which they for me prepare, - And from the subtile gins of them

that wicked workers are. 10 Let workers of iniquity

into their own nets fall,
Whilst I do by thine help escape
the danger of them all.

Maschil of David. A prayer when he was in the Caver

This Psalm was framed by David when obliged by Saul's persecution to hide himself in a cave; 1 Sam. xxii. 1. or xxiv. 3. and contains, (1) Bitter complaints of the subtilty, strength, and malice of his enemies, and of the coldness and indiffera ence of his friends ; ver. 1-4, 6. (2) The comfort he took in God's knowing his way, and in recognizing his claim to God as his portion; ver. 3, 4, 5. (3) His pleasant expectations that his God would deliver him, and that his fellow saints would join with him in thanksgiving for his deliverance; ver. 6, 7.

If all men forsake me, if all men harrass me, let me cast my burdens on the Lord, that he may sustain mė.“ Let me renew my believing claims to him as my Lord, my God, my Refuge, and my Portion. Let me rest firmly on his characters and promises, for his sympathy, help, and deliverance. T WITH my voice cry'd to the Lord, 1 with it made my request : 2 Pour'd out to him my plaint, to him

my trouble I exprest. 3 When in me was o'erwhelm'd my sp’rit,

then well thou knew'st my may : Where I did walk a snare for me they privily did lay.


4 I look”d on my right hand, and view'd.

but none to know me were ; All refuge failed me, no man

did for my soul take care,
5 I cry'd to thee; I said, thou art

my refuge, Lord alone;
And in the land of those that live

thou art my portion.
6 Because I am brought very low,

attend unto my cry:
Me, from my persecutors save,

who stronger are than I.
From prison bring my soul that I

thy name may glorify:
The just shall compass me, when thou
with me deal'st bounteously.


A Psalm of David, This Psalm was probably penned by David during the unna. tural rebellion of his son Absalom, as. Psalm iii. xlii. xliii. It contains, (1) Sad complaints of trouble, and of the sinking of his spirit under it; ver. 3, 4, 5,7. (2) Fervent supplications that God would hear his prayer; ver. 1. 7. forgive his sins; ver. 2. manifest his favours ;, ver. 6, 7. 8. direct him in the way of duty; ver. 8–10. quicken him in it; ver. 11. deliver him out of trouble; ver: 9. 11. and, in fine, punish his persecutors ver. 12.

What time my heart is overwhelmed, let God lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Let me study to have my sin removed first, in order that my troubles may remove in due order, and with a rich blessing [ ORD, hear my pray’r, attend my suits ;

and in thy faithfulness Give thou an answer unto me,

and in thy righteousness. 2 Thy servant also bring thou not

in judgment to be try'd : Because no living man can be

in thy sight justify'd..

3 For th’ en’my hath pursu'd my soul,

my life to ground down tread :
In darkness he hath made me dwell,

as who have long been dead.
4 My sp'rit is therefore overwhelm’d

in me perplexedly: Within me is my very heart

anazed wondrously.
5 I call to mind the days of old,

to meditate I use ..
On all thy works; upon the deeds

I of thy hands do muse. 6 My hands to thee I stretch; my soul ,

thirsts, as dry land, for thee. Ý Haste, Lord, to hear, my spirit fails :

hide not thy face from me ; Lest like to them I do become

that go down to the dust. 8 At morn let me thy kindness hear,

for in thee do I trust : Teach me the way that I should walk ;

I lift my soul to thee. , 9 Lord, free me from my foes; I flee

to thee to cover me. 10 Because thou art my God, to do

thy will do me instruct: . Thy Sp’rit is good, me to the land"

of uprightness conduct. 11 Revive and quicken me, O Lord,

ev’n for thine own name's sake: And do thou, for thy righteousness,

my soul from trouble take. In 12 And of thy mercy slay my foes,

let all destroyed be

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