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· That do afflict my soul; for I

a servant am to thee.

H! hear my prayer, Lord,

And unto my desire
To bow thine ear accord,
I humbly thee require';
And in thy faithfulness
Unto me answer make,
And, in thy righteousness,

Upon me pity take.
2 In judgment enter not

With me thy servant poor;
For why, this well I wot,
No sinner can endure.
The sight of thee, O God,
If thou bis deeds shalt try,
He dare make none abode

Himself to justify
3 Behold, the cruel foe

Me persecutes, with spitey
My soul to overthrow :
Yea, he my life down quite
Unto the ground hath smote,
And made me dwell full low
In darkness, as forgot,

Or men dead long ago. 4 Therefore my sp’rit, much vex’d,

O’erwhelm'd is me within : My heart right sore perplex'd

And desolate hath been, õ Yet I do call to mind

What ancient days record,

My, desolaly to min pecord,

Thy works of ev'ry kind

I think upon, O Lord.
6 Lo, I do stretch my hands

To thee, my help alone,
For thou well understands
All my complaint and moan :
My thirsting soul desires ,
And longeth after thee,
As thirsty ground requires
With rain refresh’d to be.
Lord let my pray’r prevail,
To answer it make speed,
For lo, my sp’rit, doth fail ;
Hide not thy face in need :
Lest I be like to those,
That do in darkness sit,
Or him that downward goes

Into the dreadful pit.
8 Because I trust in thee,

O Lord cause me to hear
Thy loving-kindness free
When morning doth appear:

Cause me to know the way
· Wherein my path should be,
For why, my soul on high

I do lift up to thee.
9 From my fierce enemy

In safety do me guide,
Because I flee to thee,

Lord that thou may'st me hide. 10 My God alone art thou,

Teach me thy righteousness :
Thy Sp’rit's good, lead me to
The land of uprightness.-

on high

O Lord, for thy name's sake,
Be pleas'd to quicken me :
And for thy truth forth take

My soul from misery.
12 And of thy grace destroy

My foes, and put to shame
All who my soul annoy ;
For I thy servant am.


A Psalm of David. This Psalm was probably composed by David upon the oe casion of his advancement to the throne ; 1 Chron. xii. 2 Sam. V. as Psal. cxxxviii. lxxv. &c. In it we have, (1) Thankful acknowledgements of God's relation to him, and condescending kindness towards him; ver. 1-4. (2) Supplication for divine deliverance from his enemies, who still threatened him ; ver. 5 8. and for prosperity to his kingdom; ver. 11-14. (3) Triumphant Joy in God, as his and their deliverer and por. tion ; ver. 9, 10. 15.

While I sing let me admire the relation, the kindness of God to me, who am so mean, so frail, so sinful! Let me rejoice in him, as my ALL in ALL; and commit my way to him, that he may bring it to pass. And let every external benefit lead up my heart to God himself.

O BLESSED ever be the Lord,
U who is my strength and might,
Who doth instruct my hands to war,

my fingers teach to fight,
2 My goodness, fortress, my high tow'r,

deliverer, and shield,
In whom I trust : who under me

my people makes to yield.
3 Lord, what is man, that thou of him

dost so much knowledge take ? Or son of man that thou of him,

so great account dost make ? 4 Man is like vanity ; his days

as shadows pass away.


5 Lord, bow thy heav'ns, come down; touch

the hills, and smoke shall they. [thou 6 Cast forth thy lightnings, scatter them ;

thine arrows shoot, them rout.
✓ Thine hand send from above, me save,

from great depths draw me out:
And from the hand of children strange :
8. Whose mouth speaks vanity;
And their right band is a right hand

that works deceitfully.
9 A new song I to theo will sing,

Lord, on a psaltery :
I on a ten-string'd instrument

will praises sing to thee.
10 Ev’n he it is that unto kings

salvation doth send :
Who his own servant David doth

from hurtful sword defend.
11 O frec me from strange children's hands

whose mouth speaks vanity;
And their right hand a right hand is

that works deceitfully.
12 That as the plants our sons may be

in youth grown up that are;
Our daughters like to corner-stones,

cary'd like a palace fair.
13 That, to afford all kind of store,

our garners may be fill’d;
That our sheep thousands, in our streets.

ten thousands they may yield.
14 That strong our oxen be for work,

that no in-breaking be,
Nor going out; and that our streets
· may from complaints be free.

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15 Those people blessed are, who be

in such a case as this :
Yea, blessed all those people are
whose God Jehovah is.


David's Psalm of Praise, This Psalm, like the xxv. xxxiv. cxi. cxii. and cxix. is com. posed in an alphabetical form. It, and the five which follow, consist of pure praises to God, without so much as one complaint or petition. Here, (1) David engageth himself, and encourageth others to praise God; ver. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 10. 21. (2) He represents the grounds of praise, viz. The greatness and glory, sovereign power, and eternity of God. 2. The greatness and glory of his works ; ver. 3—7. 11, 12, 13. his unbounded goodness, mercy and compassion; ver. 7, 8, 9. ma. nifested in pitying the afflicted, providing what is necessary for all creatures; and in his readiness to hear and answer his people's prayers, preserve them from evil, and destroy their enemies; ver. 14-20.

In such high praises of God, may all my prayers issue at last. And the nearer I approach to mine end, let my heart and lips be the more filled with his praise and honour all the day. While I live on earth, let me publish the heart engaging won. ders of the nature and works of my God. TI'LL thee extol, my God, O King :

I'll bless thy name always. 2 Thee will I bless each day, and will

thy name for eyer praise. 3 Great is the Lord, much to be prais'd,

his greatness search exceeds. 4 Race unto race shall praise thy works

and show thy mighty deeds. 5 I of thy glorious majesty

the honour will record ;
I'll speak of all thy mighty works.

which wondrous are, O Lord.
6 Men of thine acts the might shall short,

thine acts that dreadful are: And I, thy glory to advance,

thy greatness will declare.

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