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sticcess in some particular expedition of David's wars. Here (1) the people pray for their king, that God would grant him his requests; protect, assist and strengthen him in his work; accept his oblations, and succeed his projects for the public welfare, ver. 1-4. (2) They triuinph in God as their only strength and deliverer, in whom they shall be more than conquerors, ver. 5, 6. .

Let not me forget Jesus, for whoin prayer is made continually : Jesus who shall daily be praised, and whom the Father heareth always : accepts his sacrifice, and crowns him with glory and honour. And let no crea. ture but JEHOVAH as my God in Christ, be the ground and the object of all my faith and expectation.

TEHOVAH hear thee in the day @ when trouble he doth send : And let the name of Jacob's God

thee from all ill defend.
2 O let him help send from above,

out of his ssnctuary ;
From Sion his own holy hill,

let him give strength to thee. 3 Let him remember all thy gifts,

accept thy sacrifice; 4 Grant thee thine heart's wish, and fulfil

thy thoughts and counsel wise. 5 In thy salvation we will joy :

in our God's name we will Display our banners : and the Lord

thy prayers all fulfil. 6 Now know I, God his king doth save :

he from his holy heav'n Will hear him, with the savinz strength

by his own right hand giv’n. In chariots some put confidence,

some horses trust upon :

But we remember will the name

of our Lord God alone.

.8 We rise, and upright stand, while they

are bowed down and fall. 9 Deliver, Lord, and let the king

us hear when we do call.


To the chirf Musician. A Psalm of David. In this song of thanksgiving, observe, (1) all the joys, the honours, and happiness of king David, founded in the perfections and gracious works of God, ver. 1-6. (2) Full assurance of the stability of David's throne; and of the discovery and destruction of his implacable opposers, ver. 7-12. (3) Earnest supplications to God, for the exhilerating displays of his glory and power, ver. 13.

But chiefly, my soul, behold here, the everlasting 10nours, joys, happiness, and blissful influences of thy Redeemer! Behold how fixed in his kingdom and dignity, in the infinite, everlasting and unchangeable, wisdom, power', mercy, equity, goodness and truth of the Most High! Behold, what inexpressible vengeance kindles upon and destroys his Jewish; bis heathen ; his antichristian ; and other incorrigible foes!-Rejoice, my soul, in this God thy Saviour. Rejoice at the glory wherewith he is crowned ; at the life granted to, and lodged in him: and in his being made blessings for evermore to MEN; blessings for evermore to ME. And let the ruinous overthrow of his Jewish or other enemies, make me stand in awe to provoke him, by presumptuous refusal of him or rebellion against him.

THE king in thy great strength, O Lord,
I shall very joyful be:
In thy salvation rejoice

how veh’mently shall he !

2 Thou hast bestowed upon him,

All that his heart would have;
And thou from him didst not with-hold

whate'er his lips did crave.
3 For thou with blessings him prevent'st

of goodness manifold ;
And thou hast set upon his head

a crown of purest gold.
4. When he desired life of thee,

thou life to him didst give ;
Ev’n such a length of days, that he

for evermore should live.
Ő In that salvation wrought by thee,

his glory is made great : Honour and comely majesty

thou bast upon him set. 6 Because that thou for evermore

most blessed hast him made : And thou hast with thy countenance

made him exceeding glad. ✓ Because the king upon the Lord,

his confidence doth lay, And through the grace of the Most High,

shall not be mov'd away. 8 Thine hand shall all those men find out

that enmies are to be find out those Ev’n thy right hand shall find out those

of thee that haters be. g Like fiery ov’n thou shalt them make,

when kindled is thine ire : God shall them swallow in his wrath,

devour them shall the fire. 0 Their fruit from earth thou shalt destroy,

their seed men from among.

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11 For they, beyond their might, 'gainst thee

did plot mischief and wrong. 12 Thou therefore shalt make them turn back,

when thou thy sliaft shall place Upon thiy strings, made ready all

to fly against their face. 13 In thy great power and strength, O Lord,

be thou exalted high :
So shall we sing with joyful hearts,
thy power praise sliall we.


To the chief Musician upon AIJELETSHAHAR.

'A Psalm of DAVID. Here the debasement and exaltation of David, king of Israel, are merely subservient to, and figurative of the debasement and exaltation of Jesus Christ, our blessed AIJELETH SHAHAR, Hind of the morning. I. In this deep debasement, we find (1) Bitter but kindly and believing complaints of God's withdrawnient-attended with earrest attempts of faith to quiet the complainer's soul under it-drawn from the consideration of God's holiness ard highness, and his seasonable deliverance of his peo, ple in former times, when they cried to him, ver. 1,-.5. (2) Bitter complaints of men's repioaches and contemptuous derision,-attended with self-encouragements, drawn from former experience of God's early and seasovable care and friendship, ver. 6,-10. (3) Bitter complai. ts of the number andi rage of enemies, attended with exquisite agonies of body and mind, and mingled with earnest prayers for God's speedy supports, assistance, and powerful deliverance, ver. 11,--12.

While I sing these, let me behoid the vileness, the criminalty, the destructive influence of sin ! Let nie behold the sovereignty of God, who not only scourgeth every son whom he receivetli, bur spared not his ONLY BEGOTTEN Son, but deiiverid Lin up for us all! Beloid, how he hates! how le punisheth our sin.! And what manncr of love he bestowed upon us, that we might be called the sons of God! Behold! how he commendeth his love unto us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us ! and if Jesus, with patience, bore such desertion, reproach, and distress ; let me, in the firm faith that he did all for me, and that God is mine, and maketh all things work for my good, study an unhampered resignation to his will.

II. By the typical exaltation of David, and the increase, happiness, honour, and duration of his kingdom, we have prefigured the glorious exaltation of our Redeemer, importing, that he should have a church among men ; that his Father should be glorified in them as well as in him ;---that his true subjects should abound in prayer, praise, spiritual comfort, and everlasting life ; and that his church should be enlarged with multitudes of both Jews and Gentiles ; and should, to his honour, and for his worship and service, continue to all generations, ver. 22,-31.

While I sing this, let me trust, and rejoice in, and plead his promises, relative to myself and his church. Let me ponder, whether I have heard his voice, shared his saving pity, feasted on his spiritual provision, and worshipped him in spirit and in truth? And whether it is the desire of my soul to cause his name to be remembered to all generations ?

M Y God, my God, why hast thou me

V forsaken why so far
Art thou from helping me, and from

my words that roaring are ?
2 All day, my God, to thee I cry,

yet am not heard by thee; And in the season of the night

I cannot silent be. 3 But thou art holy, thou that dost

inhabit Isr'el's praise. 4 Our fathers hop'd in thee, they hop'd.

and thou didst them release.

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