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15 Towards the Lord my waiting eyes

continually are set :
For he it is that shall bring forth

my feet out of the net.
16 O turn thee unto me, O God,

have mercy me upon : Because I solitary am,

and in affliction. 17 Enlarg’d the griefs are of mine heart :

me from distress relieve. 18 See mine affliction and my pain,

and all my sins forgive. 19 Consider thou mine enemies,

because they many are, And it a cruel hatred is,

which they against me bear.
20 O do thou keep my soul, O God,

- do thou deliver me;
Let me not be asham'd; for I

do put my trust in thee. 21 0 let integrity and truth .

. keep me who thee attend. 22 Redemption, Lord, to Israel,

from all his troubles send.


A Psalm of DAVID. Here [1] David solemnly appeals to God, concerning his integrity ; his constant regard to him and his grace; his regular attendance upon instituted ordinances; and his fixed aversion to sin and sinners, ver. 1.8. [2] He deprecates from himself, the condemnation of the wicked, and his being shut up in society with them, ver. 9, 10. [3] Depending on the mercy of God, he resolves

to hold fast his integrity, and maintain his confident hopes of eternal life, ver. 11, 12.

While I sing, let the perfect God man come into my mind. Let me wash myself in his blood, and so compass God's altar with songs of praise for his favours. Making Jesus' example my pattern ; let his ordinances be my pleasure, and his people my sole intimates and familiars on earth.

TUDGE me, O Lord, for I have walk'd .) in mine integrity : I trusted also in the Lord ;

slide therefore shall not I. 2 Examine me, and do me prove :

try heart and reins, O God. 3 For thy love is before mine eyes,

thy. truth's paths I have trode. 4 With persons vain I have not sat,

nor with dissemblers gone. To Th’ assembly of ill men I hate ;

to sit with such I shun.
6 Mine hands in innocence, O Lord,

I'll wash and purify:
So to thine holy altar go,

and compass it will I.
y That I with voice of thanksgiving,

may publish and declare,
And tell of all thy mighty works

that great and wond’rous are. 8 The habitation of thy house,

Lord, I have loved well; ·
Yea, in that place I do delight,

where doth thine honour dwell. 9 With sinners gather not my soul,

and such as blood would spill:

10 Whose hands mischievous plots, right hand

corrupting bribes do fill. 11 But as for me I will walk on

in mine integrity :
Do thou redeem me, and, O Lord,

be merciful to me.
12 My foot upon an even place

doth stand with stedfastness : Within the congregations

th’ Eternal I will bless.


A Psalm of DAVID. For thy instruction, my soul, behold here. (1) The holy courage and undaunted bravery of true faith, amidst manifold dangers and enemies, ver. 1-3. (2) What earnestness there ought to be ; and what pleasure, profit, and honour there are, in the study of familiar fellowship with God, ver. 4, 5, 6. (3) Fervent desires with strong cries and supplications, for the gracious favour, spiritual presence, and saving direction and protection of God, ver. 7-12.(4) Strong and encouraging expectations of help, favour and strength from God, ver. 10, 13, 14.

While I sing, let my soul enter the very marrow of these matters. Let God himself be relied on, as my trust, my Saviour, and my ALL IN ALL. Let my heart burn with superlative desires after the knowledge and enjoyment of him. Let nothing less than the most familiar communion with him here, and the full enjoyment of him hereafter satisfy my longings. Let me readily embrace every invitation to seek his face. Amidst enemies and distresses unnumbered, let me always believe in, wait for, and boast of God my only Lord.

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H E Lord's my light and saving health,

Who shall make me dismay'd ?
My life's strength is the Lord, of whom

then shall I be afraid ?

3 When as mine enemies and foes,
i most wicked persons all,
To eat my flesh against me rose,

they stumbled and did fall.
3 Against me though an host encamp,

my heart yet fearless is :
Though war against me rise, I will

be confident in this.
4 One thing I of the Lord desir’d,

and will seek to obtain,
That all days of my life I may

within God's house remain.
That I the beauty of the Lord

behold may, and admire, And that I in his holy place

may rev’rently enquire.
5 For he in his pavilion shall

me hide in evil days :
In secret of his tent me hide,

and on a rock me raise.
6 And now, ev’n at this present time,

mine head shall lifted be, Above all those that are my foes,

and round encompass me:
Therefore unto his tabernacle

I'll sacrifices bring
Of joyfulness, I'll sing, yea, I

to God will praises sing. .
O Lord, give ear unto my voice,

when I do cry to thee : Upon me also mercy have,

and do thou answer me. 8 When thou didst say, seek ye my face,

- then unto thee reply

Thus did my heart, above all things

thy face, Lord, seek will I.
9 Far from me hide not thou thy face,

put not away from thee
Thy servant in thy wrath : thou hast

an helper been to me.
O God of my salvation

me leave not, nor forsake : 10 Though me my parents both should leave,

the Lord will me up take.
11 O Lord, instruct me in thy way,

to me a leader be
In a plain path, because of those

that hatred bear to me.
12 Give me not to mine en’mies will,

for witnesses that lie, Against me risen are, and such

as breathe out cruelty.
13 I fainted had, unless that I

believed had to see,
The Lord's own goodness in the land

of them that living be.
14 Wait on the Lord, and be thou strongy

and he shall strength afford
Unto thine heart, yea, do thou waita

I say, upon the Lord.


A Psalm of DAVID. Observe here, (1) David, amidst great distress, carnestiy supplicating deliverance from his God, ver. 1-3. (2) His implacable enemies doomed to the just punishment of their sin, ver, 4, 5. (3) Himself triumphing in God, as the hearer of his prayers, and as his protec.

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