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10 Unto the man that wicked is,

· his sorrows shall abound;
But him that trusteth in the Lord,

mercy shall compass round.
11 Ye righteous, in the Lord be glad,

in him do ye rejoice :
All ye that upright are in heart,
for joy lift up your voice.


Contains a sweet but solemn summons to praise the Lord, (1) for his justice, goodness, and truth manifested in his word and works; ver. 1-5. (2) For his power, manifested in the works of creation, and in his sovereign dominion over the world; ver. 6-11, 13–17. (3) For his special and new covenant relations, and merciful kindness towards his chosen people ; ver. 12, 18-22.

While I sing, let me obserye, let me admire, and be deeply affected with the blessings of creation, providence, and redemption. And chiefly let me remember, let me behold, let me glow with ardent desire after him, whose bones the Lord so kept that not one of them was broken.

V E righteous, in the Lord rejoice :

it comely is and right,
That upright men with thankful voice,

should praise the Lord of might. 2 Praise God with harp, and unto him

sing with the psaltery; Upon a ten-string'd instrument,

make ye sweet melody. 3 A new song to him sing, and play

with loud noise skilfully: 4 For right is God's word, all his works

are done in verity.

5 To judgment and to righteousness

a love he beareth still:
The loving-kindness of the Lord

the earth throughout doth fill.
6 The heavens by the word of God

did their beginning take;
And by the breathing of his mouth

he all their hosts did make.
The waters of the seas he brings

together as an heap ;
And in store-houses, as it were,

he layeth up the deep.
8 Let earth, and all that live therein,

with rev’rence fear the Lord ; Let all the world's inhabitants

dread him with one aecord. 9 For he did speak the word, and done

it was without delay; Established, it firmly stood

whatever he did say. 10 God doth the council bring to nought

which heathen folk do take; And what the people do devise,

of none effect doth make. 11 O but the council of the Lord

doth stand for ever sure; And of his heart the purposes

from age to age endure.
12 That nation blessed is, whose God,

JEHOVAH is, and those
A blessed people are, whom for

his heritage he chose. 13 The Lord from heav'n sees and beholds

all sons of men full well :

1+ He views all from his dwelling-place

that in the earth do dwell. 15 He forms their hearts alike, and all

their doings he observes. 16 Great hosts save not a king, much strength

no mighty man preserves. 17 An horse for preservation

is a deceitful thing:
And by the greatness of his strength

can no deliv’rance bring.
18 Behold on those that do him fear

the Lord doth set his eye ;
Ev’n those who on his mercy do.

with confidence rely.
19 From death to free their soul, in dearth

life unto them to yield. 20 Our soul doth wait upon the Lord ;

· he is our help and shield. 21 Sith in his holy name we trust,

our hearts shall joyful be. 22 Lord, let thy mercy be on us,

as we do hope in thee.


A Psalm of DAVID, when he changed his behaviour be

fore ABIMELECHI, who drove him a vay, and he diparted.

This Psalm was composed by David, when Achish or Abimelech, kiog of Gith, drove him from his court as an idzot or madman, 1 Sam. xxi. 10-15. Here are, (1) David's high praises to God, for the favours himself and others had received ; ver. 1-6. (2) His warm invitations and strong encouragements to others to seek after and fear the Lord, and to trust in him for all ne.


cessary supplies, in time or in eternity, ver. 7.-10. (3) Faniliar advices to children and others to e.ceiv every thing sinful, and make conscience of known duty, both towards God and man, as a mean of present and future happiness ; ver. 11-14. (4) A representation of thc misery of the wicked, in having God against them, as an avenging enemy, and in having ruin before them as the just reward of their sins; and of the happiness of the godly in having God near to them in every case, ready to hear their requests, to protect them amidst dangers, and to deliver them from enemies and trouble; ver, 13--22.

While I sing, let my heart be warmed with my subject. Come my soul and walk in this light, in these joys of the Lord, come, taste and see that he is good, Extol his kindness, and trust him in all things, and on every occasion. M OD will I bless all times : his praise

T my mouth shall still express. 2 My soul shall boast in God: the meek

shall hear with joyfulness. 3 Extol the Lord with me, let us

exalt his name together. 4 I sought the Lord, he heard and did

me from all fears deliver. 5 They look'd to him, and lighten'd were ;

not shamed were their faces. 6 This poor man cry'd, God heard, and say'd

hin from all his distresses.
The angel of the Lord encamps,

and round encompasseth
All those about that do him fear,

and them delivereth.
8 O taste and see that God is good !

who trusts in him is bless’d. 9 Fear God his saints : none that him fear

shall be with want oppress'd.

10 The lions young may hungry be,

and they may lack their food: But they that truly seek the Lord,

shall not lack any good.
11 O children, hither do ye come,

and unto me give ear:
I shall ye teach to understand

how ye the Lord should fear, 12 What man is he that life desires,

to see good would live long ? 13 Thy lips refrain from speaking gule,

and from ill words thy tongue. 14 Depart from ill, do good, seek peace,

pursue it earnestly. 15 God's eyes are on the just; his ears

are open to their cry. 16 The face of God is set against

those that do wickedly ; That he may quite out from the earth

cut off their memory.
17 The righteous cry unto the Lord,

he unto them gives ear;
And they out of their troubles all,

by him deliver'd are.
18 The Lord is ever nigh to them

that be of broken sp’rit;
To them he safety doth afford,

that aid in heart contrite.
19 The troubles that afffict the jusi

in number many be;
But yet at length out of them all

the Lord doth set him free.
20 He carefully his hones doth keep,

whatever can befal ;

20 7 the L at lenge

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