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That not so much as one of them

can broken be at all. 21 Ill shall the wicked slay : laid waste

shall be who hate the just. 22 The Lord redeems his servants' souls; none perish that him trust.


A Psalm of DAVID. In this Psalm, (1) David, as a type of Christ, com. plains of the cruelty of his enemies, in striving with him, in persecuting him, in seeking his ruin, and in reproaching, contemning, deriding and triumphing over him ; ver. 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 15, 16, 20, 21, 25, 26. (2) He pleads his own innocency, that he had never given them any provocation ; but, amidst their abuse of him had earnestly and affectionately studied to pronote their welfare; ver. 7, 9, 12-14. (3) He supplicates that God would espouse his cause, protect, deliver and comfort his soul, defeat the designs, and disappoint the expectations of his enemies; and that he would countenance and encourage his friends; ver. 1, 2, 4, 17, 22-27. (4) He predicts the destruction of his enensies, and the abouncing of his own comfort, and in the views hereof, resolves to thank and praise the Lord; e: 4-10, 18, 28.

While I sing, let me, with grief and shane, call to mind the infernal opposition, I and others have made to our all compassionate Redeemer. Let me bewure of exposing myself to that vengeance, which is laid uj in stoie for his incorrigible enemies. Let me never avenge myself on my injurious neighbours. But amidst all attacks froin hell or earth, or from my own corrupt heart, let me commit all my co.cerns to him, who judgeth righteously, that he may bring them to pass.

D LEAD, Lord, with those that plead ; and T with those that fight with me, [fight 2 Of shield and buckler take thou hold,

stand up mine help to be.

6 with letit Sangel Om above. r for me


her they'gainst me said, 8 Draw also out the speal see.

against them stop the wall not thy peace: That me pursue : unto my soul . I'm thy salvation, say. may'st + Let them confounded be, and sham

that for my soul have sought: Who plot my hurt, turn'd back be they,

and to confusion brought. 5 Let them be like upto the chaff,

that flies before the wind : And let the angel of the Lord

pursue them hard behind. 6 With darkness cover thou their way,

and let it slipp’ry prove, And let the angel of the Lord

pursue them from above.
y For without cause have they for me

their net hid in a pit,
They also have without a cause

for my soul digged it.
8 Let ruin seize him unawares,

his net he hid withal Himself let catch; and in the same

destruction let him fall. 9 My soul in God shall joy; and glad

in his salvation be. 10 And all my bones shall say, 0. Lord,

who is like unto thee.
Which dost the poor set free from him
· that is for him too strong,
The poor and needy from the man

that spoils and does him wrong. 11 False witnesses rose ; to my charge

things I not knew they laid.

13 They, to the spoiling of my soul,

me ill for good repaid.
13 But as for me, when they were sick,

in sackcloth sad I mourn'd:
My humble soul did fast, my pray'r

into my bosom turn’d.
14 Myself I did behave, as he

had been my friend or brother : I heavily bow'd down, as one

that mourneth for his mother. 15 But in my trouble they rejoic’d,

gath’ring themselves together : Yea, abjects vile together did

themselves against me gather : I knew it not, they did me tear,

and quiet would not be. 16 With mocking hypocrites, at feasts

they gnash'd their teeth at me. 17 How long, Lord, look’st thou on? from

destructions they intend,
uructions they intend,

those Rescue my soul, from lions young

my darling do defend.
18 I will give thanks to thee, O Lord,

within th' assembly great :
And where much people gather'd are,

ihy praises forth will set. 19 Let not my wrongful enemies

proudly rejoice o’er me :
Nor who me hate without a cause,

let them wink with the eye.
20 For peace they do not speak at all,

but crafty plots prepare Against all those within the land

that meek and quiet are.

21 With mouths set wide, they'gainst me said,

ha, ha! our eye. doth see. 22 Lord, thou hast seen, hold not thy peace:

Lord be not far from me. , 23 Stir up thyself; wake, that thou may'st

judgement to me afford,
Ev’n to my cause, Oʻthou that art,

my only God and Lord.
24 O Lord my God, do thou me judge

after thy righteousness :
And let them not their joy 'gainst me

triumphantly express.
25 Nor let them say within their hearts,

Ah, we would have it thus :
Nor suffer them to say, that he

is swallow'd up by us.
26 Sham'd and confounded be they all,

that at my hurt are glad;
Let those against me that do boast,

with shame and scorn be clad.
27 Let them that love my righteous cause

he glad, shout, and not cease To say, the Lord be magnify’d,

who loves his servant's peace 28 Thy righteousness shall also be

declared by my tongue; The praises that belong to thee, speak shall it all day long.


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To the chief Musician. A Psalm of David, the servan i

i of the Lord. Observe here (1) how great is the wickedness of men ! They naturally contemn God; flatter themselves

in sin ; and abandon themselves to falsehood and mischief; ver. 1, 4. (2) How great is the excellency of God, in truth, in righteousness, and in mercy! And what a fourtain of preservation, support, comfort, light, and life, he is to his people! ver. 5–9. (3) How, from the ex. cellency and goodness of God, the Psalmist draws encouragement, to pray for himself and other saints; and to triumph in the view of his enemies' ruin; ver. 1012.

While I sing, let me review my natural abominations and wretchedness, and try.. whether the Lord hath made me a new creature, creatud in Christ Jesus unto good works; and whether he hath made me taste of, admire, and trust in, the exceeding riches of his grace.

THE wicked man's transgression

within my heart thus says, Undoubtedly the fear of God

is not before his eyes. 2 Because himself he flattereth

in his own blinded eye, Until the hatefulness be found

of his iniquity. .
3 Words from his mouth proceeding are,

fraud and iniquity:
He to be wise, and to do good,

hath left off utterly.
4 He mischief, lying on his bed,

most cunningly doth plot:
He sets himself in ways not good,

ill he abhorreth not.
5 Thy mercy, Lord, is in the heavens :

thy truth doth reach the clouds. 6 Thy justice is like mountains great;

thy judgments deep as floods : Lord, thou preservest man and beasta hany How precious is thy grace!

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