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In order to captivate our hearts, to elevate our affections, and to inspire our songs with sacred fire, the Scriptures present us with a variety of subjects, which, for their importance, dignity, beauty and worth, as much surpass every human composition, as thunder is louder than a whisper, or the heavens higher than the earth.

There is one subject throughout the inspired writings, which hath in all things the pre-eminence, and claims our highest praises; because indeed it is the centre of all evangelical truth, and the glory of Revelation itself : and that is, the FINISHED REDEMPTION of the SON of GOB. A subject, big with the most illustrious display of the divine attributes, and replete with inexpreffible consolation to loft finners.

To celebrate this most grand, most delightful, and most glorious subject, is principally the defign of God in his word, and the chief bufiness of the inspired Writers. The Prophets under the old, and the Apoflles under the New Testament dispensation, join in bearing their teftimony to the sunsearchable riches of CHRIST.Yea, to praise REDEEMING LOVE, is the ambition of Angels. The glorious topic animates their songs, gives music to their golden barps, spreads a sacred emulation among Cherubim and Seraphim, and constitutes the grand harmony of heaven itself: whilst the Church militant and Church triumphant form one general


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chorus, and fing “ Worthy is the LAMB that was flain, to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.” Rev. v. 12.

To recommend, celebrate, and enforce the fame blefled theme, is the chief design of the following Collection; wherein, the various authors, from whence they are selected, concur in extolling the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, the essential Divinity of his person, the glory of his redeeming work, the infinite me. rit of his great atonement, the perfection of his righieousness, the virtue of his blood, and the power of his spirit. Topics thele, of such import ance, that without them, our most elaborate prayers or praises are flat, jejune, and insipid ; while, with them, both ascend up before GOD, an acceptable lacrifice, a sweet perfume,

I fall detain the pious reader no longer than to inform him that my heart's desire and prayer to GOD, is, that, while his voice is employed in singing these blessed hymns, their important subjects may deeply affect his heart, and influence his life and conversation; A tuneful voice is not essential to salvation ; but a musical heart, is. I mean, a heart rendered melodious by the grace of GOD; as faith the Apostle, “ Singing and making melody with grace in your hearts to the LORD.Eph. v.

. 19. Gol, iii. 16. And as the crowning grace in


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every act of prayer or praise, is faith, its influe ence is therefore of the utmost confequence. It is faith, that enables us to offer up all our facrifices through CHRIST, the golden altar that sanctifies the gift. It is the same powerful grace, that quickens our prayers, and enlivens our songs ; that apprehends the Redeemer in every part of his mediatorial undertaking, and makes him unspeakably precious in the offices he bears, and the indearing characters he affumes; that realizes things invisible, and gives a foretaste of heaven itself. If faith increase ; so will our love to CHRIST, in proportion. As love expands itself, we shall naturally delight in praise. As praise Aows, so must consequently our happiness. Thus by believing in, loving, praising, glorifying, and exalting CHRIST, we may in a degree anticipate the song of Moses and the LAMB, and live a little heaven upon earth. That this may be the happy privilege of all, who love the LORD JESUS in sincerity, is the fervent defire of their affectionate servant in the gospel,

Richard De Courcy.

Shrewsbury, December 6, 1775.





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Η Υ Μ Ν Ι.
Extracted from the Ordination Office.

OME HOLY GHOST, our Souls inspire,

And lighten with çeleftial fire,

Thou the anointing Spirit art, Who dost thy sev’nfold gifts impart. Thy blefled Unction from above, Is comfort, life, and fire of love. Enable with perpetual light The dulness of our blinded fight. Anoint and cheer our foiled face, With the abundance of thy grace. Keep far our foes, give peace at home! Where thou art guide, no ill can come. Teach us to know the Father, Son, And Thee, of both to be but one ; That through the ages all along, This, this may be our endless song, Praise God, from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heav'nly hoft, Praise FATHER, Son, and HOLY GHOST,


H Y M N II. The Happiness of God's IfraelDeut,

xxxiii. 29.

I. O

Ifrael, bleft beyond compare !

Unrival'd all thy glories are :
JEHOVAH deigns to fill thy ihrone,
And calls thine int'rest all his own.

He is thy Saviour; he thy Lord;
His shield is thine; and thine his sword :
Review in extacy of thought
The grand redemption he has wrought,

From Satan's yoke he sets thee free,
Opens thy paffage thro' the fea;
He thro' the desart is thy guide,
And Heav'n for Canaan will provide.

Not Facob's sons of old could boast
Such favors to their chosen host ;
Their glories, which thro' ages shine,
Are but dim shades, and types of thine,

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Celestial Spirit, teach our tongue
Sublimer strains than Moses sung,
Proportion's to the sweeter name
Of God the Saviour, and the Lamb.


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