On Horseback: A Tour in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee

Cosimo, Inc., 2005 M11 1 - 331 páginas
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Mr. Egger was far from being inhospitable, but was in no hurry, and never had been in a hurry. He was not exactly a gentleman of the old school. He was better than that. He dated from the time when there were no schools at all, and he lived in that placid world which is without information and ideas-from On HorsebackA favorite of readers of his time, the travelogues of Charles Dudley Warner continue to delight armchair globetrotters today. On Horseback, first serialized in The Atlantic Monthly between July and October 1885, is Warner's witty and engaging account of a trip through the Southern United States, from the challenges and charms of mounted travel to the restful beauty of the landscapes and the resilience and generosity of the people of the Appalachian Mountains.Also in this volume: Mexican Notes, which originally appeared in Harper's New Monthly Magazine from May to August 1887, the chronicle of a two-month journey by train south of the border. Whether Warner is despairing of the quality of Mexican coffee or indulging in hot-spring baths, his observations are uniquely entertaining.American essayist and novelist CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER (1829-1900) served on the editorial staffs of the Hartford Press, the Hartford Courant, and Harpers Magazine. He was the first president of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, and published numerous books, including My Summer in a Garden (1870), My Winter on the Nile (1876), and a biography of Washington Irving (1881).

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