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I. Summary of the Administration of the Indian Govern-

ment by the Marquess of Hastings, during the Period

that he filled the Office of Governor-General

II. Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and States-

men. By Walter Savage Landor, Esq.

III. An Essay on the Nature and Design of Scripture Sacri-

fices, in which the Theory of Archbishop Magee is

controverted. By the late James Nicol, Minister of

the Parish of Traquair, near Peebles

IV. Pride shall have a Fall. A Comedy, in Five Acts, with

Songs ..

V. Memoir descriptive of the Resources, Inhabitants, and

Hydrography of Sicily and its Islands, interspersed

with Antiquarian and other Notices. By Captain

William Henry Smyth, R.N.....

VI. Essai d'une Introduction Critique au Nouveau Testa-

ment ou Analyse Raisonnéé de l'Ouvrage intitulé,

“ Einleitung in die Schriften des N. T.” c'est à dire,

Introduction aux Ecrits du N. T. Par J. L. Hug,

Professeur en Théologie à l'Université, de Fribourg

en Brisgaw, 2e Edition, 1821. Par J. E. Cellerier,

Fils, Pasteur et Professeur de Langues Orientales,

Critique et Antiquités Sacrées, à l'Académe de


VII. Dello Stato Fisico del Suolo di Roma; Memoria per

Servire d'illustrazione alla Carta Geognostica di questa

Citta. Di G. Brocchi. Con due tavole in rame....

VIII. The Book of the Church. By Robert Southey

IX. Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a

North-west Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific,

performed in the Years 1821, 1822, and 1823, in His

Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla, under the Orders of

Captain William Edward Parry, R.N. .....

X. 1. Die Patrizier, von C. F. van der Velde.

2. Peter Schlemihl. Translated from the German of the

Baron de la Motte Fouqué.

3. The Outcasts. Translated from the German of the

Baroness de la Motte Fouqué, by George Soane 112

XI, 1. Memoirs of Ferdinand VII. King of the Spains. By


Advocate of the Spanish Tribunals.

Translated from the original Spanish MSS. by Mi.

chael J. Quin, Author of a Visit to Spain in 1822

and 23.

2. Anecdotes of the Spanish and Portuguese Revolu-

tions. By Count Pecchio. With an Introduction and

Notes, by Edward Blaquiere, Esq. Author of Letters

from the Mediterranean, &c. &c.

3. Journal of Military and Political Events in Spain

during the last Twelve Months. By Count Pecchio.

With some Introductory Remarks, &c. By Edward

Blaquiere, Esq.

4. Remarks on the North of Spain. By John Bramsen,

Author of Travels in Egypt, Syria, and Greece, &c.&c. 128

XII. Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk, and

her second Husband, the Hon. George Berkeley;

from 1712 to 1767. With historical, biographical,

and explanatory Notes


XIII. 1. Nouveau Traité de la Rage, Observations Cliniques

Recherches d'Anatomie Pathologique, et Doctrine de

cette Maladie. Par L. F. Trolliet.

2. Monographie sur la Rage. Par A. F. C. de Saint

Martin, D.M.P.

3. Recherches sur les Pustules de la Rage. Par M.


4. Cas de Hydrophobie. Par F. Magendie.....: 156

XIV. Select Views in Greece. By H. W. Williams .


XV. Vie de Rossini. Par M. de Stendhall ....


XVI. L'Egypt sous Méhémed Ali, ou Aperçu Rapide de l'Ad-

ministration Civile et Militaire de ce Pacha. Publié

par F. J. Joly, sur le Manuscrit de M. P. P. Thednat

Duvent, Consul Français à Alexandrie.


List of New Publications


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Summary of the Administration of the Indian Government by the

MARQUESS OF HASTINGS, during the period that he filled the office of Governor-General. London. Earle, Berkley-square. Printed for private circulation.

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Some extraordinary process, which baffles all the common rules and conceptions of administrative ability, seems invariably connected with our government of India.

In Europe, the soldier of talent and intrepidity, the honest and acute financier, and the vigorous and high-minded statesman, are naturally the most fitting agents or masters of public affairs. But no sooner do these very men touch on that mysterious and fiery soil of Aurora and the Ganges, than a most surprising revolution takes place, and their powers are destined to undergo an utter perversion. The painful consequence is necessary. Complaint on complaint urges itself up through the meek bosoms of the Court of Directors, like acrid gas through water, until after half a dozen years of declared and ruinous incapacity abroad, and hapless and bitter sufferance at home, the Governor-general is brought back, to have his services voted a mullity, and his claims to honour flung in his teeth by a charge of peculation. Curious as this revolution is, the phænomenon does not stop here. The same climate, which has the power of thus turning European integrity and talent into fraud and fatuity, has the admirable power of transmuting the lower qualities of mankind. Men who moved in mediocrity both of principle and intellect, and would have continued so to move till their dying day, have been proverbially remarkable, in the reports of the honourable Court of Directors, for the vigorous ability, the profound wisdom, and the stainless purity of their con

VOL. I. NO. I.

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