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S E R M O N I. * The Character of S H I M E I.

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2 Samuel xix. 21. 1st Part.

But Abijhai said, Shall not Shimei be put to death for this?

T T has not a good aspect This is

I the second time Abishai has propofed Shimei's destruction; once in the 16th chapter, on a sudden transport of indignation, when Shimei cursed David, —" Why should this "dead dog, cried Abishai, curse my lord the "king; let me go over, I pray thee, and cut off "his head."— This had something at least of gallantry in it; for in doing it he hazarded his own; and besides the offender was not otherwise to be come at: the second time, is in the text; when the offender was absolutely in their

power when the blood was cool; and the

suppliant was holding up his hands for mercy. —Shall not Shimei, answered Abishai, be put to death for this? So unrelenting a pursuit Jooks less like justice than revenge, which is so cowardly a passion, that it renders Abislui's

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