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Board and Tuition, including Reading, Grammar, Composition, Elocution, Writing, Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, Geography, History, Singing, German, Latin, Greek, Mathematics etc. per Quarter in advance. - $50 00 The German to be spoken on three days of the week.

Lessons in French, per Quarter - 1 00

""Drawing, " - - 3 00

""Painting, " - - 4 00

On the Piano including the use of instruments. - - 5 00

"Flute or Viilin, - - - - - 4 00

For the use of tht; Library, if requested, - - - 8 00

Age of admissior' iTota 9 to 14 Years.
Application received by the Rev. I„evin T. Relcliel.

PAYMENTS received for the Moravian Church Miscellany.

Mrs. Mary L Bleck, Alabama, Mr. Ferdinand Lennert, Bainbridge, DrWalter, Nazareth, each $1.

Rev. C. F. Seidel.


of Donations to the Home Mission Society.

Frombr. C. Barstow's Sunday .School at Centreville, Staten Island, $3 00 From the Southfield congregation, Staten Island, 2 09

J. F. Rauch, Treasurer.

FORM OF BEQUESTS. To the Society of the United Brethren for propagating the Gospel among tht Heathen.—I give and bequeath unto "The Society of the United Brethren for propagating the Gospel among the Heathen," at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the sum of

3. To the Home Mission Society of the Moravian Brethren's Church at Bethlehem—I bequeath to my executor or executors the sum of Dollars

in trust, to pay over the same in — days after my decease, to the person, who, when the same is payable, shall act as Treasurer of the Society, called "The Home Mission Society of the Moravian Brethren's Church," formed at Bethlehem, Penna., in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-nine to be applied to the charitable uses and purposes of said Society, and under iti direction, in the Home Mission field.

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The Lord of earth and sky,
The God of ages praise;
Who reigns enthron'd on high,
Ancient of endless days;
Who lengthens out our trial here,
And spares us yet anuther year.

Barren and wither'd trees,

We cumber'd long the ground;

No fruit of holiness

On our dead souls was found:

Yet mercy stay'd our doom severe:

"Oh, spare them yet another year."

Jesus, thy speaking blood
From God obtain'd the grace,
Who therefore hath bestow'd
On us a longer space:
Thou didst in our behalf appear,
And, lo, we see another year.

Then dig about our root,
Break up our fallow-ground,
And let our gracious fruit
To thy great praise abound:
O 1st us all thy praise declare,
And fruit unto perfection bear.

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