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and will ever exist, between the serpent and the seed of the woman, that means are never wanting to tempt, to affright, to seduce, to deceive, and in every way to "separate us from the love of God.” And how can we contend against an enemy so superior to ourselves in strength and subtlety? How can we confound his wicked devices? “ Acquaint yourselves with God," and he will arm you with strength sufficient for the danger; for God hath said," my grace is sufficient for thee;" “ He leadeth us in the path of righteousness for his name's sake;" and “ He is faithful, and will not suffer us to be tempted above that we are able, but will, with the temptation, also make a way to escape that we may be able to bear it.”

When we behold the wonders of nature, and trace the beauties of heaven, “ the glory of the stars, the sun giving light in the highest places of the Lord," “ the rainbow, very beautiful in the brigbtness thereof, which the hands of the Most High have bended ;" when we search the wonders that are concealed within the bowels of the earth, we are at a loss to understand these things. But “ acquaint yourselves with God,” and behold in Him the Creator of all." He hath set bis glory above the heavens ; the whole earth also is full of his glory;" “ He hath made all things, and for his pleasure they are, and were created ;” and “by the breath of his power they are sustained.” “ Acquaint yourselves with God;" and so shall you learn to love the goodness, and to fear the power of Him who made all things ; to submit yourselves to Him, to worship Him; to offer the sacrifice of praise continually; and to be “in subjection to the Fatber of spirits, and live.” For “ look at the generations of old and see, did ever any trust in the Lord and were confounded? or did any abide in his fear and were forsaken? or whom did he ever despise that called upon him? For the Lord is full of compas. sion and mercy, long-suffering, and very pitiful, and forgiveth sins, and saveth in time of affliction.” " Acquaint yourselves with God.” View Him as the Creator and Preserver of all that you behold, and you will have cause for gratitude and praise in whichever direction you turn your eyes. And, moreover, when you consider Him as the Redeemer of those, who had forfeited His favour, and whose sins were so great that they required nothing less than the sacrifice of the Son of God himself, as an atonement, you have a cause of gratitude above all others, calculated to awaken the mind to holy obedience, and to lead you to say " what shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits towards me?" .

Let all these considerations induce you to “ acquaint yourselves with God;" so shall you be led to serve him, so shall you find happiness and peace.

T- a.
Creation and Redemption.

Lord, when we creation scan,
What thy power has done for man, .
Lord, our conscious tongues agree
How much man must owe to thee.

Ev'ry note that cheers the vale,
Ev'ry sweet thąt scents the gale,
Ev'ry blooming flow'r we see
Tells that joy we owe to thee.

Év'ry breath that heaves the breast, .
Ev'ry sound by voice express'd,
Ev'ry thought the mind sets free
Tells that life we owe to thee.

But, when we Redemption view,
Gaze on what thy love could do,
Lord, our grateful hearts agree
How much more we owe to thec.

- PROPHECY. T'ke Passages in the Old Testament fortelling the Birth of the Messiah, and the Nature of his Religion, compared with the Accounts in the New Testament.

(Continued from page 331.) The Prophet Micah men- St. Matthew, in the begintions the place where the ning of his Gospel, says that Messiah was to be born. But Jesus was born in Bethlehem thou Bethlehem Ephratah, of Judea. chap. ii. 1. Out though thou be little among Saviour himself, before leave the thousands (or divisions) ing his disciples, spake unto of Judah, yet out of thee shalt them, saying, all power is given He come forth unto me, that unto me in heaven and in is to be Ruler in Israel. Micah earth. Matt. xxvii. 18. v. 2.

Isaiah predicts that Christ The angel who appeared shall be born of a virgin, Be- to Joseph in a dream, said, hold, (says he,) a virgin shall “ that which is conceived in conceive and bear à son, and the Virgin Mary, is of the shall call his name Immanuel. Holy Ghost.” Matt. i. 20. ImIsa, vii. 14.

manuel, being-interpreted, is, God with us, (or, God and man in one person.) St. John says, that the Word was God, and again that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among

us. Jolin i. 1, 2. Isaiah tells us the tribe from It is declared of Joseph the which Christ should come, and husband of Mary, that he was bis superiority ; “ There shall of the tribe and lineage of come forth a Rod out of the David, Luke ii. 4. stem of Jesse, and the Spirit Tie Evangelist records, of the Lord shall rest upon that when Jesus, after he was him, the spirit of wisdom and baptized, went up straightway understanding. chap. xi. 1, 2. out of the water, the hea.

vens opened and the Spirit of
God, descended like a dove
and lighted apon him. Mark
i, 10. see Matt. iii. 16.

The Jews themselves when they heard our Saviour preach

said, “ Never man spake as . this man.” John vii. 46.

Isaial describes the Messiah Our Saviour tells Nicodein terms which do not belong mus, that God so loved the to any created being, “ Unto world, that he gave his only us a child is born, unto us a begotten Son, that whosoever son is given ; and the govern- believeth in him might not ment shall be upon his shoul- perish, but have everlasting der: and his name shall be life. John ii. 16. called Wonderful, Counsellor, St. Paul declares Christ to the Mighty God, the Ever- be the power of God and the lasting Father, the Prince of wisdom of God. I Cor. i. 24. Peace.” chap. ix. 6.

And again, Christ is spoken of, as the appointed heir of all things, by whom God "made the worlds," as being the brightness of God's glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all Things by the word of kis power. Heb. i. 2, 3.

Also the Lord of Peace

bimself, 2 Thess. iii. 16. 66 I will raise them up a Moses delivered the Jews Prophet,” said God to Moses, from Egyptian bondage,

like unto thee, and will put Christ delivers us from darkmy words in his mouth, and ness, sin, and death. Moses He shall speak all that I com. was the mediator of the first maud him.” Deut. xviii. 18. covenant; Christ is the media

ator of the new, and better covenant of mercy. Heb.ix.15.

Christ himself says whatsoover I speak, even as the Father hath said unto me, so I

speak. John xii. 30. The miracles that Christ St. Matthew relates that performed are foreseen by the great multitudes came unto prophet Isaialı; “Then shall Jesus, having with them tliose the eyes of the blind be open- that wcre blind, dumb, maim. ed, and the ears of the deaf ed, and many others, and east shall be unstopped, then shall them down at Jesus' feet, and the lame man leap as an hart, lic healed them. Matt. xv.30. and the tongue of the dumb sing." chap. xxxv. 5.

Tbe nature of the Gospel Our Saviour in his sermon is foretold by Isaiah. The on the mount pronounces, Lord hath anointed me to blessed are the meek, and preach good ibings to the blessed are they that mourn. meek, he hath sent me to Matt. v. 4, 5. bind up the broken hearted, Come unto me (says Christ)

to proclaim liberty to the cap- allye that labour and are heavy tives and the opening of the laden, and I will give you rest, prison to them that are bound, take my yoke upon you, for I To comfort all that mourn. am meek and lowly in heart, Isa. Ixi. 1. 2.

and ye shall find rest unto your

- souls. Matt. xi. 28, 29. (To be continued.)


The Lord's Prayer and Explanation. When we call God our Father, this should teach us that, as his children, we owe Him all obedience, and gratitude, and love.-By using the word our, we are to consider that we are praying for others, as well as for ourselves.

When we say hallowed be thy Name, we pray that the name of God may be considered holy, and held in great reverence and respect, and never be used in trifling conversation, or for profane pure poses.

Hallowing the name of God likewise means worshipping him, and seeking to do his will.

When we say, “ Thy kingdom come,” we desire that we may be partakers of God's Holy Spirit, and be made the subjects of his kingdom of grace here, and thus prepared for his kingdom of glory hereafter. “ The kingdom of God," says our Saviour, “ is within yon.” In this petition, we pray also that the knowledge of God, and the faith of the Gospel, may be spread through the world, and that God's kingdom may thus be established upon earth, and the nations prepared for his everlasting kingdom.

When we say, “ Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven," we show our wish to obey the divine will in all things, and to exert ourselves that others

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