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AN INDIAN STORY. As Mr. C-, was about to sail up the Ganges, on his removal from Calcutta to Dacca, a servant entered his room and told him that a native woman of decent appearance, requested leave to sit in his barge. He desired to see her, and learned that she was a widow who wished to return to her friends in the country, which, by selling her child (a girl of five years old) for a small sum to pay her debts, she should be able to accomplish if he would allow her a free passage. She spoke with the utmost tranquillity, nor did the idea of parting with her only child seem at all to disturb her: yet she was more pleasing in manner and appearance than most of her station in that country. Mr. C gave her the money necessary to pay her debts, and allowed her and her child to accompany him; and, finding her during the voyage of several weeks, intelligent and well-behaved, took her into 'his service. In his family she beard the word of God daily read and explained; the Spirit of God opened her heart to attend to the things that were spoken, and her mind to understand them ; and she became a Christian not in name only but in truth. Some time after her conversion, she was in. vited to the wedding of one of the drummers of the native regiments. The soldiers of these regiments are Hindoos, but the drummers are always Europeans, professing Christianity, but generally knowing little more of it than the poor natives themselves. Not NO. 25, VOL. III.



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