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Q^ 8. What is the third Property of it?

A. It makes the Soul free and chearsul in the Ways of Obedience, Psal. cxix. 32. / will run the Ways of thy Commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my Heart.

Q^ 9. What is most destructive to a Christian's Joy?

A. Sin, especially Sin against Light, Psal. li. 8. Mai,' me to hear Joy and gladness, that the Bones which thou bafi broken may rejeice.

Q^ lo. What should be the main Car* of a Christian in this World ?..,..

A. To maintain his Joy in God to the last, Acts xx. 24. But none of these Things moiie me, neither count I my Life dear to mtself, jo that 1 mightfinish my Course with Jay. . Q> 11. Have not Hypocrites their Joys as well as real Christians?

A. Yes, but the Joy of the Hypocrite is not grounded upon Scripture-warrant, and will vanilh away, and will come to nothing at last, John v. 35. He was a burning and a shining Light, end ye were willing for a Season to rejoice in bis Light.

Q^ 12. What is the first Inference from hence?

A. Let all that expect Joy in the Holy Ghost, see that they preserve Purity of Confcience and Conversation, 2 Cor. i. 12. Grace be to you, and Peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Q^ 13. What is the last Inserence?

A. That Religion is no melancholy Thing, but the^ountain of all Joy and Pleasure, Prov. iii. 17. Her Ways are Ways of Pleasantness, and all her Paths are Peace.

Of the Increase of Grace.

Quest. 1. T"\ OT H all true Grace increase and grow?

\J A. Yes, it doth, like the Morning Light, Prov. iv. 18. The Path of the Just. is as the shining Light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect Day. And for that End God hath appointed Ministers and Ordinances, Kph. iv. 11, 12. And he gave some Apastles, end some Prophets, and some Evangelists, and some Pastors and Teachers,; sor the perfecting


feising of the Saints, for the Work of the Ministry, for the edisying of the Body of Christ.

Q^ 2. Cannot salse or seeming Grace grow?

A. It may spring up and seem to flourish for a Time; bat comes not to Persection, Luke viii. 14. And that which fell among Thorns are they which when they have heard, go forth, and are choaked with Cares, and Riches, and Pleasures of this Life, and bring no Fruit to Perfection.

Qi 3. What is the first Respect in which Grace grows?

A. It grows by deeper rooting itself in the Soul, Eph. iii. 17. That Christ may dwell in your Hearts by Faith, that ye being rooted and grounded in Love, may be able, Sec.

Q;_ 4. What is the Manner of its Growth?

A. It grows in Respect of its greater fitness and readiness for Acts of Obedience, Col, i. 11. Strengthned with all Might, according to his glorious Power, unto all Patience and long-suffering, with joyfulness.

Q^ cl What is the third Respect or Manner of its Growth?

A. It grows in Respect of its Abilities to fix the Mind more steadily on spiritual Things. Hence grown Christians are called spiritual Men, Gal. vi. 1. Ye which are spiritual restore such an one in the Spirit of Meekness.

Q^ 6. Why must all true Grace grow?

A. Because there is a Stature to which Christians are- appointed, Eph. iv. 12, 13. Till we all come in the Unity of the Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect Man, unto the Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ.

Q^ 7. What are the Causes of a Christian's Growth?

A. Union with Christ, John xv. 4. As the Branch cannot. bear Fruit of itself, except it abide in the Vine, no more can ye except ye abide in me. And his Blessings on the Ordinances, Iso. Iv. 10, 11. For as the Rain cometh down, and the Snow from Heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the Earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give Seed to the Sower, and Bread to the Eater; soshall my Word be that goeth out of my Mouth, it shail not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the Thing whereto I sent it. And Providences, Phil. i. 19. For 7 know that this shall turn to my Salvation through your Prayers, and the Supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

. I C^ 8. G\_ 8. May not true Grace sometimes decay?

A. Yes it may, Rev. ii. 4. Nevertheless I have fomewhat against thee, because thou bast hft thy first Love. But not utterly, 1 John iii. 9. Whesoever is horn of God doth not commit Sin, for his Seed remainrth in him.

Q^ 9. What is the first Inserence from hence?

A. To bless God for Gospel Ordinances, Psal. xcii. 13, 14. These that be pi am ed in the House cf the Lord, sti all stour ijh in the Courts of our God, they shall still bring forth Fruit in old Age; they shall be fat and fiourishing.

Q^ 10. What is the second Inserence?

A. Hence we see the miserable State of them that grow worse and worse, Jude, verse 1 2. Th'je are Spots in your Feasts cf Charity, when they feast •with you, seeding themselves without Fear. Cliuds they are •without Water, carri-d ahout of Winds. Trees wh"je Fruit withereth; •without Fruit, t-wice dead, pluckt up by the Root.

(j^ i s. What is the third Inserence?

A. Christians shotld not be discouraged at theirweakness in Grace, for they have a mercisul Christ, Isa. xlii. 3. A bruised Reed sh.ill he not break, and the smoaking Flax, /1.all he not quench, he /hall bring forth Judgment unto Truth. And a sure Promise, Job xvii. 9. The Righteous also flail hold on bis Wat ;and be that hath clean Hands shall be stronger and shonger.

Q^ 12. What is the last Inserence?

A. That all true Christians draw daily nearer and nearer to the heavenly and perseel State, 2 Cor. iv. 16. For •which Cause we faint not; but though our outvard Man perifh, yet the inward Man is renewed Day by Day, Rom. xiii. 11. AW it our Salvation nearer than when ive believed.

Of Perseverance.

Que!. 1. XT 7 HAT is Perseverance to the End?

y V A. It is the steady and constant continuance of Christians in the Ways of Duty and Obrdience, amidst all Temptations and Discouragements to the contrary, Col. i. 23. Is ye contiwe in the Faith, grounded and jet tied, and be not moved away from the Hope of tht G'spel, which ye have heard, and -which was preached to every Creature ture .ulich is under Heat.en, whereofI Paul am made a Mt" niJier.

Q^_ 2. Do all that prosess Christ, continue in him? A. No; many that at first 2ealoufly prosels him, afterwards sall away, John vi. 66. From that Time many os his Di/cipLs went back, and walied no more with him. Qj_ 3. Why do not al persevere?

A. Because all Prosessors have not a good Root and Foundation, Matt. xiii. 20, 21. But he that received the Seed in stony Places, the fame is he that heareth the Word, and anon with Joy receiveth it, yet hath he not root in him/tlf, but enditreth for a while; for iwhen Tribulation, or Persecution arijeth because of the Word, by and by be is offended.

Q^ 4. What is the first Ground of the Saints Perseverance i

A. God's electing Love, in which they are given to Christ, John x. 29. My Father which gave them me, is greater than all, and no Man is able to pluck them out of my Father's Hand.

Q^ 5. What is the second Ground of Perseverance? A. The immortal Nature of sanctifying Grace, John iv, 14.. But whofoever drinketh of the Water that I shall give him, shall never thirst; but the Water that I shall give him, shall be in him a Well of Water, springing up into everlasting Life, 1 John iii. 9. For his Seed remainetb in him. Q;. 6. What is the third Ground of it f A. The Covenant of Grace, Jer. xxxii. 40. I willmake an everlasting Covenant with them, That I will not turn away srom th.m to do them good; but I will put my Fear in their Hearts, that they shall not depa•t from me. Q^ 7. What is the fourth Ground of it? A. Christ's effectual Intercession, Luke xxii. 32. But I have prayed for thi.e, that thy Faith fail not.

Q^ 8. Are there no Declinings of Grace in the Saints t A. Yes, there are, Rev. ii. 4. Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first Love. Yet Grace cannot be totally or finally lost. For the Seed of God remaineth in the sanctified, 1 John iii. 9. Whesoever is horn of God doth not commit Sin, for his seed remaineth in him; and he cannot fin, because he is horn of God.

1 2 C^g. Qi 9- Is there no Hope of Salvation for'final Apostates?

A. No; the Gospel gives none, Heb. x. 38. But is any Man draw back, my Soul shall ha•ve no Pleasure in him.

Qi 10. What is the first Instruction hence?

A. It warns all Men to lay a good Foundation, lest the Buildings of Hope be overturned when the Storm comes, Mat. vii. 24, 25. Therefore, whofoever heareth these Sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him to a wise Man nvhich built his House upon a Rock, and the Rain descended, and the Fkods came, aad the Winds blew, and beat vpon that House, and it sell not; for it was founded upon a Rock.

Qi 11. What is the second Instruction?

A. That all Men fliould look to themselves lest they lose the Things which they have Wrought, 2 Epist. of John, ver. 8. Look to yourselves, that ye lese not these Things which tve lave wrought, but that we receive a full Reward.

Qi 12. What is the last Instruction I

A. Let no true Christian be discouraged, how weak soever fer God is able to make him stand, Rom. xiv. 4. Who etrt thou that fudgej} another Man's Servant? to his own Matter be standeth or falleth, yea, he shall be holden up ; for God is able to make him stand.

Of FerfeSlion at Deafb.

Quest. 37. TT/HAT Benefits do Believersreteive from VV Christ at their

A. The Souls of Believers are at their Death made persect in Holiness, and do immediately pass into Glory ; their Bodies being still united to Christ, do rest in their Graves till the Resurrection.

Qi 1. What is the State of persect Holiness?

A. It confists in a persect Freedom from Sin, or any of the least Inclination to Sin, Eph. v. 27. That he may present it to himself a glorious Church, not having Spot or Wrinkle, or any such Thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Qi 2, Wherein else doth Persection consist?

A. It consists in the Attainment of the highest Measures and Degrees fff Holiness the.Creature is capable of, Eph. iv.

12, 13.

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