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the 29-1976 Peter Jones the father of this Chilldren as bastize

April .2 - 1752
Lo Marry Jones the wide of

Peter Jones Shveitaker
Llanrhydd Street hatten
Woo Bablize in Manrhyss
Church 6tober 10 -1453

7 Child Mary Jones The
Saughter of the above jame

Pelin Tones and Mary tone bine tica,

Wes Born Fremties 27-1773 wie Bepotiže January and Charles Son of the abery time Was Bastize Gel?,

1975 3 Jane Suughter of the abon fume Hos Bupališé September


above jame Vao Baptize lay the 3 - 1998 5. Hannah Saughter of the above Nume Was Bablize Help thi

1980 6 Peter Joncord the above Mame Has Bablize September

the 30-1981 17. Thomas Son of the above

Name "os Baptize August the 1783 Anne Saughter of the above Inme Has Baplize August the 7- 1985 Sarah daughter of the abere láme too baptize Septembea the 9-1984

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