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8 Dear Saviour, hear us when we call,

To wrestling pray'r an answer give;
Pour down thy dew upon us all, .
That all may feel, and all may live.

XXIV. Samson's Lion. Chap. xiv. 8. . 1 The lion that on Samson roar'd

And thirsted for his blood,
With honey afterwards was stor'd,

And furnish'd him with food. 2 Believers, as they pass along,

With many lions meet,
But gather sweetness from the strong,

And from the eater, meat.
3 The lions rage and roar in vain,

For Jesus is their shield;
Their losses prove a certain gain,

Their troubles comfort yield. 4 The world and Satan join their strength,

To fill their souls with fears :
But crops of joy they reap at length,

From what they sow in tears.
5 Afflictions make them love the word,

Stir up their hearts to pray’r; And many precious proofs afford

Of their Redeemer's care.
6 The lions roar, but cannot kill;

Then fear them not, my friends,
They bring us, though against their will,

The honey Jesus sends.

I. SAMUEL XXV. Hannah; or, the Throne of Grace. Chap. i. 18.

1 When Hannah, press’d with grief,

Pour'd forth her soul in pray’r,
She quickly found relief,

And left her burden there:
Like her, in ev'ry trying case,
Let us approach the throne of grace.
2 When she began to pray,

Her heart was pain'd and sad,
But, ere she went away,

Was comforted and glad :
In trouble, what a resting-place
Have they who know the throne of grace!
3 Though men and devils rage,

And thrcaten to devour ;
The saints, from age to age,

Are safe from all their pow'r;
Fresh strength they gain to run their race,
By waiting at the throne of grace.
4 Eli her case mistook;

How was her spirit mov'd
By his unkind rebuke?

But God her cause approv'd.
We need not fear a creature's face,
While welcome at a throne of grace.
5 She was not fill'd with wine,

As Eli rashly thought;
But with a faith divine,

And found the help she sought:
Though men despise, and call us base,
Still let us ply the throne of grace.

6 Men have not pow'r nor skill

With troubled souls to bear;
Though they express good-will,

Poor comforters they are:
But swelling sorrows sink apace,
When we approach the throne of grace.
7 Numbers before have try'd,

And found the promise true;
Nor yet one been deny’d,

Then why should I or you?
Let us, by faith, their footsteps trace,
And hasten to the throne of grace.
8. As fogs obscure the light,

And taint the morning air, . But soon are put to flight,

If the bright sun appear;
Thus Jesus will our troubles chase,
By shining from the throne of grace'.
XXVI. Dagon before the Ark. Chap. v. 4, 5.
1 When first to make my heart his own,

The Lord reveal'd his mighty grace
Self reign’d, like Dagon, on the throne,

But could not long maintain its place. . It fell, and own'd the pow'r divine

(Grace can, with ease, the victry gain), But soon this wretched heart of mine,

Contriv’d to set it up again.
3 Again the Lord his name proclaim'd,

And brought the hateful idol low;
Then self, like Dagon, broken, maim'd,
Seem'd to receive a mortal blow..

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4. Yet self is not of life bereft,

Nor ceases to oppose his will;
Though but a maimed stump be left,
'Tis Dagon, 'tis an idol still.
5 Lord! must I always guilty prove,

And idols in my heart havę room??
Oh! let the fire of heav'nly love
The very stump of self consume.

XXVII. The Milch Kine drawing the Ark : Faith's sur.

render of all. Chap. vi. 12.
1 The kine unguided went

By the directest road;
When the Philistines homeward sent

The ark of Israel's God.
2 Lowing they pass'd along,

And left their calves shut up;
They felt an instinct for their young,

But would not turn or stop.
3 Shall brutes, devoid of thought,

Their Maker's will obey;
And we, who by his grace are tauglit,

More stubborn prove than they.
4 He shed his precious blood,

To make us his alone;
If wash'd in that atoning flood,

We are no more our own.
6 If he his will reveal,

Let us obey his call;
And think, whate’er the flesh may feel,

His love deserves our all.

4 Hosea, xiv. 8..

6 We should maintain in view

His glory, as our end;
Too much we cannot bear, or do,

For such a matchless friend.
7 His saints should stand prepar'd

In duty's path to run;
Nor count their greatest trials hard,

So that his will be done. 8 With Jesus for our guide,

The path is safe, though rough;
The promise says, “ I will provide,"

And faith replies, “Enough!”

XXVIII. Saul's Armour. Chap. xvii. 38-40,

1 WHEN first my soul enlisted

My Saviour's foes to fight,
Mistaken friends insisted

I was not arm'd aright :
So Saul advised David
· He certainly would fail,
Nor could his life be saved

Without a coat of mail.
2 But David, though he yielded

To put the armour on,
Soon found he could not wield it,

. And ventur'd forth with none.
With only sling and pebble,

He fought the fight of faith;
The weapons seem'd but feeble,

Yet prov'd Goliath's death,

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