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The talent of Monsieur Hue, in sea-pieces, is well known. He succeeded the celebrated Vernet, in delineating the ports of France, by an order from government.

The picture now before us cannot be placed in the rank of sea-pieces, and ought rather to be considered an historical episode -> no less happily imagined, than ably executed.

In the middle of night, during the calm which follows a storm, an unfortunate person* thrown by the waves on an insulated rock, with his wife and child, of which he has only saved the lifeless corse, appears to abandon himself to his fate. He is surrounded by a frightful abyss, which seems to interdict every hope of relief. The obj ects the most dear to his heart, having perished before his eyes, he awaits the moment, as a blessing from heaven, that will unite him with them in eternity.

This picture, of which the figures are of the natural size, and of which the execution may well surprize those to whom M. Hue is known solely by his marine compositions and landscapes, displays a character at once dignified and interesting. Composed of a single detached group, lost in an immense expanse of water, it produces an effect of the most terrific kind. There is no accessary to divert the spectator from the principal object. The figures, especially that of the woman, are designed with considerable taste, and the colouring is nervous and correct. The clouds are of a silvery appearance, which contributes greatly to the harmonious correspondence of the whole.

This picture, during its exhibition, attracted general notice, and procured M. Hue distinguished applause.

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