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The Haven of Piraeus having been surprised by the enemy, Phocion, being the Archon or governor of Athens, was accused of having connived at its surrender, and condemned to death, in his eightieth year. Such is the subject of the present picture.

In the centre of the picture, Phocion is observed seated with the most placid demeanour. His friends have already swallowed poison. The cup being emptied, and the executioner refusing to get it filled for Phocion, unless he would give him twelve drachms, he requested an Athenian, who was present, to furnish him the money, since, as he said, " in Athens men are not even permitted to die without paying for it."

The picture is skilfully composed; in design it is perfectly correct, in colouring vigorous, and exhibits the talents of the artist Odevaere, pupil of M. David, in a very favourable point of view.

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