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The subject of this picture is purely historical. St. Charles Borromeo was named Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan, at the age of twenty-three. In that dignified situation he was the pattern of every virtue. Anxious to assist one of his flock in his last moments, he learnt that the plague had broken out in the neighbour hood of Milan, and threatened desolation to the city. He returned thither immediately, and administered to those committed to his care all the aid of humanity and the consolation of religion, devoting himself incessantly to prayer, and the relief of the sick; soliciting the Almighty to spare the people, and to take hira as the only victim. A little time after that epoch, he had the felicity to perceive the calamity cease.

This historical event has often been the subject of painting, and presents to artists abundant materials for the display of their genius. The picture of Van Oost is deserving of particular esteem. This painter, who acquired much celebrity in his own country, which he ornamented by various productions of his pencil, holds a very distinguished rank among the masters of the Flemish school.

The arrangement of the figures in this picture is at once dignified and simple. In the attitude, and in the

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