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Olympias, sister of Alexander, King of Epirus, married Philip King of Macedonia, and was the mother of Alexander the Great. After the death of her son, she formed the design to possess herself of a part of his dominions; and caused Philip Aridaeus and his wife Eurydice to be put to death, with Nicanor, brbther of Cassander, and a hundred of the principle people in Macedonia, who were attached to the party of that prince. A general insurrection soon after obliged Olympias to secrete herself in the fortress of Pydna, with Roxana, the wife of Alexander, her son, and Thessalonica, sister of the Macedonean hero.

Besieged by Cassander, Olympias supported, with Extraordinary bravery, the horrors of famine; but having lost all hopes of assistance, she was compelled to surrender. Cassander then induced the relatives of the officers, whom the queen had ordered to be destroyed, to accuse her- before the assembly of the Macedoneans. She entreated permission to defend herself, which was refused; and was privately condemned to lose her life. Cassander, who was apprehensive that the recollection of the exploits of Philip and Alexander would excite the Macedoneans to revoke the sentence, sent, with the utmost expedition, fifty soldiers to carry it into effect. But the noble and imposing aspect of Olympias dissuading them from their purpose, Cassander was compelled to

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