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# 130.

For Instruction.

1 TEACH me, my God and King,
In all things Thee to see;
And what I do in anything,
To do it as for Thee!

2 To scorn the Senses’ sway,
While still to Thee I tend:

In all I do, be Thou the way,
In all be Thou the end.

3 All may of Thee partake :
Nothing so small can be,
But draws, when acted for thy sake,
Greatness and worth from Thee.

4 If done beneath thy laws,
Even servile labours shine;
Hallow'd is toil, if this the cause,
The meanest work divine.


God all in all to the believer.
1 IN Thee I live, and move, and am;
Thou deal'st me out my days:
As Thou renew'st my being, Lord,
Let me renew thy praise.

2 Naked came I into this world,
And nothing with me brought;
And nothing have I here deserved:
Yet have I lacked nought.

3 I do not bless my labouring hand,
My labouring head, or chance;
Thy providence, most gracious God,
Is mine inheritance.

4 Thy bounty gives me bread with peace,
A table free from strife:
Thy blessing is the staff of bread,
Which is the staff of life.

5 The daily favours of my God
I cannot sing at large:
Yet let me make this holy boast,
I am the Almighty's charge.

6 Lord, in the day, Thou art about
The paths wherein I tread;
And in the night, when I lie down,
Thou art about my bed.

7 A thousand deaths I daily 'scape,
I pass by many a pit,
I sail by many dreadful rocks,
Where others have been split.

8 Whilst others in God's prisons lie,
Bound with affliction's chains,
I walk at large, secure and free,
From sickness and from pains.

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10 O let my house a temple be;
That I and mine may sing
Hosannahs to thy Majesty,
And praise our heavenly King.

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