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3 Shout, ye ransom'd flock, and bless'd
Ye on Jesus’ throne shall rest:
There your seat is now prepared;
There your kingdom and reward.

4 Fear not, brethren! joyful stand
On the borders of your land:
Jesus Christ, God's only Son,
Bids you undismay’d go on.

5 Lord, submissive may we go,
Gladly leaving all below:
Only Thou our Leader be,
And we still will follow Thee.

437. Deliverance to the captives. 1 ON the mountain's top appearing, Lo! the sacred Herald stands. Welcome news to Zion bearing, Zion long in hostile lands. Mourning captive God Himself shall loose thy bands.

2 Lo! thy sun is risen in glory!
God Himself appears thy Friend;
All thy foes shall flee before thee;
Here their boasted triumphs end:
Great deliverance
Zion's King vouchsafes to send.

3 Enemies no more shall trouble;
All thy warfare now is past;
For thy shame thou shalt have double.
Days of peace are come at last:
All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest.

The song of the saved on earth.

1 FROM Egypt's bondage come, Where death and darkness reign,

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We seek a new, a better home,
Where we our rest shall gain.
We are on our way to God.

There sin and sorrow cease, And every conflict o'er, We there shall dwell in endless peace, Nor thirst nor hunger more. Hallelujah! We are on our way to God.

There in celestial strains
Enraptured myriads sing,
And love in every bosom reigns;
For God Himself is King.
We are on our way to God.

We hope to join the throng,
And soon their pleasures share,
And sing the everlasting song,
With all the ransom'd there.
We are on our way to God.


Christ's pilgrimage on earth. MAN of sorrows, and acquainted With our griefs, what shall we say?" Never language yet hath painted All the woes, that on Thee lay. Had I seen Thee clothed in weakness, Bearing our reproach and sickness, To attend Thee day and night Would have been my heart's delight.

O that to this heavenly Stranger
I had here my homage paid,
From his first sigh in the manger,
Till He cried: “”TIS FINISHED!”
That first sigh had consecrated
Me his own, and I had waited

On Him from his infancy,
In a constant liturgy.

3 Walking, speaking, in devotion,

Far to fields or forests stray'd,

I had watched every motion,
And my Lord my pattern made:

More have angels ne'er desired,

Than on Him, or far retired,
Or at home, awake, asleep,
Fix'd their wondering eyes to keep.

4 Tell me, little flock beloved,

Ye, on whom shone Jesus’ face,

What within your souls then moved,
When ye felt his kind embrace?

O disciple, once most bless'd,

As a bosom friend caress'd,
Say, could e'er into thy mind
Other objects entrance find!

5 Oft to prayer, by night retreated,

See Him from all search withdrawn;

Tearful eyes, and sighs repeated,
Witness'd still the morning dawn:

There, where He made intercession,

I had pour'd forth my confession,
And where for my sins He wept,
Praying, I the watch had kept.

6 Should I thus to Thee have cleaved,

"Midst thy poverty and woes,

On Thee, as my Lord, believed,
Or perhaps have join'd thy foes?

Ah! thy mercy I had spurned;

But Thyself my heart has turned;
Now Thou know'st beneath, above,
Nought compared with Thee I love.


The family altar erected.

H IN all my ways, O God,
I would acknowledge Thee,

And seek to keep my heart and house From all pollution free.

Where’er I have a tent,

An altar will I raise;
And thither my oblations bring,

Of humble prayer and praise.

Could I my wish obtain,

My household, Lord, should be Deyoted to Thyself alone,

A nursery for Thee.


Parents praying for their offspringGod only wise, almighty, good, Send forth thy truth and light, To point us out the narrow road, And guide our steps aright; To steer our dangerous course between The rocks on either hand,

And fix us in the golden mean,

And bring our charge to land.

Made apt by thy sufficient grace
To teach as taught by Thee,
We come to train in all thy ways
Our rising progeny: -
Their selfish will by times subdue,
And mortify their pride,
And lend their youth a sacred clue
To find the Crucified.

We would in every step look up,
By thy example taught,
To' alarm their fear, excite their hope,
And rectify their thought.
We would persuade them to obey,
With mildest zeal proceed,
And never take the harsher way,
When love will do the deed.

For this we ask, in faith sincere,
The wisdom from above

To touch their hearts with filial fear,
And pure, ingenuous love;

To Watch their will to sense inclined,
Withhold the hurtful food,

And gently bend their tender mind,
And draw their souls to God.


For domestic worship. 1 PEACE be to this habitation; Peace to all that dwell therein; Peace, the earnest of salvation; Peace, the fruit of pardon'd sin; Peace, that speaks the heavenly Giver, Peace to worldly minds unknown; Peace divine, that lasts for ever, Peace, that comes from God alone.

2 Jesus, Prince of Peace, be near us,

Fix in all our hearts thy home;

With thy gracious presence cheer us ;
Let thy sacred kingdom come;

Raise to heaven our expectation,
Give our favour’d souls to prove

Glorious and complete salvation,
In the realms of bliss above.


The young invited to Christ.
YE hearts with youthful vigour warm,
In smiling crowds draw near,
And turn from every mortal charm,
A Saviour's voice to hear.

2 He, Lord of all the worlds on high,
Stoops to converse with you;
And lays his radiant glories by,
Your friendship to pursue.


3 “The soul, that longs to see my face, Is sure my love to gain;

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