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3 Who suffer with our Master here,
We shall before his face appear,
And by his side sit down;
To patient faith the prize is sure;
And all that to the end endure
The cross, shall wear the crown.

4 Thrice blessed bliss-inspiring hope
It lifts the fainting spirits up,
It brings to life the dead:
Our conflicts here shall soon be past,
And you and I ascend at last,
Triumphant with our Head.

5 That great mysterious Deity,
We soon with open face shall see:
The beatific sight
Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with praise,
And wide diffuse the golden blaze
Of everlasting light.

6 The Father shining on his throne,
The glorious co-eternal Son,
The Spirit, One and Seven,
Conspire our rapture to complete;
And lo! we fall before his feet,
And silence heightens heaven.

7 In hope of that ecstatic pause,
Jesus, we now sustain the cross,
And at thy footstool fall;
Till Thou our hidden life reveal,
Till Thou our ravish'd spirits fill,
And God be all in all !

The God of Abraham.

THE God of Abraham praise,
Who reigns enthroned above;
Ancient of everlasting days,
And God of love;
Jehovah, Great I Am I


By earth and heaven confess'd;
I bow and bless the sacred name,
For ever bless'd.

2 The God of Abraham praise,
At whose supreme command
From earth I rise—and seek the joys
At his right hand:
I all on earth forsake,
Its wisdom fame, and power,
And Him my only portion make,
My shield and tower.

3 The God of Abraham praise,
Whose all-sufficient grace
Shall guide me all my happy days,
In all his ways:
He calls a worm his friend!
He calls himself my God!
And He shall save me to the end,
Through Jesus' blood.

4 He by Himself hath sworn,
I on his oath depend,
I shall on eagle's wings up-borne
To heaven ascend:
I shall behold his face,
I shall his power adore,
And sing the wonders of his grace
For evermore.


5 Though nature’s strength decay,
And earth and hell withstand,
To Canaan's bounds I urge my way,
At his command :
The watery deep I pass,
With Jesus in my view;
And through the howling wilderness,
My way pursue.

6 The goodly land I see,
With peace and plenty bless'd;


A land of sacred liberty,
And endless rest:
There milk and honey flow,
And oil and wine abound;
And trees of life for ever grow,
With mercy crown'd.

There dwells the Lord our King,
The Lord our righteousness,
Triumphant o'er the world and sin,
The Prince of Peace:
On Sion's sacred height
His kingdom still maintains;
And glorious, with his saints in light,
For ever reigns.

He keeps his own secure,
He guards them by his side,
Arrays in garments white and pure,
His spotless bride;
With streams of sacred bliss,
With groves of living joys,
With all the fruits of paradise,
He still supplies.

Before the Three in One,
They all exulting stand;
And tell the wonders He hath done,
Through all their land.
The listening spheres attend,
And swell the growing fame,
And sing, in songs which never end,
The wondrous Name.


The God who reigns on high,
The great arch-angels sing,
And “Holy, Holy, Holy,” cry,
“Almighty King!
Who was, and is the same,
And evermore shall be;
Jehovah—Father—Great I Am I
We worship Thee.”






Before the Saviour's face
The ransom'd nations bow;
O'erwhelm'd at his Almighty grace,
For ever new :
He shows his prints of love,
They kindle to a flame,
And sound, through all the world above,
The slaughter'd Lamb.

The whole triumphant host
Give thanks to God on high;
Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
They ever cry:
Hail, Abraham’s God and mine,
I join the heavenly lays;
All might and majesty are thine,
And endless praise.


Christ the King of Saints.
REJOICE, the Lord is King;
Your Lord and King adore;
Mortals, give thanks and sing,
And triumph evermore:
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

Jesus the Saviour reigns,
The God of truth and love;
When he had purged our stains,
He took his seat above :
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.
His kingdom cannot fail,
He rules o'er earth and heaven;
The keys of death and hell
Are to our Jesus given :
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.

He sits at God’s right hand,
Till all his foes submit,

And bow to his command, And fall beneath his feet : Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice, Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 5 Rejoice in glorious hope, Jesus the Judge shall come, And take his servants up To their eternal home : We soon shall hear the archangel’s voice, The trump of God shall sound, Rejoice.

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