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462. “I have sinned against the Lord.”—2 Sam. xii. 13.

1 I LEFT the God of truth and light,
I left the God who gave me breath,
To wander in the wilds of night,
And perish in the snares of death.

2 Sweet was his service, and his yoke
Was light and easy to be borne;
Through all his bonds of love I broke,
I cast away his gifts with scorn.

3 I danced in folly's giddy maze,
And drank the sea, and chased the wind;
But falsehood lurk'd in all her ways,
Her laughter left remorse behind.

4 I dream'd of bliss in pleasure's bowers,
While pillowing roses stay’d my head;
But serpents hiss'd among the flowers;
I 'woke, and thorns were all my bed.

5 In riches when I sought for joy,
And placed in sordid gains my trust,
I found that gold was all alloy,
And worldly treasure fleeting dust.

6 I wooed ambition, climb'd the pole,
And shone among the stars;—but fell,
Headlong, in all my pride of soul,
Like Lucifer, from heaven to hell.

7 Heart-broken, friendless, poor, cast down, Where shall the chief of sinners fly, Almighty Vengeance, from thy frown? Eternal Justice, from thine eye?

8 Lo, through the gloom of guilty fears,
My faith discerns a dawn of grace;
The Sun of Righteousness appears
In Jesus’ reconciling face.

9 My suffering, slain, and risen Lord,
In sore distress I turn to Thee;
I claim acceptance on thy word;
My God, my God, forsake not me.

10 Prostrate before the mercy-seat,
I dare not, if I would, despair;
None ever perish'd at thy feet,
And I will lie for ever there.


“O save me for thy mercies' sake.”—Ps. vi. 4.
1 MERCY alone can meet my case;
For mercy, Lord, I cry;
Jesus, Redeemer, show thy face
In mercy, or I die.

2 Save me, for none beside can save;
At thy command I tread,
With failing step, life's stormy wave;
—The wave goes o'er my head.

3 I perish, and my doom were just;
But wilt Thou leave me?–No:
I hold Thee fast, my hope, my trust;
I will not let Thee go.

4 Still sure to me thy promise stands, And ever must abide;

Behold it written on thy hands,
And graven in thy side.

5 To this, this only will I cleave;
Thy word is all my plea;
That word is truth, and I believe;
—Have mercy, Lord, on me !

The Image of God.
FATHER of eternal grace,
Glorify Thyself in me;
Meekly beaming in my face, **
May the world thine image see.


2 Happy only in thy love,
Poor, unfriended, or unknown,
Fix my thoughts on things above,
Stay my heart on Thee alone.

3 Humble, holy, all resign'd
To thy will,—thy will be done!
Give me, Lord, the perfect mind
Of thy well-beloved Son. -

4 Counting gain and glory loss,
May I tread the path He trod,
Die with Jesus on the cross,
Rise with Him to Thee, my God.


- Resignation.

ONE prayer I have, all prayers in one,—
When I am wholly thine;

Thy will, my God, thy will be done,
And let that will be mine.

2 All-wise, almighty, and all-good,
In Thee I firmly trust;
Thy ways, unknown or understood,
Are merciful and just.


3 Is life with many comforts crown'd, Upheld in peace and health,

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