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4 May I remember, that to Thee,
Whate’er I have I owe;
And back, in gratitude from me,
May all thy bounties flow.

5 Thy gifts are only then enjoy'd,
When used as talents lent;
Those talents only well employ'd,
When in thy service spent.

6 And though thy wisdom takes away,
Shall I arraign thy will?
No, let me bless thy name, and say,
“The Lord is gracious still.”

7 A pilgrim through the earth I roam,
Of nothing long possess'd,
And all must fail when I go home,
For this is not my rest.

8 Write but my name upon the roll
Of thy redeem’d above;
Then, heart and mind, and strength and soul.
I'll love Thee for thy love.


Choosing the heritage of God's people.

PEOPLE of the living God,
I have sought the world around,
Paths of sin and sorrow trod,
Peace and comfort no where found.
Now to you my spirit turns,
Turns, a fugitive unbless'd;
Brethren, where your altar burns,
O receive me into rest |

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2 Lonely I no longer roam,
Like the cloud, the wind, the wave,
Where you dwell shall be my home,
Where you die shall be my grave;

Mine the God whom you adore,
Your Redeemer shall be mine;
Earth can fill my heart no more,
Every idol I resign.

3 Tell me not of gain or loss,
Ease, enjoyment, pomp and power—
Welcome poverty and cross,
Shame, reproach, affliction's hour:
“Follow me;” I know thy voice;
Jesus, Lord, thy steps I see;
Now I take thy yoke by choice,
Light thy burden now to me.

The Lord's Day.

THIS is the day the Lord hath made,
Let young and old rejoice:

To Him be vows and homage paid,
Whose service is our choice.

2 This is the temple of the Lord;
How dreadful is this place!
With meekness let us hear his word,
With reverence seek his face.

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3 This is the homage He requires,—
The voice of praise and prayer,
The soul's affections, hopes, desires,
Ourselves and all we are.

4. While rich and poor for mercy call,—
Propitious from the skies,
The Lord, the Maker of them all,
Accepts the sacrifice.

Well pleased, through Jesus Christ his Son,
From sin He grants release;

According to their faith 'tis done,
He bids them go in peace.

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A day in the courts of the Lord. 1 To thy temple I repair, Lord, I love to worship there, When within the veil I meet Christ before the mercy-seat.

2 Thou, through Him, art reconciled,
I, through Him, became thy child;
Abba! Father give me grace,
In thy courts, to seek thy face.

3 While thy glorious praise is sung, Touch my lips, unloose my tongue, That my joyful soul may bless Thee, the Lord my righteousness.

4. While the prayers of saints ascend,
God of love, to mine attend;
Hear me, for thy Spirit pleads,
Hear, for Jesus intercedes.

5 While I hearken to thy law,
Fill my soul with humble awe,
Till thy gospel bring to me
Life and immortality. r

6 While thy ministers proclaim
Peace and pardon in thy name,
Through their voice, by faith may I
Hear Thee speaking from the sky.

7 From thy house, when I return,
May my heart within me burn,
And at evening let me say,
—I have walk'd with God to-day.

469. Waiting on the Lord. 1 JoyFUL, in thy house of prayer, Shall thy chosen people be; God of mercy, meet me there, While my spirit waits on Thee.

2 There, with strength renew'd, the saint
As on eagle wings shall fly,
Walk, and run, and never faint,
Fight and conquer;-so would I.

3 There, with faces Zion-ward,
When transgressors ask the way
To the city of the Lord,
Each shall hear the watchman say:—

4 “To the cross direct thine eyes,
Thither from destruction flee,
For the gates of Paradise
Open stand on Calvary.

5 “He who bore a sinner thence
As a trophy of his death,
There will pardon thine offence,
There receive thy latest breath.”

6 There, where my Redeemer died,
Humbly in the dust I fall;
Jesus, and Him crucified,
Now shall be mine all in all.

For a solemn Assembly.

I CoMMAND thy blessing from above,
O God, on all assembled here ;
Behold us with a Father's love,
While we look up with filial fear.

2 Command thy blessing, Jesus, Lord;
May we thy true disciples be;
Speak to each heart the mighty word,
Say to the weakest—“Follow me.”

3 Command thy blessing in this hour,
Spirit of truth, and fill the place
With humbling and with healing power,
With killing and with quickening grace.

4 O Thou, our Maker, Saviour, Guide, One true eternal God confess'd'

Whom Thou hast join'd may none divide, None dare to curse whom Thou hast bless'd.

With Thee and these for ever found,
May all the souls who here unite,
With harps and songs thy throne surround,
Rest in thy love and reign in light.

For the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Power from on high, O God, impart,
Power in thy gospel to believe,
Power to surrender our whole heart,
Power all thy mercy to receive.

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The word to us in vain were given,
We hear, we read, we learn in vain;
In vain thy Son came down from heaven,
If Thou “the Spirit's might” restrain.
Here be his sacred influence felt
With searching, cleansing, quickening force,
Till souls of mill-stone hardness melt,
And flow like waters from their source.

4 Convinced and humbled in the dust
Beneath the burden of our guilt,
We own thy law's dread sentence just,
But plead the blood of pardon spilt.

Thy Spirit witness with that blood,
And Christ our Saviour glorify,
While we, as children born of God,
With rapture, “Abba! Father!” cry.

After divine service.
AGAIN our ears have heard the voice,
At which the dead shall live;
O may the sound our hearts rejoice,
And strength immortal give

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* And have we heard the word with joy? And have we felt its power?

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