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The tender mercy of our Lord, - - - M.
The true good Shepherd, God’s own Son, . Moravian,

The waking trumpets all shall hear, . - Moravian,
The wandering star and fleeting wind, . Beddome,
The world in condemnation lay, - - - M.
Thee in the watches of the night, - . C. Wesley,
Thee, O my God and King, - - - -

Thee we adore, eternal natime, . - . Watts,
Thee will I love, my strength and tower, . Moravian,
They must be as the troubled sea, . - C. Wesley,
There is a land of pure delight, . Watts,
This is the day the Lord hath made, - M.
This is the day when Christ arose, - - Watts,
This is the feast of heavenly wine, . - Cowper,

This stone to Thee in faith we lay, - - • 191.
This world is all enchanted ground, - . - Beddome,
Thou art gone to the grave, - - - Bp. Heber,
Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, - - Cennick
Thou, God, art a consuming fire, - - M.
Thou God of glorious majesty, - - - C Wesley,
Thou hidden love of God, whose height, - Moravian,
Thou, Lord, hast bless'd my going out, - C. Wesley,
Thou, who didst for Peter's faith, . - Mrs. Gilbert,
Thou wretched man of sorrow, - - - C. Wesley,
Though I have grieved thy Spirit, Lord, - Watts,
Thousands of thousands stand around, - -
Through sorrow’s night, and danger's path, H. K. White,
Thus far on life's perplexing path, - - M.
Thus, Lord, throughout my life would I, .
Thus saith the Lord, “My church, to thee
Thy ceaseless, unexhausted love, - - -
Thy humblest works, with full accord, - Gisborne,

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Thy mansion is the Christian's heart, Cowper,
Thy throne, O God, in righteousness,
Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design, - - -
Thy word, Almighty Lord, - - - - M.
Time by moments steals away, - - Newton,

Times without number I have pray'd, C. Wesley,

'Tis a point I long to know, Newton,
'Tis enough, the hour is come, Merrick,

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To Adam thus Jehovah spake, - - . M.
To God most awful and most high, - - . M.
To God the only wise, - - - - - PWatts,
To-morrow, Lord, is thine, - - - Doddridge,
To Thee, O God, my prayer ascends, - Mrs. Rowe,
To thy temple I repair, - - - - - - M.
To us the voice of wisdom cries, - - - - M.
Tremble, ye families profane, - - - C. Wesley,
Trembling with tenderest alarms, - - - Cawood,

Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb, . - - Watts,

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Watch'd by the world's malignant eye,
Weep, weep not o'er thy children’s tomb,
We bid Thee welcome in the name, . -
We covenant with hand and heart, .
Welcome, sweet day of rest,
We seek a rest beyond the skies, . -
What are these in bright array, - -
What a rapturous song, . -
What is the chaff? the word of man,
What is the thing of highest price,
What is the world? a wildering maze,
What joy or honour could we have,
What must it be to dwell above, -
What secret hand, at morning-light,
What shall I render to my God,
What shall we ask of God in prayer,
What various lovely characters,
When Adam sinn'd, through all his race,
When all thy mercies, O my God,
When any turn from Zion's way,
When earthly comforts die, , . -
When floods of grief assault the mind,
When gathering clouds arcund I view,
When groves by moonlight silence keep,
When É. with sighs my anxious breast,
When I can read my title clear,
When in the hours of lonely wo, -
When Israel press'd by Pharaoh stood,
When Jesus left his Father's throne,
When languor and disease invade,
When like a stranger on our sphere,
When marshall'd on the nightly plain, .
When musing sorrow weeps the past,
When, O dear Jesus, when shall I,
When on Sinai's top I see, . -
When on the margin of the grave,
When poison spreading through their veins,
When quiet in my house I sit, -
When restless on my bed I lie, .
When rising from the bed of death,
When the vale of death appears, -
When those who fear'd the Lord of old,
When through the torn sail, -
When war on earth suspended, -
Where are the dead? in heaven or hell,
Where high the heavenly temple stands,
While Egypt lies enwrapt in night,
While saints and angels, glorious King, .
While through this changing world wéroam,
ho can describe the joys that rise, .
Who is as the Christian great, -
Who is the weak believer, who,
Why do we mourn derarting friends,
Why is my heart so far from Thee,
Why should I fear the darkest hour,
Why willye lavish out your years,

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- M.

- Watts,
C. Wesley,
. C. Wesley,


- Doddridge,



Why should the children of a King,
With wandering Jacob let us say,
With Thee I lay me down to sleep,
Within these walls be peace,
Witness, ye men and angels now,
Words of eternal life to me,
Worthy, O Lord, art Thou,

Ye hearts with youthful vigour warm,

Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fears,

Ye virgin souls, arise, -
Yes, the Redeemer rose, - -
You now must hear my voice no more,
Your harps, ye trembling saints,

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