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While pain, and sorrow, and distress,
Like shadows all are fled.

6 Proceed in your Redeemer's strength, Pursue his footsteps still:

And let the prospect cheer your eyes,
While you ascend the hill.


Christ's Advent foretold.—Isa. xlii. 1-13.
1 BEHOLD my servant! see Him rise
Exalted in my might!
Him have I chosen, and in Him
I place supreme delight.

2 On Him, in rich effusion pour’d,
My Spirit shall descend;
My truths and judgments He shall show
To earth's remotest end.

3 Gentle and still shall be his voice,
No threats from Him proceed;
The smoking flax He shall not quench,
Nor break the bruised reed. *

4 The feeble spark to flames He'll raise, The weak will not despise; Judgment He shall bring forth to truth, And make the fallen rise.

5 The progress of his zeal and power
Shall never know decline,
Till foreign lands, and distant isles,
Receive the law diyine.

6 He who erected heaven's bright arch, And bade the planets roll, Who peopled all the climes of earth, . And form'd the human soul:—

7 Thus saith the Lord, Thee have I raised, My Priest did Thee install; In right I raised Thee, and in strength I’ll succour whom I call. - -

8 I will establish with the lands,
A covenant in Thee,
To give the Gentile nations light,
And set the prisoners free.

9 Asunder burst the gates of brass;
The iron fetters fall;
And gladsome light, and liberty,
Are straight restored to all.

10 P am the Lord, and by the name.
Of great Jehovah known;
No idol shall usurp my praise,
Nor mount into my throne.

Il Lo! former scenes, predicted once,
Conspicuous rise to view;
And future scenes, predicted now,
Shall be accomplish'd too.

Sing to the Lord in joyful strains;
Let earth his praise resound,

Ye who upon the ocean dwell,
And fill the isles around.

13 O city of the Lord! begin
The universal song;
And let the scatter'd villages
The cheerful notes prolong.

14 Let Kedar's wilderness afar
List up its lonely voice,
And let the tenants of the rock
With accents rude rejoice;

15 Till midst the streams of distant lands, The islands sound his praise; And all combined, with one accord, Jehovah's glories raise. 46. Hope against hope.—Isa. l. 10.

Who is the weak believer, who
Doth still his dreary way pursue,

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Inspired with true religious fear,
And following Christ with heart sincere?
Obedient to thy Saviour's voice,
Yet canst thou not in Him rejoice,
Or taste the comforts of his grace,
Or find a God who hides his face?

Jesus is vanish’d from thy sight:
No glimpse of bliss, or gleam of light
To cheer thee in the desert way,
Or promise a return of day;
No evidence of things unseen,
3But wars without, and fears within,
No witness of thy sins forgiven,
No ray of hope on this side heaven

Poor, tempted soul, what canst thou do?
Hope against hope, that God is true;
His nature in his name confess,
His wisdom, power, and righteousness.
The Lord, whom now thou canst not see,
Whate'er He is, He is for thee;
Expect, and thou shalt surely prove,
That God in Christ is perfeet love.

Till then, on Him thy spirit stay,
Whose death hath borne thy sins away;
Conform'd to Jesus in his blood,
With him cry out—“My God, my God!
My God, my God, I hold Thee fast,
Till nature’s latest pang is past;
Into thy hands my soul resign,
And then—Thou art for ever mine.”


The Lord mighty to save.—Isa. li. 9.

ARM of the Lord, awake, awake,
Thine own immortal strength put on!
With terror clothed hell's kingdom shake,
And cast thy foes with fury down!

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As in the ancient days appear!
The sacred annals speak thy fame:
Be now omnipotently near,
To endless ages still the same.

By death and hell pursued in vain,
To Thee the ransom'd seed shall come ;
Shouting, their heavenly Zion gain,
And pass, through death, triumphant home.

The Gospel Invitation.—Isa. lv. 1.
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh;
('Tis God invites the fallen race)
Mercy and free salvation buy;
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace.

Come to the living waters, come !
Sinners, obey your Maker's call;
Return, ye weary wanderers home,
And find my grace is free to all.

See from the Rock a fountain rise!
For you in healing streams it rolls;
Money ye need not bring, nor price,
Ye labouring, burden'd, sin-sick souls.

Nothing ye in exchange shall give,
Leave all you have, and are, behind;

Frankly the gift of God receive,

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Pardon and peace in Jesus find.

Why seek ye that which is not bread,
Nor can your hungry souls sustain?
On ashes, husks, and air ye feed;
Ye spend your little all in vain.

In search of empty joys below,
Ye toil with unavailing strife:
Whither, ah! whither would ye go?
I have the words of endless life.

Hearken to Me with earnest care,
And freely eat substantial food;

The sweetness of my mercy share, And taste that I alone am good.

8 I bid you all my goodness prove,
My promises for all are free:
Come taste the manna of my love,
And let your souls delight in Me.

9 Your willing ear and heart incline, My words believingly receive; Quicken'd your souls by faith divine, An everlasting life shall live.

49. Effects of the Gospel.—Isa. lv. 10.

MARK the soft-falling snow
And the diffusive rain;
To heaven, from whence it fell,
It turns not back again;
But waters earth
Through every pore,
And calls forth all
It's secret store.


Array'd in beauteous green
The hills and valleys shine,
And man and beast is fed
By providence divine;
The harvest bows
Its golden ears,
The copious seed
Of future years.

3 “So,” saith the God of grace,

“My gospel shall descend,

Almighty to effect

The purpose I intend;
Millions of souls
Shall feel its power,
And bear it down
To millions more.

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