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"I trust in Heaven they flogged and pickled you,' said Cleveland, worn out of patience with the dull narrative of the peaceful Zetlander's poltroonery, of which he seemed so wondrous little ashamed 'Flog horses, and pickle beef,' said Magnus why, you have not the vanity to think that, with all your quarter-deck airs, you will make poor old neighbor Haagen ashamed that he was not killed some scores of years since? ..... Get ye along, get ye along to the sword-dance, that the strangers that are amongst us may see that our hands and our weapons are not altogether unacquainted even yet. A dozen cutlasses, selected hastily from an old arm-chest, and whose rusted hue bespoke how seldom they left the sheath, armed the same number of young Zetlanders, with whom mingled six maidens, led by Minna Troil." THE PIRATE, Part I. p. 191.

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