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TO BRITAIN. (MONTGOMERY.) James Montgomery was born at Irvine in Ayrshire in 1771. When only twelve years old he commenced to write poems; and after a short residence in London as assistant to a bookseller, he became editor of a newspaper in Sheffield. For articles in this paper which were considered seditious he was twice imprisoned. During these periods he occupied his time in writing poems, which were afterwards published under the title of Prison Amusements.' His chief works are—' The World before the Flood,” “Greenland," "The Pelican Island,' and a collection of hymns. He received a pension of 1501. a year from the Government in 1846, which he enjoyed till his death in 1854.

I LOVE thee, O my native isle !
Dear as my mother's earliest smile,

Sweet as my father's voice to me,
Is all I hear and all I see.
When glancing o'er thy beauteous land,
In view thy public virtues stand,
The guardian angels of thy coast,
Who watch the dear domestic host,
The heart's affections pleased to roam
Around the quiet haven of home.
I love thee: when I mark thy soil
Flourish beneath the peasant's toil,
And from its lap of verdure throw
Treasures which neither Indies know.
I love thee: when I hear around
The looms, and wheels, and anvils sound,
Thine engines heaving all their force,
Thy waters labouring on their course,
And arts, and industry, and wealth
Exulting in the joys of health.
I love thee: when I trace thy tale
To the dim point where records fail;
Thy deeds of old renown inspire
My bosom with our father's fire;
A proud inheritance I claim
In all their sufferings, all their fame :
Nor less delighted, when I stray
Down history's lengthening, widening way,
And hail thee in thy present hour,
From the meridian arch of power,
Shedding the lustre of thy reign,
Like sunshine, over land and main.

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