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WHEREAS a most violent and dangerous disorder has greatly prevailed in this neighborhood, as well as in many other places, much resembling the plague; a friend of mankind has thought it expedient to publish the following account of it, with its various symptoms and effects, and to recommend a method of cure, which has never failed in a single instance.

The disease has long been known among the learned by a variety of names. The Greek physicians call it Amartia. It may be discovered by the following symptoms. The head is always afflicted, particularly the eyes, so that most objects are mistaken for each other. The understanding is clouded. The patient is sometimes deaf, especially to certain subjects of discourse. The tongue is so strangely disordered, that it speaks perverse and blasphemous words. The patient has occasional fits of lameness, especially when it is proposed to walk to a place of worship. But the heart is the principal seat of the disease, from the affections of which the senses and members are also disordered. This disease is, upon good grounds,


supposed to be hereditary, and may be traced back to the common parent of mankind. It is, therefore, universal; so that there never was but one man in the world exempted from a taint of it.

The present effects of this disorder are very dreadful. It sometimes produces a raging fever, insatiable thirst, and extreme restlessness. The mind is at times alarmed, and filled with anxiety. The patient discovers pride, envy, malice, covetousness, lust, deceit. His family, friends, and neighbors are frequently sufferers, as many in this' place can testify. Magistrates are sometimes forced to interfere; and, though they seldom attempt a cure, they often prevent his doing further mischief.

But the final consequences of this disease are form. idable in the utmost degree. Unless timely assistance be afforded, which must generally be in the early stages of it, the patient inevitably perishes. Death, dreadful death, must ensue; and that, attended with such circumstances of misery, horror, and despair, that humanity is constrained to draw a veil over the terrible scene.

It is necessary to add, that by far the greater part of those on whom it preys, are utterly insensible of their condition, and unwilling to admit that they are ill. It is probable, some who read this advertisement may feel them. selves angry with this representation of their case, and be ready to throw it aside with disdain. A certain indication this, that the patien is dangerously disordered. But this may, at the same time, account for the general and fatal aeglect of applying in time to


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This extraordinary man is not, indeed, a seventh son, but the only son, of a most high and distinguished Personage. He was intended for the profession from his birth, and is in all respects properly qualified for it. His skill, tenderness, and care, were never impeached by any one of the thousands of patients whom he has perfectly restored. His practice has been incomparably extensive; and millions can testify, that by him the blind have received their sight, the lame have leaped as an hart, lepers have been cleansed, the deaf have been made quick of hearing, and many dead persons have been raised to life. After a life of the most benevolent exertions, he was put to death by the malice of some ignorant practitioners, who envied his fame and success. However, the world still reaps the benefit of that specific medicine which he prepared. Certain persons appointed by him, committed his advice to writing, and have recorded it in a most excellent family book, which has gone through a thousand editions, and is commonly called


Here we learn that sin is the great disease of the human race; that it has the most unhappy effects on the bodics and souls of men; that it has introduced all the miseries under which they groan. Herein we are also taught that no man can cure himself of this disease; and, though multitudes of quacks have recommended nostrums of their own, there is only one medicine in the world that can ef. fect a cure. Reader! go learn what that meaneth. The blood of Jesus Christ, his Son, clean seth us from sin.

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