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The Holy Ghost, descending still

Upon the fons of God, N Commands eternal life and joy,

With glory from above; That they may love eternally;

For God himself is Love.

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King!' Palma

PS A L M CXXXIV. • SING praise, sing praise, sing praise'; fing praise unto our King !' Pfal. xlvii.

Redeemed by the Lord of Hofts, in
The Lord in whom our fpirit boasts, it
This song of praise, for evermore,

2 * 1
Let bis redeem'd

fing, o'er and o'er! O

Bless the Lord, his fervants all,

Who watch within the temple-wall,
And nightly praise him as ye stand,
With lifted eye, and lifted hand!

7 YT 2 Clap, clap your hands, exult and fing,

In holiness of Christ your King:
Behold, he hath redeemed you,

To bless and praise him as ye do. 3

The Lord who made the earth and heay'n,
The bleffing to the nations giv'n,
From heaven bless thee evermore,
O houfe of God, the Lord, before! YO
The blessings of eternal love,
The bleflings of th' Eternal Dove,
All falling down in heav'nly show'rs, i
Fill Zion's fields with fruits and flow'rs!
Let Zion now rejoice, and bring
Her precious spices to her King,
Her faith, her hope, her joy, her love,
Which all descended from above !



- To shew forth the praises of him who hath • called you out of darkness into his marvellous • light.' 1 Pet. ii. 9.

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This fong to God, their Lord'and. King,
Let God's peculiar people fing;
And, while his glory they confefs
With knowledge Let them praise exprefs!.

Praise Jehovah, praise his name,

His servants all, his praise proclaim: 2 Ye in Jehovah's houfe that stand,

In Zion's courts, a joyful band ! 3

Praise ye the Lord; the Lord is good:
Sing to his name with gratitude;
For it is pleasant for to do,

And much, ye faints, befeeming you 4

For ye are his beloved race,
The chofen veffels of his grace,
Whom he hath fórm'd for his own pleasure,

His own peculiar royal treafure ! 5

Meffiah is the Lord we fing;
The Chrift of God is Christ our King:
The Lord our King is very great,

Above the gods of higheft ftate!
6 What thing foever please the Lord,

He hath accomplish'd by his word;
The heav'ns, the earth, the deeps, the seas,

He does his will in all of these : 7 He causeth vapours to ascend,

Around the earth, from end to end;
He wings the lightning's fiery way,
And makes them thro' the teppelt play:


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He from his treasures, brings the winds,
Whose wings within his fists he binds;
He makes his thunders round him roll,

And shakes the world from pole to pole:
8 The elements, with all their laws,
Jehovah joined in his cause,
When he the strength of Egypt flew,
Her first-born, men and cattle too";
9 He made the world his wonders see,

O Egypt, in the midst of thee,
On Pharaoh and his servants all,

O’erthrown with an eternal fall.
10 Great nations, Lord, are smote by thee,

And mighty kings before thee flee ;
Sihon, high king of Amorite !
Proud Og of Balhan! wing their flight:
Yea, Canaan's high and lofty kings, 1
Exclaiming, trembling, cry'd for wings !
They fled--they perifh'd in their fear

For God appeared on their rear: 'no!! 11 He gave their land in heritage

To Isra’l,-for-a present pledge
Of future and superior joy,

Which foes, or time, thail ne'er destroy. 12 O Lord, thy name fhall still endure,

And thy memorial ever sure:
And, after time shall be no more,

Eternity shall thee adore.
13 The Lord shall judge his people; he

O'er them shall always watchful be,
To turn their forrows into joy,

And their deltroyers to destroy. 14 The sorrows of the Gentiles all,

Their idol-gods on which they call,
Of molten Gilver, molten gold,
The works of men who made their mold


15. Mouths

15 Mouths they pofless, but never break

Their Glence for they cannot speak : 16 Eyes have they too, yet see they not ; 17 And ears, but have no hearing got:

They neither promise life nor death;
For in their mouth there is no breath:

: 18 Their makers are like them, and all

Who lowly down before them fall! 19 0 house of Ifra't blefs the Lord,

With one confent, and one accord:
O house of Aaron, bless thy God,!!

And found Jehovah's praise abroad. 20 O house of Levi, join'd to heay'n,

Thy praise to God the Lord, be gir'n
, all ye lovers of the Lord,

For evermore his praise record.
21 Bless'd be the Lord Meffiah, who,

Ye fons of Zion, dwells with you:
Blefs ye your Father, and adore
His Holy Spirit evermore.


COMMEMORATIVE, defcriptive, and expreflive of the name, character, and ways of the Messiah, The Son of God, the brightness of his Father's glory, and the express image of his perfon; and, in him, of the Father, and of the Holy Gholt; for these T'HREE are. ONE. See Pfall ür Heb. i. to.

storici 107 m.
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghaftsf; bu
The God alone of Isra'l's boft,
Whofe mercy lajts for evermute,

Lot l'al vernisme adideleivin? in


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COnfess the Lord Messiah’s praife ;

Confess and praise him all your days ; For he is good, for evermore His mercy lasts: your God adore.)

'? 2 Give thanķs to God, the God of gods;

His mercy 'mounts above the clouds;
His mercy lafts for evermore;

Your God, the God of gods adote.
3 O thank the Lord, the Lord of Lords;

His pow'r repels the boldeft swords:
His mercy lasts for evermore;

Your Lord, the Lord of lords, adore, 4 The Lord alone, who wonders does,

Whose glory far exceeds your views;
Whose mercy lasts for evermore ;

The God of glory; "praise, adoré! 2011... 5 The Lord, who made the heav'ns on high,

Whofe wisdom spread the curtain'd layo
Whole mercy lasts for evermore,

The Lord Creator, praise, adore !
6 The Lord who stretch'd the earth abroad,

And built the mountains on the food;
Whole mercy lafts for evermore;

God over all the earth, adore! 7 The Lord wbo made great lights to thines

The Lord of life, the light divine,
Whole mercy lasts for evermore;

The Lord, your light and life, adore ! 8 Who made the fun to rule the day,

And bade his beams of glory play;
Whofe mercy lasts for evermore;

The Sun of Righteousness adore !
9 Who made the moon so clear and bright,

With twinkling fars, to rule the night,
W bose mercy lasts for evermore;
Your God who changes not, adore!

Kk 2

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