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14 His Ifra'l through he bore,

And made him pafs along,
Where billows erst did roar, ávi
By his puissance strong isang

Ifra'l, adore
Thy. God, thy Guide
On ev'ry fide,
For evermore.

I 15 He Pharaoh overthrew

In midst of the Red-fea
The surges o'er him few,
O sea, in midst of thee: the

O praise thy King, si
Who saved thee,
And through the fea, siis

Did safely, bring! 16 He Jacob led along

Amidft the wilderness, Satty.
And say'd his chosen throng
From ev'ry dire diftress:
Let Jacob praises !

The Lord on high,

Who led his wxys.
He smote and flew great kings,

By his almighty arm,
Who vow'd to do great things,
That should the world alarm:

Advance his praise,
Ye people, all,
Both great and small,,

Who know his ways..." 18 Kings great and mighty he ?

Deftroy'd utterly,
That they no more fhould be on
The rivals of the sky: 1 an


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Let his redeemid,
Through all their days is .::
Advance his praised

By bim excem'den 19 Sihon, the Amorite,

That proud and haughty king!
He foon subdu'd his spire,
And down to duft did bring:

Let those rejoice, in ? "
Whom he hath freed it í
From fear, and dread; 3.

And sang their joyer rpfis 20 He Og, the Balhanité,

Deliver'd to the bow
And strengthend Jacob's might,
His foes to overthrow:

Let Jacob, now, an
Advance his praise
With loftiest lays base

And pay his vow.) vi'm 21 The heathens land he gave, 7?

A faithful pledge to them?
Whom he decreed to save
Who glory in his name:

Olet the blest,
For ever fing

To God their King,

Iņ whom they reft. fed!

the lot to us,
Who are his servants dear;
The children of his house,
Who serve him without fear :

Let us conjoin,
With hand and heart,
And all qurant,

In 's praise divine.

22 He

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23 He, in our low estate,

Remember'd us foflora ; ?"
And, in our mis'ry great,

Discharged üş to mourn ::

For he is, love,
And all his ways, as thior 3.
Which speak his praise,

The same do prove. 24 He from our foes redeem'd,

When we were fore
And when he had exeem’d
Us, then he bade us reft :

A Redeem'd, we reft, ist isin 1 And ask no more,

For evermore
In Jesus bleft.


I 25 He giveth food to all,

That all may bless his name;
He bears us 'ere we call;
O found aloud his fame:

Let all the saints
For ever sing
To Chrift our King,

Who hears our plaints. 26 Give thanks to God alone,

The One Eternal Three,
The Three Eternal One,
Who was, is, and to be ;

Who heav'n above,
And earth below,
Hath made to know



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grief and wo,

PSAM CXXXVII. · All these things happened unto them for enfamples (or types) to us! and they are writ• ten for our admonition, upon whom the ends « of the world are come.' i Cor. x. Il. See Pfal. xliv. doc.

By Babel's streams they fat, and wept;'
But still their heart Yerus'lem kept:
And so, till time Mall be no more,
On earth the fons of God complore!

While all our thoughts on Zion turn'd 2 Our harps beside us, all unstrung,

Upon the drooping willows hung.
3 Ev’n there, our spiteful jeering foe,

Said tauntingly, Cheer up, and fing
Some song of yours to Zion's King;'
Our spoilers calls for mirth, and they

Who led us captive, bade us play!
4 In this strange land how shall we fing

The songs of Chrift, our Lord and King,
To give those strangers joy and mirth,
Who give to all our sorrows birth,
And grievously augment our thrall

By cruel mock’ries at our fall? 5 But if, Jerus'lem, I forget,

On thee alone my heart to fet,
Let my right-hand forget her skill, i

And play no more on Zion-hill!: 6 If I do not remember thee,

Then let my tongue be lost to me,
And, useless, cleave to my mouth's roof:
Nay, death itself be my reproof-

If I prefer not far above
My chiefest joy, my life, my love
Jerusalem, for evermore,

Where still my heart doth God adore ! 7 Remember Edom's curfed race;

O Lord, remember, in thy grace,
How Edom, in Jerus'lem's day,
With rankling wrath, did roar and say~
• Raze! raze it to the very rock!

Let not a stone escape the shock,
« Till Zion, wholly overthrown,

Shall, naine and place, no more be known!' 8 O daughter, thou, of Babylon, è Devoted to thy doom anon!

How happy, happy thall he be, 9

Thy deeds to us who turns on' thee! 9

He shall receive a noble prize, i
Who takesh' up, before thine eyes,
Thy tender little darling ones,
And dasheth them against the stones:
Thus perifh all the foes of God
And Zion, all the world abroad!
Thus Babylon destroy'd shall be
A type, O Antichrift, of thee :
Thou, Zion, by thy Lord redeemid,
From all thy woes at length exeemid,
Shalt be an everlasting fign
Of glory great, and love divine :
With glory great, and majesty,
O Jesus, come thou from on high;
That Zion's wounds may all be heald,
And all her sons with thee reveal'd.

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