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I look'd upon my left--alas!
No friend I saw in my

distress :
They all deserted me, they ftedt
They stood at distance --all afraid ;
No refuge was at all for me!

My grief with pity none would see 5 I cry'd to thee, O Lord, I said, On thee alone


foul is staid; Thou art my refuge, and my lot

In land of life, forget' me not: 6 Attend unto my mournful cry;

I very low before thee ly:
Deliver me from all my foes,
Who me pursue with mortal blows:
7 O rescue, Lord, my soul from hell,

And let me not in prison dwell ;
That I may praise thy holy name,
And found thine leverlasting fame:
The righteous shall encompass me,
When they thy bounty to me see;
They shall rejoice exceedingly,.
To see me reign with thee on high.

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The continued grief, mourning, interceffion, and prayers of the Lord Jesus, the Servant of the Father, persevering to the death, till death is swallowed up of life.See the last, with Pfal, lxiii. lxxvii. c.


A fong of grief and mournful wo,
When God's beloved Son did go
Through floods of death, through floods of bell,
To save his church he lov'd so well.


LORD, my fupplications hear;

Unto my pray'r O lend thipe ear ;
I plead thy truth and faithfulness:

Lord, answer me in righteousness. 2 Wilt thou not into judgment call

Thy Servant, Lord, who stands for all
Thy chosen thou haft granted him,
Whose blood shall purge away their crime?
If he should in a tittle fail,
Would not the Lord detain the Bail,
Confin'd within the dungeon deep,
In utter darknefs still to weep?
For in thy light no living shall
Be justify'd, by thee, at all;
Behold they all astray are gone,
And are corrupted ev'ry one:
But, lo, thou hast appointed me
To stand for them, and plead their pica;
That I may all thy.chosen give

With me eternally to live :
3 Unto the death, behold, I cleave,

And bend for them unto the grave:
The enemy hath smote me down, ,
And roll'd in dust my royal crown:
In darkness he hath made me dwell,

Poffefsed by the deeps of hell; 4 My {pirit's overwhelm’d in me,

My heart is tost as billows be. 5 I call to mind the days of old,

And all thy ways my thoughts unfold;
I daily meditate and muse

On all the works Jehovah does.
6 To thee I stretch my weary hands;

For thee I thirst, as weary lands
In summer's drought, for moist'ning rain,
Until thou me revive again;


7 Lord,

7 Lord, grant my pray'r full speedily;

My spirit faileth while I cry,
And makes a plaintive ncise to thee;
O hide no more thy face from me:
For I'm esteem'd a broken reed,
And well nigh number'd with the dead;
Nay, down into the duft I fall:

Lord, wilt not thou my soul recal?
& Wilt thou not in the morning make

My soul fror duft and death awake;
And cause me then thy voice to hear;
And all thy glory to appear?
My body then shall spurn the dust,
And fly to thee in whom I trust :
Cause me, O Lord, to know my way,
And lead me to the spring of day:

Behold, I lift my soul to thee;
From all


foes deliver me: To thee, O'Lord, my spirit fprings ;

O hide thou me beneath thy wings. 10 Teach me to do thy holy will,

For thou'rt my God, my Guardian ftill:
Thy Spirit's good; O lead me thou

Unto thy land of glory now.
11 Revive me for thinc own name's fake,'

And from the dust my life awake;
In justice lead me to thy throne;
Let justice crown the work I've done:
In faithfulness my foul set free;
12 In mercy slay my foes for mę;

Lord, let destruction on them roll,
Who roll themselves against my soul :
For I'm thy Servant evermore;
Jehovah's justice I implore:
Let death and bell destroyed fall!
Thy King unto thy glory call !


For death and hell, subdu'd by me,
In utter darkness funk must be;
That I, O God, thy Christ and King,
Thy church redeem'd to thee may bring.

PS À L M CXLIV., The prayers and sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ crowned with vietory, praise, benediction, and triumph, evermore. Similar to Psalms viii. xviii. c.

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Let all the children loudly sing,

And chant to God their choicest lays,
Who triumph with the Lord their King,

Who won for them eternal, bays!
LESS'D he Jehovah evermore,

My Strength, my Rock, who teacheth me,
When rides of war against me roafs

To roll them back on their own fea.
2 My Mercy and my Fortress, he,

My Tow's, my Elevation high,
My Sun, my Shield, my Sword, shall be
My God, on whom I will rely:
'Tis he my people fall subdue,
And says, My kingdom shall be thine ;
For ev'ry knee to thee shall bow,

And tongue confess thy pow'r divine.
3 Lord, what is man, (thou knowelt him!)

Or Son of Man, that he should be.
Advanc'd co glory so sublime,

To dwell and reign, O God, with thee! 4. Yet man is like to vanity;

His days as fhadows pass away,
And, like the vapours of the sky,
His present likeness shall decay.

Ś Lord,

Mm 2

Ś Lord, let thy wonders all appear ;

O bow thy heav'ns and come thou down; Touch thou the bills, they'll fly for fear; The mountains smoke when thou shalt

frown. 6 Caft forth thy lightnings all abroad,

And fill the world with fear around, And scatter all my foes, O God;

Let them in their own floods be drown'd. 7.0 downwards reach thine hand to me,

And rid me from the raging wave, For rolling waters round me be:

Me from the sons of Belial fave. 3 Their mouths in ambushment they lay;

With. lies they occupy their ground, While hell's artillery they play,

And throw their falsehoods around. 9 But I, victorious over all,

Vi&orious by thy word of truth, Will all the pow'rs of music call

Into my heart, into my mouth; And I will Eng, O God, and play

A new-song unto thee aloud, And all my saints, in joyful lay,

Shall fing the praises I have vow'd. 10 'Tis he, my God, the King of kings,

Who gives salvation unto men, Who his belov'd Mefliah brings

( From death and hell, with him to reign: 11 Ev'n so, my God, deliver me

From serpent's pow'r, and serpent's seed ; Let me, the woman's Seed, go free,

When I have bruis d'the serpent's head. 12 Let Zion's fons, as plants grown up, The glory of the God of trutli,


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