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7 Amid the throng when I appear,

They mimic with their lips;
They shake their beads, and at me sneer,

While each his neighbour tips.
8 He rolld himself,' say they, on Gode
6 And God


rescue too,
6 And bless him in his own abode,

• If blessing be his due.'
9 But thou hast brought me from the womb,

And usher'd in my birth;
And thou wilt lay me in my tomb,

And raise again with mirth.
10 By thee I hung upon the breast,

And press'd my mother's knee;
By thee my mother's heart was bless'd,

And fo the Son's shall be.
11 On thee, my God, on thee alone,

My clasping arms shall cling.
My Father, cast not off thy Son,

When ferpents hifs and sting:
They wreathe me round, they fuck my bloody,

Envenoming my soul :
O be not far away, my God!

See how they round me roll!
12 Full many a fell tremendous bull

Of Bashan round me roar,
Who fill my soul with anguish full,

And fiercely at me gore :
13 Like lions, how they round me rage,

And, furious, lash their sides !
Ten thousand deaths my soul besiege,

And worfe my soul abides.
14 My moisture, like a heavy dew

Of blood, around me flows,
While all my bones disjointed shew,
To feaft my cruel fces.


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My heart, like wax amidft the fire,

Diffolved in me, dies; 15 My lungs can now no more respire ;

My strength like vapour flies.
My tongue adhereth to my jaws,

In doleful plight I lie;
My spirit pånts without a pause,

While no Redeemer's nigh. 36 For dogs surround and press me close,

And prey upon me, fierce;
Th' affembled hell.hounds me inclofe ;

My hands and feet they pierce.
27 My racked bones all start and stare,

And they who rack deride;
And while they view my body bare,

They jest on ev'ry fide. 18 My garments they amongst them (bare,

And for my bloody veft (Because a scamless work and rare)

By lot they all conteft.
19 But be not thou, Jehovah, far

Away from helping me;
Upon them turn the tide of war,

My Strength, and make them flee. 20 O relcuę now my soul from death,

My Darling from the sword;
And from the dog's devouring breath

Deliver me, O Lord.
21 Lord, pluck me from the lion's jaw,

And from the raging bear; Preferve me from his stretched paw,

That grasps my flesh to tear
Let hallelujahs now be fung,

Jehovah, unto thee!
From horns of unicorns when flung,

Thou haft seceived me!

22 How glorioufly thy pow'r is shown!

(I will the wonder tell!) For thou hast all my foes o'erthrown,

And made their bed in hell.
23 This triumph is not solely mine;

But all my brethren share :
To them thy character divine,

Thy name, I will declare.
Yea, in th' assembly of the just,

Whom I have wash'd in blood,
I'll raise thy glory from the duft:

The dust shall Ging to God.
Let all who reverence thy name,

The universal throng
Of Jacob, lift aloud thy fame;

All Isra'l join the song;
24 Because the Lord despised not,

Nor indignation bore
Against the man of humble lot,

Who did the Lord implore.
Jehovah did not hide his face,

Nor did refuse his ear, When forrow overwhelm'd my peace :

I cry'd, and he did hear. 25 I'll fill thy house with songs of praise ;

For praise I vow to thee: Thy church fhall join in all my lays,

And they shall feast with me. 26 'Thy poor afflicted ones shall eat,

And shall be satisfy'd;
And praise Jehovah for the meat,

Wherewith their soul's supply'd..
Your heart for evermore fhall live,

Who eat this precious food : (You eat who do by faith receive

Emmanuel's flesh and blood :

It is not any fruitless sign,

That will relieve the foul;
No real bread, no real wine :

The truth believ'd's the whole.
They only eat this bread divine,

Who on the Lord believe;
They only drink this heav'nly wine,

The Spirit who receive).
27 Let all the earth remember now,

And turn unto the Lord; Ler all the nations to him bow,

And hail TH'EMBODY'D WORD. 28 Because Jehovah is the King,

The kingdom is THE LORD's; Let all the heathen round him sing,

« The kingdom is the WORD's.' 29 Proud high-fwoln fons of lofty pride.

Shall eat, and homage show,
And bow themselves on ev'ry fide,

Ere down to dust they go.
There is not one who draweth breath

Of unbelieving men,
Shall save his soul alive from death

And everlasting pain.
30 But still EMMANUEL has a feed,

Who magnify their King; And generations who fucceed

This song of CHRIST shall ling: 31 They unto fons unborn shall fhew

This everlasting bliss,
The righteousness he brought to view :

Jehovah hath done this,
This work of everlasting praise,

: Of mercy, grace, and peace; The chief of all Jehovah's ways Of truth and holiness.



As to this Psalm, which is evidently spoken wholly in one person, the only possible objection against supposing that person to be Jefus Chrift, is this, viz. That he himself is the Lord, the good Shepherd, the Shepherd of Ifrael, who laid down his life for his flock; but this is fuch an objection as would lead the faints to conclude, that Jesus Christ is not their Father, Lord, and God, (though he expressly declares himself to be so, John xiii. 13. Rev. xxi. 7.), because he himself, in a certain and peculiar respect, is the Son, even the Only Begotten, the Eternal Son of the Father, who became the fervant of the Father, that he might bring many fons and daughters to glory.

o Ifra'l, fee thy Shepherd bere,
For all his pasture-sheep appear!
Thy Lord, thy Mediator, he,
For thee, a servant deigns to be!
Himself becomes like one of you,
And gives his Father glory due,
That ye may so adore the Son,
And tread the track that he hath run.

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Y God's my Shepherd! I'll not care.

For any breath of moved air;
The winds niay blow, the form may roat;
Jehovah will preserve his store:
He'll hide me from the stormy wind,
And calm the tumults of my mind;
He'll fhade me from the scorching heat,
And lull


soul in soft retreat.
2 He'll lead me to the pastures green,

And from the wolves my life will fcreen ;
He'll feed me by the gentle streams,
Where I shall balk in sunny beams...

3 Although

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