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PSALM XXV. To ascertain the meaning of this Pfalm, as attempted in the paraphrase, and applied as spoken in the person of Christ, (for the whole thereof is spoken in one person), the candid inquirer will carefully consider not only the Píalm itself, but also the parallels, and, of thefe, particularly Pfalnis 1xxxvi. and cxlii.

The Man who never lifted up

His foul to any vanity;
Who never drank of folly's cup;

Who never stooped to raise a lie;
Whose fin, yet ne'erthelefs, was great,

I bough sin indeed he never knew;
The Son of Man, for mercy fet,

In mediation, here we view! "To thee my clevated foul,

Jehovah, takes hers heav'nly flight;
She foars above th' ethereal pole,

And sings thy praise with sweet delight 2 My God, my God, in thee I hope;

Let not my hope be put to shame,
Lest that my foes should take me up,

And basely flur thy holy name:
How would my foes exult and laugh,

If I and mine were counted vile,
And drove away from thee, like chaff,

Unblessed with thy gracious smile! 3 But well I know, my faints with me

Shall ne'er be cover'd o'er with fhame,
Because we fly, O God, to thee,

And take our refuge in thy name,
But let confufion on them feize,

Who, with abominable guile,
Prevaricate before thy face,

And meditate a purpose vile !:

4 Thy ways, Jehovah, make me know;

Thy footsteps cause my soul to keep : 5 Then, by thy truth, I'll boldly go :

Thy truth shall never cause me weep. Thou art my God; direct my way,

And cause me thy salvation see; For I have reckon'd night and day,

Till I shall come and dwell with thee. 6 Thy mercies, Lord, remember thou,

Thy mercies that have been of old; And, all my sins cancelled now,

No more the former things unfold. 7 My children have tranfgress'd thy law;

But thou hast laid their fins on me: My righteousness, without a flaw,

Peform’d for them, Jehovah, fee: According to thy tender love

Remember me, thy servant dear; And let thy Surety clearly prove,

His clients from the debt are clear. 8 How good and upright is the Lord ! The Ginners he will teach his

ways 9 He'll lead the humble by his word:

The humble hear what he will say. 10 Jehovah's paths are pure and plain;

Jehovah's teftimonies all
Are balm, to sooth the fiercest pain

That can upon my spirit fall. 1. I'll keep thy holy covenant ;

Aad, underneath my heavy load Of în and forrow, when I pant,

I'll claim thy justice, O my God:
I know thou wilt relieve my soul;

When mine iniquities so great,
Like foods of fire fall o'er me roll,
Thy love thall bid the floods retreat.---

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12 Who, who is this that fears the Lord ?

That reckons so upon his love?
That claims the justice of his word ?

And pleads that he shall never move?
Jehovah, surely, shall him teach

The way that his own soul thall chuse; 13 His foul shall dwell beyond the reach

Of mischiefs which his en'mies muse:
His feed fhåll dwell upon the earth,

The earth and all therein is theirs;
Their souls fhall never feel a dearth,

For they are God's eternal heirs. 14 The secret of Jehovah dwells

With those who do Jehovah fear;
He'll shew his glory that excels

To those his love in mind who bear. 15 Jehovah's always in mine eye,

Because imy foul Jehovah frees
From all the storms abroad that fly,

And makes them feem a gentle breeze. 16 I cry'd, Have mercy; I'm undone

Unless the Lord bis mercy shew; Have mercy, Father, on thy Son,

And thew me now thy mercy due: 17 The forrows of my heart abound,

And thousands more my heart await; My soul is dalh'd down to the ground,

And overpress'd with anguish great: 18 Let all my fins be wasn'd away,

And, with my blood, my forrows go; For those who hate me boldly say,

He falls, and fhall no rifing know. 19 My God preserve thy darling One,

And pluck me from the fiery flame; 20 When these confusion's all are gone,

That I may glory in thy name.

21 Perfection pure, and innocence,

Jehovah, thou wilt not refuse;
Thy righteousness is my defence :

I come, my God, to pay my vows. 22 Let Isra'l all in triumph sing,

And Zion found aloud her joys;
For her Redeemer is her King :

Let Zion in her King rejoice.
All glory to the God of peace;

Who bruis'd for us the serpent's head,
And brought to us eternal grace,

By bringing Jesus from the dead!.

PS A L M XXVI. Read this Pfalm in the light of the glorious gospel; behold the glory of God as it thines in the face of Jesus; consider the parallels as cited in the margin, and those mentioned in the illustration of the first Pfalm ; and then judge for thyself as to the propriety of the interpretation proposed in the following paraphrase. It concerns the reader thereof to be in the right, as much as the writer.

Meffiah pleads bis innocence
And justice for his fure definice;
Though justice try his heart and reins,
Yet justice nothing there arraigns :
The Surety, therefore, boldly claims
Salvation for his elect names :
His righteousness shall stand for theirs,
Wha jiand his legal fons and heirs.
EHOVAH, judge me, judge me now;

Behold, I have perform'd my vow :
In my perfection I have walk'd;
Nor İhall my hopes by thee be baulk?d.

2 Jeho.


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2 Jehovah, lift me, Gft me well,

If any evil with me dwell;
Pour out my heart and reins, and show

If any cursed thing fhall flow.
3 For I have walk'd before the Lord,

According to thy holy word;
Behold, I've kept continually

Thy loving kindness in mine eye. 4 I have not fat with perfons vain,

Nor own'd the lewd licentious train: 5

I hate th' afsemblies of the vile,

And fcorn to eat with men of guile. 6 I'll wala mine hands in innocence,

And claim thy noblest recompence;
I'll at thine aktar keep my guard,

And triumph in my juft reward. 7 Lord, I will all thy glory tell,

And on thy name for ever dwell; I'll lift aloud the voice of praise,

For thou accepteft all my ways. 8 Lord, I have lov'd thy dwelling-place,

The mansions of thy love and grace;
And there for ever I shall dwell,

That I may all thy glory tell.
9 The ways of finners I have fhunn'd,

Nor shall be th their fentence ftupn'd: 10 Their hands are full of evil deeds,

For which my grieved fpirit bleeds. 11 Thou feeft the service I have done,

Let perfect love reward thy Son;
Lo, thou my witness art, my Judge ;

With thee my cause I'll safely lodge : 12 For I have walk'd in perfect love,

And therefore never shall remove;
My foot shall stand upon my Rock,
And laugh at ev'ry idle thock:

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