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PSA L M XXXI. Of all the memorable things, testified beforehand concerning Chrilt in the Psalms, there is none recorded in the New Testament, as more remarkably and literally fulfilled than his last words upon the cross, crying with a loud voice, Luke xxiii. 46 Father, into thy hands I commend

my fpirit:' which words are evidently taken from the prophetic record in the 5th verfe of this Pfalm. Now, the Psalm being all spoken in one perfon, this undeniable application of one confpicuous part thereof mult infallibly determine the fense of the whole, and, consequently, for the same reason, of all the parallels thereof; for which the reader is referred to his own sagacity and taste in such matters, and to the marginal references. Messiah, trufting in bis God

Únto bis last expiring breath,
Bold through his lin-atoning blood,

Rejoices in the pangs of death;
And loudly cries, let finners hear!)

My-God, my spirit I coinmend
Into thine hands-Thy fervant dear

Returns to thee, the finner's friend!...
N thee, Jehovah, I confide;

Do not destroy my soul :
But, in thy righteousness, provide

A balm to make me whole.
2 When I am finking in the deep,

Incline thine ear to me;
See how the billows'o'er me fweep!

How I'm ingulfed fee!
Incline thine car, reach down thy hand,

And hear my groans, and fave:
I onk in mire, where yone can stand,

O'erflown by ev'ry wave. 1. Hii

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3 But thou shalt prove a Rock for me,

A place wherein to dwell,
Where I in safety ftill thall be

From all the feas that fwell :
For thou, Jehovah, art my Strength,

My Fortress in the sea;
And thou wilt lave;my foul at length,

And draw my foul to thee.
5 Into thy hands I recommend 4,

My spirit, O my God;
For thou wilt me deliv'rance fend,

And refcue from the food. 6 O Lord, my God, I hated ill;

I hated ev'ry lie:
And, therefore, come to thee I will,

And trust thy verity.
7 Exult I will, and dance, and fing,

And triumph in thy love;
Because thou didst in safety bring

Me to thy joys above
8 Thou knewest mine affliction great,

When by my foes entrapp'd,
And pluckedit me from ev'ry strait,

My iron fetters snapp'd.
My feet upon the even ground

Did firmly tread along,
And, as they mov’d, at ev'ry bound,

Beat time unto' my song.
9 Jehovah, now my soul again :

Unto thy mercy flies;
Because my strength doth waste amain,

And all my vigour dies.
10 My years evanih in my toil;

My heart within me fails;
My fighs and tears my beauty spoil,

And fore my spirit ails. :


My bones are scorched to a coal;

The fire of God consumes,
And quite devoureth up my soul,

While hell upon me glooms.
My sins appear a bright drawn sword,

Upon whose point I fall,
Which hath my inmost body gord,

And me disfigur’d all.
11 How dreadful is the finner's cafe,

Where he himself must bear
What fills my heart with such dispeace,

And gives me more to fear!
To all my foes I am a fcorn,

To all my friends a fear,
And they who see me, cry • Forlorn !-

What scare-crow have we here??
Both friends and foes retire apace,

And leave me 'lone to mourn, And ruminate on my disgrace,

Whilst on my rack I turn. 12 I'm fall'n into oblivion base,

Like one has long been dead, Or fragment of a broken vase,

Upon the dung-hill laid. 13 I've seen the taunting Ineer go round,

While horror fill'd my soul, To see their cruel rage abound,

And rancour o'er their bowl. They lay their dark conspiracies,

Inspir'd by deep deceit, Desiring to decoy my eyes,

Till seized in their net. 14 But I, Jehovah, hop'd in thee,

And iaid, My God art thou; 15 My times are all in thy decree; Jehovah, rescue now.


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Behold the malice of my foes,

My soul who persecute,
And turn the tempeft, Lord, on thofe

Who give me this purfuit.
16 The glory of thy countenance,

Upon me cause to shine;
As when the morning smiles advance,

The frowns of night decline. 17 According to thy gracious word,

Preserve thy fervant dear;
And ler no man upbraid the Lord,

Because the Lord I fear.
18 Let them be cover'd o'er with hame

Who have upbraided me;
Who vilify'd thy lacred name,

Upbraided let them be.
In Glence of the darkfome tomb,

Confounded thrall they ly,
Whofe lips of falsehood, from the womb,

The truth did fallfy.
The Lord thall come in fame and fire;

With thousands of his faints,
To execute the judgment dire

For all their just complaints;
The lewd ungodly fons of guile,"

Against the Just who strive,
For all their fpeeches hard and vile,

Shall then be burnt alive.
19 How great's the goodness thou hart hid,

And treasur'd up, for chose
Who talk and walk as, thou hast bid,

In presence of their foes !
20 For thou phalt hide them in the wing

Of thy most tender love, :
From ev'rytongue, or dart, or fing,

That shall against them move.

21 Blessid

21 Bless'd be Jehovah for my fake,

For he my soul hath blefs'd,
And to his heav'n he did me cake,

Where I shall ever rest.
22 But when I was approaching near,

I said, that I muft die
Ere I before thee can appear,

And bring my people nigh.
For I behov'd for them to die,

Whose lives I came to save;
But thou in death didst hear my cry,

To snatch me from the grave.
23 Ye fons of mercy, love the Lord,

Ye fons of love and faith,
All cheerfully obey his word,

Who you redeemed hath.
Ye faithful, lift your voice aloud,

New songs of praise contrive;
The Lord shall recompense the proud,

The humble fave alive.
24 Mounted upon Meffiah's wing,

The faints to heav'n fhall fly;
And there Messiah’s trophies fing,

For them who won the sky.

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The ist and ad verses of this Pfalm are explained by the apostle, Rom. iv. 6. as describing the blessedness of those to whom God imputeth the righteousness of the Meffiah without their own works.—The 3d, 4th, and 5th verses, parallel to Pfal. xxxvii. 2. xxxix. 2. xl. 12. cii. 3-12. express the experience and behaviour of the Mefliah himself, bearing, in patient fufferance and pain, the fins of his own elect, which he confeffed as his

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