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2 While God invites—how blest the day !
How sweet the gospel's charming sound!
Come, sinners, haste—oh, haste away,
While yet a pardoning God is found.
3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid wing,
Shall death command you to the grave;
Before his bar your spirits bring,
And none be found to hear, or save.
4 In that lone land of deep despair,
No Sabbath's heavenly light shall rise;
No God regard your bitter prayer,
No Saviour call you to the i.
5 Now God invites—how blest the day!
How sweet the gospel's charming sound!
Come, sinners, haste—oh, haste away,
While yet a pardoning God is found.
S. M.

191 Sinners invited to immediate Repentance.
YE sinners, fear the Lord,
While yet 'tis called to-day;
Soon will the awful voice of death
Command your souls away.
2 Soon will the harvest close,
The summer soon be o'er;
And soon your injured, angry God,
Will hear your prayers no more.
3 Then while ’tis called to-day
Oh hear the o sound ;
Come, sinners, haste—oh haste away,
While pardon may be found.
L. M.
192 God’s Readiness to forgive.
BEHOLD! this is the day of grace;
Come, sinners, seek the Saviour's face;

You need but look to Christ and live—
The Lord is ready to forgive.

2 The fountain of his grace is free ;
His love is boundless as the sea;
He urges you to look and live—
The Lord is ready to forgive.

3 Grieve not the Spirit from your heart,
Lest he should finally depart;
But while he moves, come, look and live—
The Lord is ready to forgive.

4 Come, all who thirst—come, all who will— Come while the dews of grace distil; Come, as you are—come, look and live— The Lord is ready to forgive.

C. M. . 1 93 The Resolve. COME, trembling sinner, in whose breast A thousand thoughts revolve: Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed, And make this last resolve:

2 “I’ll go to Jesus, though my sin
Hath like a mountain rose;
I see his courts, I'll enter in,
Whatever may oppose.

3 Prostrate I’ll lie before his throne,
And there my guilt confess;
I'll tell him 1'm a wretch undone—
Without his sovereign grace.

4 Perhaps he will admit my plea,
#. he'll hear my prayer;
But if I perish, I will pray,
And perish only there.

8s, 7s & 4. 194 Close of a Protracted Meeting.

NOW these solemn days are ending,
All their glowing hopes are o'er;
Now the final hour is spending—
We shall see their joys no more;
Days of gladness—
We shall see their joys no more.

2 Oft the tidings of salvation
Have been pressed upon our ears;
Who has heard the invitation ?
Who in sinning perseveres?
Who, rebellious,
Still in sinning perseveres?

3 Sinner, o'er thy hardness weeping,
To the Saviour thou must go–
Never resting, never sleeping,
Till salvation he bestow—
Never restin -
Till salvation he festow.

4 Thoughtless ones, while ye, departing,
Hasten from these scenes away,
Let your spirits, onward darting,
Sée the final parting day;
Fast approaching,
See the final parting day.

5 While the contrite, while the lowly,
Rise where matchless glories glow;
Ye, who choose to be unholy,
Must depart to endless wo.
Ye, unholy, -
Must depart to endless wo.


C. M. 195 Conviction by the Law.

LORD, how secure my conscience was,
And felt no inward dread!

I was alive without the law,
And thought my sins were dead.

2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright; #. since the precept came, With such convincing power and light, I find how vile I am.

3 My guilt appeared but small before,
*i; I with terror saw
How perfect, holy, just, and pure
Is thine eternal law.

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load–
My sins revived again;
I had provoked a dreadful God,
And all my hopes were slain.

5 Moo I cry with every breath,
xert thy power to save;
Oh! break the yoke of sin and death,
And thus redeem the slave.

196 S. M.

MY former hopes are fled,
My terror now begins;
I § alas! that I am dead
In trespasses and sins.
2 Ah, whither shall I fly?
I hear the thunder roar;

The law proclaims destruction nigh,
And vengeance at the door.

3 When I review my ways,
I dread impending doom;
But sure a friendly whisper says,
“Flee from the wrath to come.”

4 I see—or think I see,
A glimmering from afar;
A beam of day, that shines for me,
To save me from despair.

5 Forerunner of the sun,
It marks the pilgrim's way;
I'll gaze upon it while I run,
And watch the rising day.

197 L. M.

Impenitence deplored. AMID displays of wrath and love, What stubborn creatures, Lord, are we ? No relish for the joys of heaven, No dread of endless misery.

2. With what a base contempt we treat Thy threatenings and thy promises! Duty neglect—and mercy slight, or fear to sin—nor seek to please. 3 Could angels weep—for us they’d mourn:

Break, then, these flinty hearts, O God! Sure we must melt beneath thy grace,

Or feel the terrors of thy rod. C. M. 198 Confession.

ALMIGHTY Father! God of grace!
We all, like sheep astray,

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