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2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,
Of pure and heavenly root;
But fairest in the youngest shows,
And yields the sweetest fruit.

3 Ye careless ones, oh, hear betimes
The voice of saving love .
Your youth is stained with numerous crimes,
But mercy reigns above.

4 For you the public prayer is made;
Oh, join the public prayer!
For you the sacred tear is shed;
Oh, shed yourselves a tear!

5 We pray that you may early prove
The Saviour's quickening grace;
Too young you cannot taste #. love,
Or seek his smiling face.

412 C. M.

Pleasure of instructing the Young. BLEST work! the youthful mind to win, And turn the rising race From dark and dangerous paths of sin, To seek redeeming grace.

2 Children our kind protection claim;
And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,
And their Redeemer love.

3 Be ours the bliss, in wisdom's way
To guide untutored youth,
And show the mind which went astray
The way, the life, the truth!

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The honors of thy name be spread;
Be all the glory thine.

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Flight of Time. TIME is winging us away To our eternal home; Life is but a winter's day— A journey to the tomb: Yài and vigor soon will flee, Blooming beauty lose its charms; All that's mortal soon shall be Enclosed in death's cold arms. 2 Time is winging us away To our eternal home; Life is but a winter's day— A journey to the tomb: But the Christian shall enjoy Health and beauty, soon, above, Far beyond the world's alloy, Secure in Jesus' love.

414 C. M. THE time is short!—sinners, beware, Nor trifle time away; The word of great salvation hear, While yet 'tis called to-day. 2 The time is short!—O sinners, now, To Christ the Lord submit;

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3 The time is short!—ye saints, rejoice—
The Lord will quickly come:

Soon shall you hear the Saviour's voice,
To call you to your home.

4 The time is short!—it swiftly flies—
The hour is |. at hand,
When we shall mount above the skies,

And reach the wished-for land.

5 The time is short'—the moment near,
When we shall dwell above;

And be forever happy there,
With Jesus, whom we love.

12s & 8s.

415 ... - - -
JMisspent Time and Privileges lamented.

WHEN the harvest is past, and the summer is

One Andoons and prayers shall be o'er; When the beams cease to break of the sweet Sabbath morn, And Jesus invites thee no more; When the rich gales of mercy no longer shall blow, The gospel no message declare;— Sinner, how can'st thou bear the deep wailings of wo T How suffer the night of despair 7

2. When the holy have gone to the regions of peace, To dwell in the mansions above,

When their harmony wakes, in the fulness of bliss, Their song to the Saviour they love;—

so O sinner, who livest at rest, and secure,

ho fearest no trouble to come,
Can thy spirit the swellings of sorrow endure,
. Or bear the impenitent's doom 7

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GENTLY glides the stream of life,
Oft along the flowery vale;

Or impetuous down the cliff,
R. roars when storms assail.

2 "Tis an ever-varied flood,
Always rolling to its sea;
Slow, or quick—or mild, or rude,
Tending to eternity.

4 17 6s & 5s. Permanent Peace and Friendship in Heaven only.

WHEN shall we meet again,
Meet ne'er to sever?
When will peace wreath her chain
Round us forever?—
Our hearts will ne'er repose,
Safe from each blast that blows
In this dark vale of woes—
Never—no, never!

2. When shall love foly flow,
Pure as life's river:
When shall sweet friendship glow,
Changeless forever?—
Where joys celestial thrill,
Where bliss each heart shall fill,
And fears of parting chill—
Never—no, never!

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Where kindred spirits dwell, There may our music swell, And time our joys dispel— Never—no, never. 4 Soon shall we meet again, Meet ne'er to sever; Soon will peace wreath her chain, Round us forever: Our hearts will then repose, Secure from worldly woes: Our songs of praise shall close— Never—no, never! I. M. 4.18 Echortation to work while it is Day. AWAKE-awake! each sluggish soul, Awake—and view the setting sun' See how the shades of death advance, Ere half the task of life is done ! 2 Soon will he close our drowsy eyes, Nor shall we hear these warnings more: Soon will the mighty Judge approach; Ev’n now he stands before the door! 3 To-day, attend his gracious voice And hear the summons which he sends— “Awake!—for on this passing hour, Thy long eternity depends!” 4 O Saviour! let these awful scenes Be ever present to our view: Teach us to gird our loins about, And trim our dying lamps anew. 5 Then, when the king of terror comes, Our souls shall hail the happy day: Haste, then, O Saviour, from above, Nor let thy chariot wheels delay.

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