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not be available for the making him happy, because he is not capable of being so; yet it will be for the lessening his Punishment. He shall be in a much more supportable Condition among the Miserable, than those that have been unmerciful, or cruel, or uncharitable in their Lives. O therefore what remains, but that, considering all these things, we should h jkdfast, unmoveabkf always abounding inlCorlr. these Wofks of the Lord, forasmuch as we' know that our Labour shall not be in vain in the Lord? .Giving all diligence to add to Faith, Vir- zp<*. It tue; and to ¥irtw^ Knowledge ., and to Know- *• &c. kdge, Terns erance^; and to Temperance, "Patience; and to (patience, Godliness; and to Godliness, Brotherly Kindness \ and to Brotherly Kindness, Charity. By our good Works, making cur Calling vcrfe 10. and Election sure, (so some Copies have the loth verse'.of r 'Pet. %.) that doing these things we may never fall; but an Entrance may be mivijired to us abundantly into the everlajling Kwgaom of our Lord Jesus Christ ,, ,,',;

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Psalm cxij. 4.

To the Upright there ariseth Light in v 7 the 'Darkness:

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1 Tim. 4. 8.


Odliness, faith St. '7W/,' £^Æ the cPromise of this Life, as well as of that which is to come. Of this Proposition of his, the Psalm we have now before us, may seem to be an Explication or Paraphrase. ,''

For in this Psalm Two things are designed, a Description of ,<fie Wous Mari';' and a Description of hx^TwCsedness in this Life: Each of which is done irfifjLve Instances or Particulars. The Terms wh«rein the ',pious Man is here describ'd, arc these •following.

First, He is one that fiareth God, and greatly delighteth in his Commandments, ver. 1.

.Secondly, He is one that is Righteous and Upright in his Conversation, ver. 4. and 6.


Thirdly, He is one th^iis prudent and discreet in the managing of his Affairs, ver. $. Me guides h his Jffairs with Discretion. ;:.

Fourthly, He is one whose Heprt is fixed, trlisting in the Lord, ver.'7> k] :..

Lastly, He is one that is extreamly Charitable. He is gracious and fullpf Compassion, ver. 4. He she.weth Favour and lendeth, ver. 5. He hath dispersed, he hath given to the. Qoor, ver. 5).

Now the BleJJedmss of such a Man as this, as to this Life, is describ'd in the five Instances following. . ...•-. • The first of which is, A great and happy Posterity j thus, yer. 2. His SeedJhall be mighty upon Earth; the Generation of the Upright Jha/l be blessed. •,;• , :..,

The second is, A Plentiful and an Ample Fortune; thus in the third verse, Riches and tylenteousnejs shall be in,his House.; 4 The third is, A lasting Fame and Reputation \ thus, again in the third verse, His Righteousness remaimth for ever \ and likewise in the sixth verse, Hejhall be had in everlasting Remembrance.. .:, .;; . • , •,

The fourth is, Honour, and Power, and Dignity, even such as shall excite the Envy 'pf the Wicked; thus in the ninth verse, His Horn, shall be exalted with Honour, the Wicked fhalifee it, and shall be grieved, Stc. , ,:

The fifth is, Great Safety and Peace in the Midst of Dangerous and Troublesome Times: Thus in the Text, 7*o the Upright there arijeth Light in the Darkness, i. e. Light in the greatest Straights and Difficulties \ for that is the .*. Meaning

Meaning of Darkness in this place. Times of Darkness, in the Scripture-language, are Evil, and Difficult, and Dangerous Times. Now upon account of this Light that ariseth to the Upright Man in Evil-times, it comes to past as it folio weth, ver. 6", 7, 8. that such a one /hall not he moved for evert neither shall he he afraid of evil-tiding> for his Heart is ejlablifljed, and he shall not shrink until he fee his Desire upon his Enemies. Or, as the Chaldee perhaps better renders it, until he fie Redemption in Distress- ,

This is the just Analysis of the whole

Psalm. Now of these several Characters whereby the Pious Man is describ'd, I have pitch'd upon that of his Uprightness to give an Account of, and to recommend to you at this time. And Of the several Instances of the Blessedness of such a Man, I have pitch'd upon that of Safety and Peace in the midst os Perilous and Troublesome Times. These two Points I have chosen to entertain you upon, as judging them most suitable to the present Occasion, and to our present Circumstances. And we find them both join'd together in the Words of the Text, so the Upright there aris et h Light in the Darkness.

Here then we have two Things to consider j First, The Person to whom the Promise here made, or the Blessedness here mentioned doth, belong j It is the Upright Man. Secondly, The 'Promise, or the BleJ/edness it self j It is Light in I'imes of Darkness.

a I begin

I begin with the Character of the Person to whom this Promise is made, He is the Upright Man, or, as in our more common Language w express him, the Homft Man, the Man of -Integrity. We all know so well what is meant by these Words, that it would render the thing more difficult to offer Critically to give Light to them. As all those General Terms, whereby a Man's whole Duty is exprest in Scripture, have their several Respects and Considerations which difference them one from the other, though they be all equally comprehensive; so hath this Term of Uprightness. That which it immediately and particularly respects is the Goodness of a Man's Principles, and the Suitableness of his Actions to them. Or thus, The Conformity of a Man's Mind to the Eternal Rules of Righteousness, and the Conformity of his Actions to the Principles of his Mind. This is that upon account of which any Person is denominated Upright, and contrary to this is all Hypocritical and Partial Dealings in Matters of our Duty. So that if we would give the Definition of an Upright Man, it should be in such Terms as these: He is a Man that in afl things follows the Dictates of his Conscience. Or, he is one, that makes his Duty the Rule of his Actions. Or, he is one, that always propoieth to himself Righteous Ends, and pursues those Ends in Righteous Ways.

This is the general Description of the Upright Man: But for the more lively Display of him, and the rendring him, as more Amiable so more linkable, it will be fit that we represent

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