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Now, That the Lord is really thus the King of the World, there are all the Arguments to persuade us, that can be defir'd; - It is the Voice of Reason; it is the Voice of all Mankind; it is the Voice of GOD himself, both in his Works, and in his Word.

Give me leave to give you a Specimen in all these Ways of Arguing, and but a Specimen, because it would be rather the Work of a Book, than of a Sermon, to dilate upon these Matters. : First, I say, Reafon tells us it must be thus: for admitting that the World did not make itfelf, but was made by God; it will follow, that the fame God that made it, muft ftill govérn it; for, the same Ends, and Designs, and Motives (whatever they were) that induced God to make the World at first, will oblige him for ever to take care of it, and look after it. · Unless we fuppose God to contrive and act as uncertainly and unsteadily, and with the fame. Inconftancy and Levity of Mind, that some of us Mortals here upon Earth do

Secondly, It is the Voice of all Mankind; For, otherwise how comes it to pass, that among all Nations, and in all Ages, there has been some Religion or other practised. win

I pray, what is the Meaning of Worshiping God, of putting up Prayers and Supplications to him for the Things we need; of returning Thanks for the Benefits we have received; of appointing Religious Rites and Methods for the Expiation of Guilt, on the Averting of im. pendent Calamities (all which Things have been practised in all Nations, from the beginning of the World to this Day;) I say, what

is the Meaning of all this, unless it was hereby i meant to be signified, That there is a God who

concerns himself in the Affairs of Mankind, and

who doth dispense Good or Evil to them, ás i they well or ill behave themselves towards him?

· The Truth is, To say, that God doth not govern the World, is to say, that all Religion is a Cheat; and, that all Mankind, except a few debauch'd Wits in the most polite Countries, and a few Brutes in the very barbarous ones, (who are of no Religion at all) have been, and are a Company of credulous Fools. For this is certain, whatever Argument, either yer, or Turk, or Pagan, or Christian, can suggest to himself, for the convincing him, that it is his Concernment, or his Duty, to worship God, or to be of any Religion at all, nay, or to make any conscience of any Adion he does ; I say, all these Arguments do not only prove, but fuppofe, that God both knows and orders the Affairs of the World. ... ...

Thirdly,, It may likewise be as strongly proved from Effects; from the Tracks and Footîteps of a Divine over-ruling Providence, which are to be seen in the Events that happen in the World, which is what I call the Voice of God in his Works.:

Thefe åre indeed so many, and so visible, that whosoever hath either read Hiftory, or hath made Observations, must needs have taken notice of them. l. i ng, ** If ever there were any extraordinary Deliverancés vouchfafed to Kingdoms, or Cities, or particular Persons; or ever any remarkable Judgments inflicted upon any of these, which

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so carried the Marks and Signatures of God's Hand in them, that the one could not in Reafon but be attributed to the Care that he had, that Religion or Innocence should not be oppressed; and the other must in Reason be interpreted as a Divine Vengeance, that pursued the Guilty for their Crimes:'. ii,

If ever there were any Prophecies that did punctually fore-tell a Particular Event, that came not to pass till many Years after, and such an Event as was perfectly contingent, and depended upon the Wills of Men:

If ever there were any Notices given of Approaching Calamities, by Voices from Heaven, by strange Appearances in the Air, and such other like Presages, not naturally to be accounted for :: į If ever there were any Apparitions, any Witchcraft, any Effects of a Diabolical Power, by which it may appear, that there are a fort of Invisible Beings in the World, which do bear ill Will to Mankind, but yet are so curbed, that they cannot do all the Mischief they would : - If ever there were any Miracles wrought either by Moses and the Prophets, or by Jesus Christ and his Apoftles, for the Confirmation of the Yewish or the Cbristian Religion : : Lastly, If ever any Good Man did receive any Blessing, or avoid any Misfortune, which he might rationally look upon as an - Answer to the fervent Prayers that he had put up to God, or others had put up for him :

I say, If any of these Things that I have now named be true (as all Histories give us



a World of Instances of the Truth of all of
them; and as for fome of them, I do not doubt
but they fall within the Compass of our own
Observation and Experience;) I say, if any
of these Things be true, then have we a con-
vincing Proof, that there is a Power that doth
interpose in the Affairs of the World, supe-
riour both to that of Nature, and to that of
Mankind, and which moderates all Things, ac-
cording as it seems good unto him... "

But in Truth, we need not go to supernatu-
ral Events, or to particular Providences for the
Truth of this: For, in my Opinion, the daily
Effects that every one of us fees and feels;
the very Subsistence of the World for so many
Ages, in that regular Frame that it was at first; .
and the fair Treatment and Encouragement -
Chow unequally foever Things seem to be
distributed) which vertuous and religious Men
have always found, and I do yet find, notwith-
standing that far the greatest Number of Men
are of another Stamp: Isay, these very Things
-seem an Argument beyond Exception, That
there is a God that presides over us, and takes
Care of us.

But, Fourthly and Lastly, God has yet given us a further Proof of this, by his own many Authentick Declarations in the Holy Scriptures -(which we call his Word.)

One of the main Businesses of which is, to
assure us, That He rules in the Kingdoms of Dan. 4.
Men, and disposeth of all their Affairs. in

There he is set forth as the Author of all
Events, both good and bad; so that no Evil

Amos 3.6. happens in a City, but the Lord doth it.



There he is represented as the Searcher of all Hearts, the Judge of all Mens Designs and Actions, the Avenger of all Evil Practices,

and the Refuge of all Good Men. Pfal. 33. There we are told, that He is the God of

Battels, and that no King is saved by the Multitude of his Armies; nor any mighty Man delivered by his own Strength: but Salvation is from

the Lord. And so are Disappointments.. Pfal. 33. There we are assured, that He from his Ha14. bitation looketh down upon all that dwell on the

Earth. He fashioneth the Hearts of them; he Prov. 19. understandeth all their Ways. And though many 21. are the Devices that are in their Hearts, yet it

is bis Counsel only that pall fand.

In a Word, it is God (as the Apostle tells Eph.1.11. us) that worketh all Things, and he worketh

them all according to the Counsel of his own Will.
So that nothing comes by: Chance, nothing is
done in vain; but all Events are in Pursuance
of a Design. :
· Nay, not so much as the Event of casting
a Lot (which seems the most fortuitous, con- :
tingent Thing in the whole World) is left at
random: For even in that Case, the Disposal
of the Lot (as Solomon tells us, Prov. 16. 33.)
is from the Lord.
;. All this is not only the Doctrine, but in a
great measure the very Language and Expref-
fion of these Holy Books. And, what can
we desire more ? Or, what Words can we
invent, that shall declare more fully the Thing
we are speaking of ?

None can, that I know, of, except perhaps those of our Saviour, with which I shall shut


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