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We see this every Day verified in Men of all Ranks and Conditions, of all Callings and Employments. What a Multitude of Inconveniencies, as to matter of Dealing between Man and Man, doth an intemperate Appetite betray, Men to? How filly and foolish is the most shrewd Man, when Wine hath gotten into his Head? There is none so simple in his Company, but supposing him to be sober, and to have Designs upon him, he Thall be able to over-reach him. What a World of Advantages doth the angry Man give to him he deals with, by the Hastiness and Impatience of his Spirit? How often doth a Man do that in the Fury and Expectancies of Luft, for which when his Ardours are over, he is ready to bite his Nails for very Vexation? :

It is thus, more or less, with all kind of Vices; they craze a Man's Head, and cast a Mift before his Eyes, and make him often lose himself in those very ways wherein he pretends to be moft skilful : So that it cannot be denied that Virtue is of a singular Use in all Matters wherein we have Occasion to make use of our Reason, and doth secure us from a multitude of Indiicretions, which without it we should unavoidably commit. .

But Secondly, Godliness is also an excellent Means to secure a Man's Diligence in the Discharge of his Calling and Employment, which is also a Matter of very great Consequence, in order to our thriving in the World: For it is the diligent Hand that maketh rich, and the Man that is diligent in his Business, that mal fiand. before Kings; as Solomon tells us.


Now thé Obligations that Religion layeth upon us, to be careful in this point, are far stronger than what can arise from any other respect or confideration whatsoever ; for it obligeth us to mind our Business, not only for our own, but for God's Sake : It chargeth the matter upon our Consciences, and represents it to us as a Part of that Service we owe to our Creator; upon the due Performance of which, no less than the everlasting Welfare of our Souls doth depend : For it assures us, that hé that will call us to account for every idle Words will much more do so, for the 'icle Expence of our Time, and the abuse and not-improvement of those Talents that he hath entrusted us with. So that though we had no worldly Inducement to make us diligent in our Callings, though we were sure'wc should suffer'no Prejudice in our Temporal Affairs by Idleness, and the Neglect of our Business, (the Fear of which yet is the only Principle that puts worldly Men upon Action) neverthelefs we are infinitely concerned, not to be Nack' or negligent in this Matter, in regard it is a Point that will be so severely exacted of us in the other World. '

I know but one - Objection that can be made against this Discourse, and it is this, That what Engagement foever, Religion lay's upon us to the careful 1pending of our Tinie, yet its own · Exercises, Prayer, and Reading; and Meditation, take up 10 great a Portion of it, which might be spent in the Works of our ordinary Employment, that in cffcct it rather

: : : : hinders

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hinders our Attendance on our Business than
promotes it. But to this it is easily answered,
That there is no Man so engaged in the World,
but may, if he please, make both his Bufikefs
and his Devotions confift, together without
prejudicing of either.. ."
. They have very false Apprehensions of Rex

ligion, that think it obliges us to be always i upon our Knees, or always poring upon fonie f good Book : No, we do as truly ferve God,

and perforn Acts of Religion, when we labour honestly in our Vocation, as when we go to Church, or say our Prayers. ...!!!

It is true, indeed, we ought to have our Hearts in Heaven as much as is possible, and to that end, we ought to pray continually ; but what hinders, but we may do this in the midst of our Business? There is no Employment doth so entirely engrofs a Man's Mind, but he may find Leisure, if he please, many times a Day, to entertain good Thoughts, to quicken and re-infotee his purposes, to cast up a short Prayer, or a Wish to God Almightý. And this I dare fày, for your Encourage ment, that such a devout Frame of Heart, such frequent and sudden Dartings of your Souls to God, while you are at your Business, will be so far from hindring or distracting you in it, that they will make you go abcut it with much more Vigour and Alacrity.

· Bút farther, I would ask any Màn that makes the foresaid Objection, fupposing Religion ten times more expensive of our Time than really it is, yet whether Vice and Sin


be not much more so, than it would be. What a multitude of idle Avocations from, and Interruptions in our Business doth that daily occasion unto Men; What a Number of impertinent Discourses, unprofitable: Visits, needless Points of Gallantry, long Diverlions by Drink, and Play, and Company; not to mention à great many other Debauches, doth it frequently engage Men in ? And yet these we count no Hindrance to our Busineis; there we complain not of; but to spend a Quarter of that Time in some devout Exercise, This is intolerable, it wastes too much of our Time, our Occafions will not permit it. Such partial and unjust Estimators of Things are we. But I proceed;

In the Third Place then, as for Frugality and good Husbandry, which is another necessary Requisite for the getting of Wealth. Religion is unquestionably the best Mistress of it in the World; for it retrencheth all the xorbitances and Wantonesses of our Desires, which are the Things that pick the Money out of our Purses, and teacheth us to live after the Measures of Nature, which every Body knows are little, and cheap. It perfectly cuts off all those idle Expences with which the Estates of other Men stand almost continually charged. The Modesty of it cloaths us at a small rate; and its Temperance spreads for us, though a neat, yet a frugal. Table. The Attendance it requires on our Business, will not allow us to embezel our Money in Drinking or Gaming : Nor will, that Purity which is inseparable from it, eyer let us know what the past and


finking Expences of Lewdness ! and Uncieana

nefs are. In a Word, it is Vice only that is! 6) the chargeable thing; it is only Shame and

Repentance that Men buy at such costly Rates: ! Godliness is saving and full of good Husbandry;

nor has it any known or unknown Ways of on spending, except it be those of Charity, which 2016 indeed, in proper speaking, are not so much un Expence, as Usury; for Money fo laid out, my doth always, even in this Life, return to us tha with Advantage. en The Fourth and last Means I mentioned Clic of Thriving in the World, was the keeping on a good Correspondence with all those, in whose

Power it is to binder or promote our Affairs. This every Body knows to be a prime Point in Policy; and indeed it is of a large Extent, and of continual Use. No Man can be supposed fo independent on others, but that as he is fome way beholden to them for all that he has, so he stands in need of their Help and Concurrence for all that he hopes for. Men do not

make their Fortunes of themselves, nor grow 7 rich by having Treasures dropped in their f. Laps; but they do it by the Benefit of HuBs man Society, by the mutual Assistances and the good Offices that one Man performs for ano

ther. So that whoever intends to thrive in i the World, it above all Things imports him i fo to carry himself towards all that he liathy jó any Commerce with, so far to secure their

Favour and Good-will, that they may be Lii obliged not to deny him any of those Afift

ances, which the Exigency of his Affairs calls



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