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wasted are mine eyes, while I wait for God.

More numerous than the hairs of my head are they who hate me, without a cause ! powerful are my deceitful enemies, who wish to destroy me! What I never ravished, I repay!

O GOD! thou knowest what has been my folly, and from thee my faults are not hidden. But let not, I pray, be put to shame they who look up to thee, JEHOVAH God of hosts ! Let not, I pray, be exposed to ignominy they who are attached to thee, O God of Israel ! For on thy account I suffer reproach ; and, on thy account, am loaded with ignominy ! am become a stranger to mine own brethren! an alien to mine own mother's fons ! Because zeal for thy house devoureth me, the reproaches of thy reproachers redound on me. When I weep and fast, it is made a matter of

reproach: when I clothe myself in fackcloth, I become their

by-word. They who sit at the gate calumniate me; and drunkards make me the burthen of their song.

But I to thee, JEHOVAH ! address my prayer ; in thine own seasonable time, O GOD! according to thine infinite goodness, hear--and assure my preservation. Free me from the mire, that I may not fink: may I be rescued from those who hate me, and retrieved from the watery deep. Let not the flood of waters overwhelm me: nor the whirl-pool swallow me up;




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nor the pit shut upon me its mouth.
Hear me, JEHOVAH ! since great is thy bounty :
according to thine infinite kindness,
favour me with thy regard.
Hide not thy face from thy servant;
hasten to help me in my distress.
Be present to save and redeem my life:
redeem me, because of mine enemies.
Thou knowest what reproach I have borne,
what shameful, ignominious treatment !
mine adversaries are all in thy view.
Reproach hath broken and debilitated mine heart !
I looked for condolers—but, no !
for comforters--but I found them not.
With my food they mingled hemlock :
and, in my thirst, made me drink musty wine.
May their own table, in return, be a trap;
and, by way of retribution, a snare !
May their eyes be so dim, that they may not fee:
and their loins so weak, that they may always

Upon them pour out thine indignation;
and let thy wrathful ire lay hold on them.
May their castles be desolate; '
and their tents without inhabitants !
Since they perfecute those whom thou hadît smitten,
and aggravate the grief of those whom thou hadst

wounded, to their guiltiness, add guiltiness; . and by thee let them never be justified. Let them be effaced from the register of life; and let their names be not written among the just. But me-although humbled and afflicted



Let the



thy saving power, O God! can exalt.
I will celebrate God's name, with a canticle :
I will magnify him with thankful praise :
which, to JEHOVAH, will be more grateful,
than a full-horned and full-hoofed steer.

The afflicted shall see and rejoice !
and their hearts, who seek God, shall be revived.
For Jehovah listeneth to the destitute;
and despiseth not the bound for his sake.

The heavens and the earth shall praise him, the seas, and all that in them move : when God shall have restored Zion, and rebuilded the cities of Judah : which the feed of his servants shall inherit; and where those who love him shall dwell.

NOTES. This psalm is throughout highly poetical, and quite in the style of oriental poesy. The calamities of the Jews, during their captivity, are represented in every image of distress, in the strongest metaphorical terms.--Ver. 6. He owns that himself and his people had been guilty, and deserving chastisement: but he deprecates the insulting treatment which they met with from their enemies, who reproached them for their attachment to their God, and even laughed at their marks of repentance. Their zeal for the house of God, that is, their eager wish to see the Temple restored; their weeping and fasting, and other felf-denials, were turned into ridicule. They were a subject of scorn and derision to all the idle people, who met at the gates of cities, and the by-word of every revelling club. This I take to be the meaning of all this part of the pfalm.-Ver. 22. Musty wine. Not vinegar; which was considered as a refreshing and falubrious beverage.- Ver. 23. May their own table, &c. i. e. May their own food become as disgufting and noxious, as that which they force on us !-Ver. 28. To their guiltiness add guiltiness. Some render “ To their punishment add punishment :” but I believe the other is the true meaning. Let their guilt become so enormous, that there may be no room for pardon,

Such imprecations were familiar to the Hebrew poets : how far they are suitable to a Christian congregation, let those who are concerned examine.

PSALMS LXX. and LXXI.-al. LXIX. and LXX.

I join these two psalnıs togetber, because I am convinced they made, originally, but one: as they still do in 16 MSS. and in some of the oldest and most approved printed editions. See C. R. The first 5 verses (that is, the complete yotb psalm according to the present division) are copied from the conclusion of psalm 40. with some little variety of reading. The division of verses I bave retained separately, as in the common editions. Psalm 71 bas no title; another presumption, that it belongs to psalm 70; the title of which is

BE pleased, O God! to rescue me:
Jehovah! come speedily to mine aid !
May those be confounded, and covered with shame,
who seek to take away my life.
Backward may they speed and be confounded,
who wish evil to nie.
May they be turned back with sudden shame,

who say of me: “ Ahah! ahah !” "4

But, let all those, who seek thee,
be joyful and rejoice in thee.
Let those who delight in being saved by thee,
say: “Be God for ever magnified.”

When I am afflicted, and deftitute,
May God hasten to mine aid.
Thou art my helper, and deliverer !
JEHOVAH! make no delay.
In thee, JEHOVAH! I put my trust:
let me never be confounded :

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deliver and rescue me for thy justice sake:
incline to me thine ear; and save me.
Be thou my continual strong resort.
Thou art engaged to preserve me,
since my rock and fortress thou art.
Save me, my God, from the hand of the wicked;
from the hand of the unjust and cruel ;
since thou art my hope, JEHOVAH, my God!
my trust from my earliest youth.
On thee I have depended from the womb:
from my mother's bowels my support thou hast been:
thou shalt, therefore, be ever the subject of my praise.

To the many I am like a wonder:
but thou art my firm hope.
My mouth shall be full of thy praife;
thy glory shall be my daily theme.
Reject me not in mine old age:
forsake me not when my strength is gone.
For mine enemies deliberate against me;
and they who watch for my life consult together!

God (say they) hath forsaken him : ~ pursue and seize him, while there is no deliverer.”

O God! be not far from me; my God, hasten to mine aid : May the enemies of my life be confounded; be they covered with ignominy and shame, who insidiously seek mine hurt.

For in thee I will continually hope; and more and more add to thy praise. My mouth shall rehearse thy justice; thy saving mereies, all the day long : although I know not how to reckon them. I will dwell on thy mighty deeds, JEHOVAH !

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