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I fay: “ JEHOVAH is my hope, and my fortress, 2 “ my God, in whom I put my trust!” He, indeed, will deliver thee from the snare of the 3

fowler, and from every mischievous design : with his plumage he will cover thee, and under his wings thou shalt be secure. His truth being thy shield and buckler, thou needest not dread the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flieth by day : neither the mischief that stalketh in darkness, nor the destruction that wasteth at noon-day. A thousand shall fall, by thy side, and ten thousand on thy right hand : but to thee harm shall not approach.

Thou shalt only behold with thine eyes, and see the recompense of the wicked. Because thou hast made JEHOVAH thy refuge, the Most High thy shelter, no evil shall befall thee, nor any plague come near thy dwelling. For he will give his angels charge over thee, to preserve thee in all thy ways: in their hands they will bear thee up, left thou dash thy foot against a stone. On the adder and the aspic thou mayst tread: on the water-snake and crocodile thou mayst trample! “ Because he loveth me (saith God) I will rescue 14

“him: will protect him, because he owneth my name.


- When he invoketh me, I will answer him :
" I will be with him in his distress :
" I will deliver and bring him to honour.
“ With a long life I will satisfy him,
“ and will manifest to him my saving power.”


Ver. 13. The adder. This is commonly rendered the lion: but wrongly. The parallelism is thereby loft: and one is not apt to tread on lions, but very apt to tread on the serpentine kind. I am inclined to think that the psalmist meant to express two generical sorts of reptiles; the viper and the serpent: the former a viviparous, the latter an oviparous animal.-Ib. the water-snake. This too is rendered a young lion. But I think it must be the water-snake, in parallelism with the crocool dile; commonly rendered dragon.


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IT is right to give thanks to JEHOVAH !
to sing psalms to thy name, thou Most High!
to celebrate thy bounty in the morning,
and thy faithfulness every evening;
on the decachord, and on the lute,
with the sweet melody of the harp !
for thou delightest me by thy wonderful doings;
in the works of thine hands I exult for joy.
How great thy works, JEHOVAH! how deep thy

But the stupid man observeth not;
the fool understandeth not this.

When the wicked spring up like the herbs,


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and the workers of iniquity flourish:
it is but to be extirpated for ever!
But thou, Jehovah! art for ever exalted.

While, lo! thine enemies, Jehovah !
while, lo! thine enemies perish,
and dispersed are the workers of iniquity:
Thou exaltest mine horn, like the buffalo's..
With fresh oil I am anointed :
mine eye hath seen the fate of mine enemies :
mine ears have heard the fate of malignant foes.

The just shall flourish like a palm-tree; shall grow up like a cedar of Lebanon : Planted by the house of JEHOVAH, they shall flourish in the courts of our God! In their old age, even, they shall blossom ; full of sap, anıl green they shall remain :. to manifest the justice of Jehovah, my rock; in whom there is nothing unrighteous.


Ver. 11. With fresh oil thou anointeft me. The meaning is, that I am as much comforted by thy bounty, as if I were anointed with fresh oil. A metaphor drawn from oriental usage, and not hard to be understood.

PSALM XCIII.--al. XCII. This psalm bas no title: nor is it easy to guess wben, or by wbom, it was composed. I would give it to David.

JEHOVAH reigneth, clothed in excellency: Jehovah is clothed and begirt with power. The globe he hath so fixed, that it cannot be removed; thy throne, JEHOVAH! was established of old : 2 thou art from all eternity.


3 The floods, JEHOVAH ! the floods may raise their

the floods may raise high their breakers :
But JEHOVAH, on high, is mightier
than the voices of many waters,

or the mighty billows of the sea.
5 Thy promises, Jehovah! are most sure !

Eminent, for a length of days,
shall be the glory of thy fanctuary!

NOTE. Ver: 5. I have transposed Jebovab from the ad comma, for the greater perspicuity : and in rendering the comma, I differ somewhat from all the versions. See C. R.

PSALM XCIV._al. XCIII. This psalm bas no title in the original: but in Sep. Syr. Arab. it is ascribed to David. I believe it to bave been composed during the persecution of Antiocbus. I O GOD of avengeance, Jehovah ! · O God of avengeance ! shine forth !

Rouse thyself, thou judge of the earth!
to the proud retaliate a recompense.
Jehovah ! how long shall the wicked
how long shall the wicked triumph ?
shall they prate, and speak bitter reproach?
shall all the workers of iniquity infolently boast?

Thy people, Jehovah ! they harass;
and thine heritage they aggrieve :
The widow and the pilgrim they say;
and the fatherless they massacre !

Yet they say: “ JEHỌVAH will not see:

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" the God of Jacob will not observe us.Be instructed, ye most stupid of peoples ! Ah! when, ye fools, will ye be wise? Shall he, who planted the ear, not hear? fhall he, who formed the eye, not see? shall not he, who chastiseth nations, correct? .. 10 shall not he, who teacheth man knowledge, know? Well knoweth Jehovah, how vain the designs of man. II

Happy is the man, whom thou, JEHOVAH ! instructest, and to whom thou givest lessons from thy law; to make him tranquil in the days of adversity : while a pit is digging for the wicked. For JEHOVAH will not forsake his people, nor abandon his own heritage ; but to the just shall justice be rendered, and his adherents shall be all the upright of heart.

Who, for me, will oppose the malignant? who, for me, resist the workers of iniquity? If Jehovah come not to mine aid, I shall soon be in my filent grave. When I think that my foot is already flipping, thy bounty, JEHOVAH! supporteth me. In the multitude of mine inward anxieties, thy confolations delight my soul.

Wilt thou favour the throne of tyrants, who fanction oppression by statute ? They troop together against the righteous, and the blood of the innocent they condemn ! But Jehovah is mine asylum, and my God is the rock of my refuge.

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