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Mine enemies daily revile me: and those, who madly insult me, make me a subject of malediction : Because I eat duft with my bread, and with tears mingle my drink : since thou, in thine ire and indignation, hast raised me, only to cast me down. My days are like a declining shadow : and I am become like a withered herb. But thou, JEHOVAH, remainest for ever : and thy remembrance from generation to generation. Thou wilt yet arise, and have pity on Zion: for the appointed time, to pity it, is come ! In its ruins even thy servants delight: and its duft they behold with complacency.

Then shall the nations revere JEHOVAH's name, and all the kings of the earth thy glory : when Jehovah shall have rebuilded Zion,

in his glory he shall be conspicuous ! 18 when he shall have regard to the prayer of the poor,

and no more despise their supplications.
Let this be recorded for the future generation,

that a people to be born may praise JEHOVAH: 20 because he hath looked down from his high fanc

tuary ; JEHOVAH, from the heavens, hath looked down upon

the earth! 21 to listen to the fighs of the bound;

to release those doomed to death : 22 that the name of JEHOVAH may be celebrated in





and his praise be resounded in Jerusalem : when the people shall be assembled together, and return from other kingdoms, to serve JEHOVAH. Should my strength be exhausted by the way, 24 and my days likely to be shortened ; I would say : “O my God! “ Take me not off in the midst of my days : 25 " thou, whose years are from generation to generation. “ Long ago, thou foundedst the earth; “ and the heavens are the work of thine hands : “ Both these may perish-yet thou wilt remain : “ they may all be worn out like a garment : “ If thou please to change them, “ changed they shall be : « but thou art ever the same : os thy years shall never have an end. « May the children of thy servants be preserved, « and their feed be established under thy fight!"

NOTES. Ver. 7. a pelicana cormorant. It is uncertain, whether these be the proper names of the animals here mentioned. I have given what I deemed the most probable. See C. R.-Ver. 8, a birdling. The Heb. word is commonly rendered a sparrow: but a sparrow is not a lonely bird; and the original term denotes any small bird. Ver. 9. The meaning which I have given to the second line of this verse, is war. ranted by two similar passages : Isa. 65. 15. and Jerem. 29. 22.Ver. 18. the prayer of the poor. So equivalently all the antients : nor is there any need, with some new interpreters, to look for another meaning. See C. R..Ver. 24. This is a difficult passage, and has been variously rendered. For the juftness of my translation, I must refer to C. R.

PSALM CIII.--al. CII. That this psalm, according to its title, may bave been composed by David, I see no reason to disbelieve.

.. A PSALM OF DAVID. BLESS JEHOVAH, O my soul! and all that is in me his holy name. Bless JehovAH, O my soul ! and forget none of his bounties. It is he who forgiveth thine iniquities : It is he who healeth thy diseases; who rescueth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with bounty and kindnesses : who filleth thee with the best of aliments; so that thy youth is renewed, like an eagle’s.

JEHOVAH executeth acts of justice, and righteous judgment to all the oppressed. To Moses he made known his ways, to the children of Israel his exploits. Kind and compassionate is JEHOVAH; Now to wrath, but abundant in mercy. His chidings are not endless, nor his wrath everlasting. He hath not treated us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For, high as are the heavens above the earth, so great is his bounty to those who revere him: far as is the east from the west,

so far hath he removed from us our iniquities. 13 Like the affection of a father to his children,




is the affection of Jehovah to those who reyere him. For he knoweth well our frame:

14 he remembereth that we are but dust: that the days of man are like grass;

15 that he flourisheth like a flower of the field; ' which, when the blast hath passed over it, is no more, 16 and its place is not distinguishable ! But the goodness of JEHOVAH is from age to age, 17. to all those who revere him : and to their children's children his justice extends : to those who observe his covenant,

. 18 and are mindful to practise his precepts.

Jehovah in the heavens hath placed his throne, but to his empire all states are subject.

Bless Jehovah, ye his angels! who, excelling in power, fulfil his orders; obedient to the voice of his word. , Bless JEHOVAH, all ye his hosts; . his ministers, who execute his will. Bless JEHOVAH, all ye his works, in every place of his dominion: O my soul ! bless Jehovah.

NOTE. Ver. 5. Who filleth thee with the best of aliments. For this I take to be the true meaning of a sentence that has much puzzled interpreters; as one of the words, which I render aliments, occurs only here: but its meaning is, I think, readily ascertained from the Arabic. See C. R.

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This psalm is also a hymn of praise, similar to the preceding one.
It bas no title in the Hebrew: but by Sep. is ascribed to David.”
I BLESS JehovAH, O my soul !

JEHOVAH, my God! very great art thou !
with glory and majesty thou art clothed !
enwrapped in light, as in a garment !
expanding the heavens, like a turtain !
flooring thy chambers with waters !
using the clouds as thy chariot !
walking on the wings of the wind!
making the winds themselves thy messengers !
and the lightnings thy ministers !

The earth thou fixedst on its basis,
so as not to be moved from its place.
· With the deep thou hadst covered it,

as with a garment :
the waters stood above the mountains !
At thy rebuke, they instantly flee :

at the voice of thy thunder, away they haste ! 8

They ascend the hills,—they descend the valleys
unto the places, which thou preparedst for them.
A boundary thou fixedft,
which they were not to repass,
nor return to cover the earth.
Springs thou emittedft into brooks,
running along between the mountains :
where drink all the beasts of the fields;

· where the wild-asses quench their thirst.
12 By them nestle the birds of the heavens,

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