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8 who turned the rock into a copious lake,

and the flint into fountains of water !


Ver. 2. Some modern translators, to get rid of a supposed anomaly in the text, would with one Ms. read Thou Judah becamest, &c. But see C. R.-Ver. 7. The earth trembled, &c. This is an ansiver to the preceding queries. The present text, indeed, reads in the imperative Tremble thou earth. But all the antients, save Chald. read in the indicative, which the sense requires.

PSALM CXV:—al. CXIV. This psalm is in 70 MSS. and some printed editions joined to the former : and so almost all the antient versions. But the dissimilarity of style and contents is in favour of the present division. It is with some degree of probability referred to the time of Hezekiah. Comp. 2 K. 18 and 19. with Isa. 36 and 37. 1 NOT to us, JEHOVAH ! not to us;

but to thine own name give glory :
for the sake of thy benignity and truth.

Why should'the heathens have to say:
" Where, now, is their God?"
Our God is in the heavens !
where he doth whatsoever he willeth.
But their idols, of silver and gold,
are the works of the hands of men.
Mouths they have, but speak not !
eyes they have, but see not !
ears they have, but hear. not !
noses they have, but smell not !
hands they have, but handle not !
feet they have, but walk not !
nor can they utter words with their throats !

Similar to them be those who make them: - 8
all such as in them put their trust.
But let Israel trust in Jehovah :
He is their help and their shield.
Let the house of Aaron trust in JEHOVAH :
He is their help and their shield.
Let the worshippers of JEHOVAH trust in JEHOVAH: 11
He is their help and their shield.
May Jehovah be ever mindful of us :

12 may he bless-may he bless the house of Israel : may he bless the house of Aaron : may he bless his worshippers small and great! May Jehovah accumulate blessings

: 14 upon yourselves and upon your children : Blessed be ye by JEHOVAH, who made both the heavens and the earth. For himself he made the highest heavens : but gave the earth to the children of man.

JEHOVAH, the dead praise not : none, descended into the silent grave ! May we, then, bless JEHOVAH ! from henceforth, long hereafter.



Ver. 12. In 20 Mss, and one printed edition, this verse begins a new psalm; but wrongly.-- Ver. 17. By comparing this passage with Ps. 6. 6:~30. 10.—88. 11. and Isa. 38. 18, 19. it appears evident, that the Hebrews of those times had no idea of a future state of active sensibility. How much more pleasing and consolatory the doctrine, which they afterwards learned at Babylon ; and which our divine master Jesus made the great basis of his gospel ! – Ver. 17. from bencefortb, long bereafter. The words which I render long bereafter, are commonly translated and for evermore. But the context here, as often elsewhere, requires a limitation of the Hebrew term ; which denotes, like the Latin word olim, any length of time, prior or posterior. The psalmist wishes that he may live long to praise Jehovah ; since that praise must end with death.


This psalm may have been composed by Hezekiah, after his recovery from the sickness mentioned in Isa. 38. 1 I DEARLY love JEHOVAH;

Who hath heard my supplication. . 2

Since HE to me hath inclined his ear,
HIM I will invoke, during all my days.

The snares of death had encompassed me,
enclosed me had the toils of Hades:
distress and anguish I experienced :
when I thus mocked the name of JEHOVAH : murkce?.
6 JEHOVAI ! preserve my life !"

Gracious and just is JEHOVAH;
and kindly compassionate is our God!
JEHOVAH preserveth the simple :
low, low was I, when he saved me.
Return, my soul, to thy wonted tranquillity :

for to thee hath JEHOVAH been gracious. 8. From death thou hast delivered my soul ;

from mine eye thou hast wiped the tear ;
and from slipping thou hast kept my foot!
Hence I yet walk before JEHOVAH :

in the regions of the living. 10 In thee I always trusted :

although I thought I was grievously afflicted :
although I, too rashly, imagined

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that every man was a liar ! What, then, shall I render to JEHOVAH, for all his favours bestowed on me? The cup of thanksgiving I will bear about, and the name of JEHOVAH I will invoke. My vows to Jehovah I will pay, in the presence of all his people.. . Precious in the eyes of JEHOVAH is the life of all his worshippers. Surely, Jehovah ! because I am thy servant, thy servant and the son of thine hand-maid : thou hast now loosened my fetters. To thee, then, I will sacrifice a sacrifice of praise; and the name of JEHOVAH I will invoke. My vows to JEHOVAH I will pay, in the presence of all his people : in the courts of the house of JEHOVAH : in the midst of thee, Jerusalem !



NOTES. Ver. 9. I yet walk before Jebovab, &c. i.e. I am yet a living man, capable of serving the Lord, and performing the regal functions as usual. The prophet Isaiah had threatened Hezekiah on the part of God with sudden death ; but, in consequence of his pious prayer, he was reprieved for fifteen years. Some, however, render thus : "I “ will henceforth regulate my life by the law of God.” See C. R.Ver. 10. This verse in Sep. and in the versions made from it, begins a new psalm.-Ver. 11. I imagined that every man was a liar. He scems evidently to allude to the promise of recovery made by Isaiah, by applying “a lump of figs to the sore ;” the effect of which he seems very much to have doubted of. See Isa. 38. 21.-Ver. 13. The cup of thanksgiving. lit. of salvation. He means the great libation cup that was used in eucharistic sacrifices, and communicated to the guests

by the chief persons present. In a similar sense Paul calls the commu nion-cup of the New Testament the cup of benediction. Cor. 10. 16.

PSALM CXVII.—al. CXVI. This, too, is a psalm of praise, but a very short one. The oce casion of ils being composed is uncertain. I PRAISE I

PRAISE JEHOVAH, all ye nations ! celebrate him, all ye peoples ! because great to us hath been his bounty : and because everlasting is the veracity of Jeho

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I find no person to whom the subject of this psalm is more applicable than Hezekiah. Others, to the time of the Machabees. 1. GIVE thanks to Jehovah; for good is he: .

for everlasting is his benevolence !
Let all Israel repeat :

" For everlasting is his benevolence !” 3.

Let the house of Aaron repeat :
" For everlasting is his benevolence !" .
Let all his worshippers repeat: -
- For everlasting is his benevolence !"

In my distress I invoked JEHOVAH :
and he largely answered mine expectation.
JEHOVAH on my side, I will never fear
aught of all that man can do to me.
JEHOVAH my chief auxiliary,
I shall see the confusion of my foes.

It is better to rely on JEHOVAH, .

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