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day after day, emitteth speech;
night after night, announceth knowledge ! '
not a speech and language, that are not heard :
through the whole earth their voice is spread!
their eloquence to the limits of the world!

In them he hath pitched a tent for the fun:
wholike a bridegroom issueth from his nuptial-bower:
and, like a giant, exulteth in his rapid course!
from one end of the heavens is his setting out,
and to the other end his revolution down!
so that no one is deprived of his heat.

Thus the law of Jehovah is perfect,
recreating the foul of man :
the doctrine of JEHOVAH is true,
teaching the simple wisdom :
the statutes of JEHOVAH are right,
: exhilarating the heart :
the precepts of JEHOVAH are clear,
illuminating the mind :
the worship of JEHOVAH is pure,
enduring for ever :
the judgments of JEHOVAH are sure,
and altogether righteous;
more desirable than gold--the finest gold
and sweeter than honey distilling from the comb!
By them thy servant is instructed :
for observing them great is the reward.

One's errors who can discern?
from hidden faults hold me clean:
but from sins of insolence preserve thy servant;
let not such ever over me domineer.
If I be guiltless and clear of great crimes,
my addresses will be agreeable to thee;
and the wishes of my heart acceptable;
Jehovah ! my rock, and my redeemer!

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PSALM XX.-al. XIX. This psalm seems to bave been composed when David was about to war with the Syrians. See 2 Sam. cb. 8.

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DAVID. MAY Jehovah hear thee in the day of distress : may the name of Jacob's God protect thee : may he send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee from Zion : may he remember all thine oblations, and find thine holocausts agreeable : may he grant thee thine heart's desire, and accomplish all thy purposes; that we may rejoice in being saved through thee; since in the name of our God we display our banner : may Jehovah grant thee all thy requests. Nay, I am certain that JEHOVAH will save his

anointed, will favour him, from his holy heavens, with his right hand's saving power,

Let others boast of chariots—and others of horses: but we will glory in the name of our God. They shall be humbled and fall; but we shall be exalted, and stand firm, JEHOVAH ! save the king ; hear us when thee we invoke.


NOTES. Ver. 1. This and the following 5 verses are supposed to be spoken by a chorus of the people, praying for success to their king's arms. In ver. 7. David is supposed to interrupt them by declaring his belief that he is sure of protection : after which the chorus continue to the end. In this manger fome late transators have divided the pfalm. I have left it undivided, because it is not certain whether the whole may

not be ascribed to David, speaking of himself as he often does elsewhere, in the third person. But let the intelligent reader judge for himself. -Ver. 4. find thine bolocausts agreeable : lit. find them fat; conformable to the injunction of Moses, that the best and fattest of the flocks and herds should be offered to God.-Ver. 6. we display our banner. So the present text: but most of the antient translators seem to have read a different word (differing only in the transposition of a letter) which is commonly rendered be magnified, or triumph, as our first English trans. lators rendered it; and which is still the version of our liturgical psalter. Í prefer the present reading, as more poetical and apposite.-Ver. 8. This verse seems to point out the precise time when the psalm was com. posed. Hadar-ezer's army consisted chiefly of chariots and cavalry. David had neither before this victory over the Syrians; from whom his historian tells us he took 100 chariots and 700 horses. See 2 Sam., 8. 4.

PSALM XXI.-al. XX. This psalm appears to be a continuation of the former, composed after the victory. I FOR THE FIRST MUSICIAN; A PSALM OP


Thou hoe of his line whou haft

IN thy might, Jehovah ! the king rejoiceth; and greatly exulteth in being faved by thee: the desire of his heart thou hast granted him: the request of his lips thou hast not denied. Thou hast even prevented him with bounteous

blessings ; and on his head thou hast placed a crown of gold, Life he had requested of thee, and longevity thou hast granted him ! great is his glory in being saved by thee. Honour and majesty on him thou hast conferred; established him in lasting happiness; and exhilarated him by thy gracious countenance. Because the king trusted in Jehovah, and in the bountifulness of the Most High,

from his throne he shall never be removed.
Thine hand shall find out all thy foes,
thy right hand shall find out all who hate thee.
In the time of thine indignation,
thou wilt make them like a fiery furnace !
JEHOVAH in his wrath will them devour !
his fire shall totally consume them!
Their fruit thou wilt destroy from the earth,
and their feed from among the fons of man!
Because they intend mischief against thee,
and meditate an impotent design;
thou wilt make them a butt to thine arrows,
which, against them, thou hast fitted to thy string.

Arife, JEHOVAH! in thine own might : that we may fing, and celebrate thy power.

NOTES. Ver. 4. A crown of gold. This by interpreters is supposed to be only a metaphorical expression : but it besides alludes, I think, to the real crown that was taken from the king of the Ammonites, and “put upon the head of David.” See 2 Sam. 12. 30.-Ver. g. Thine band fall find out, &c. I am not sure but this and the following verbs hould be rendered in the preterite or present time.- Ver. 13. has been variously rendered. I have preferred that translation which appeared to be the most natural, and most agreeable to the context.

PSALM XXII.-al. XXI. The complexion of this psalm is very different from that of the foregoing. The author seems to have been in the deepest distress wben be composed it; which must bave been during the beat of Saul's persecution. See 1 Sam. ch. 13. Several parts of it are in the New Testament applied to Jesus Christ. The title is, FOR THE FIRST MUSICIAN; to be sung AT THE I

DAWN OF DAY: A PSALM OF DAVID. , MY God ! my God! why forsakest thou me; : 2 remote from mine aid, and heedless of my groans 2 :

3 My God! I cry by day, but thou hearest not!

and by night; but without relief!
Yet thou art still the HOLY-ONE,
the subject of praise in Ifrael !
In thee our forefathers trusted
they trusted, and thou deliveredst them :
to thee they cried, and were rescued ;
in thee they trusted, and were not put to shame,

But I am a wormling, and not a man;
the scorn of men, and derision of the people,
All they who see me, laugh at me;
they wry their lip, and shake their head !

" He throweth himself on JEHOVAH :
“ let him relieve him,

“ since in him he delighteth.” . · 10 Thou, indeed, drewest me from the womb;

thou wast mine hope, on my mother's breast : 11 on thee I was thrown from my birth;

from my mother's womb my God thou hast been. 12 Be not far from me, when distress is nigh;

and no one else to deliver me.

A multitude of bulls surround me; fierce bulls of Bashan encompafs me: against me they open wide their mouths, like a ravenous and roaring lion !

I am lax like water; diffolved are my bones; mine heart, like wax, is melted in my bowels! Like a potsherd, my substance is dried up; my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and thou hast laid me in the dust of death!

For a + multitude of dogs beset me; lacerating miñe hands and my feet. a crowd of the wicked encompass me about: . all my bones they number:

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